9 Killer Punisher Shirts for Fearless Vigilantes (and Rad Wardrobes)

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One batch…

A couple of months ago we brought you a selection of Punisher merchandise inspired by our favorite antihero vigilante, Frank Castle.

As seen in Dare-Devil’s second season and his own show—we’re still confused at how Frank and The Walking Dead’s Shane are the same dude—he’s a man that reminds us that we’re always one tragedy away from being on the other side of the tracks.

Two batch…

That Punisher merchandise article was so successful enough that we at DGHQ asked ourselves, “What other cool Punisher merch is there out there?”

We decided to look around and saw that there are dozens of badass Punisher shirts out there in the world that need a platform. And well, we’re gonna be that platform, because these shirts are awesome.

Penny and dime…

You’ll be looking like Frank Castle in no time.

1. If Frank Played Sports, He’d Have Been Less Angry

The Punisher baseball shirtSource: TV Store Online

Exercise creates endorphins (so I hear and argue that playing video games does the same without having to move), so one has to wonder if Frank Castle had put his energy and rage into, say, a ring, whether he'd still have been as angry as he is. Then again, that would have made him DareDevil and he and Matt Murdock would have to duke it out some more to see who gets to claim that kind of revenge backstory. I can see Frank playing baseball in this, though. When will your favorite blind lawyer ever?

Get the Punisher baseball jersey on tvstoreonline.com

2. Skull Your Drink and then Whatever Else is There

The Punisher shirt skullSource: TeePublic

That's how Jessica Jones does it. Much to the chagrin of Luke Cage, Matt Murdock, and that one with the magic fist, that is. Frank Castle is the kind of guy who'd be on Jessica Jones's side on this one, and while I'm sure there are a bunch of Punisher shot glasses and tumblers out there, it's this Punisher shirt that really holds the key to the best superhero fashion. On par, we might argue, with these superhero compression shirts. (Frank could even wear one of these when he works out...)

Get this Punisher skull tee on teepublic.com

3. This Comic-Style The Punisher Shirt is Basically Everything

The Punisher comic style shirtSource: Amazon

It's a Punisher shirt for the comic book nerd, and it's unique as hell compared to all the retro-look Batman and Super-Man shirts roaming around out there. (Which are awesome too, don't get us wrong. We like all superhero clothing!) The vibe of the comics narrative isn't too different to the series, and who knows where the Thomas Jane movie fits into it all, but the series gave Frank's origin story an even darker twist that left us literally gagging. But if you haven't checked out the Punisher comic yet, you should wear this, and do so.

Get this comic book Punisher shirt on amazon.com

4. Dripping With Awesome, You Say?

The Punisher baseball teeSource: Fifth Sun

There are more Punisher baseball shirts than you'd think, which to me, is yet another sign that Frank should have taken the lighter path to avenge his family. At least until he'd gotten to wear every single one he could. Then he could go and find the mob/government that orchestrated the deaths of his loved ones, look amazing while doing it, and not sweat a bunch from his leather jacket. Don't you wonder why superheroes do their crime-fighting in leather or spandex? As anybody who's ever done Yoga will tell you, that's not a nice feeling.

Get this dripping skull baseball tee on fifthsun.com

5. The World is Just Smoking Skulls and Enchanted Mirrors

The Punisher smoking skull shirtSource: Amazon

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the coolest Punisher shirts of all? Well, you will if you pick pretty much any of the ones we've carefully selected here. We'd never show you ones we wouldn't wear ourselves (and if you invite us all to our next superhero party, we might all just ask to borrow them). Frank wouldn't let us, but that doesn't mean you don't have to. I know I said the baseball shirt was my favorite but I can't stop looking at this and going...  

Get this Punisher shirt on amazon.com

6. A Message to Keep in Mind, Whoever You Are

The Punisher quote shirtSource: TeePublic

As much as I'd like to stand by the whole endorphins and exercise thing, there are parts of life where those things aren't able to help. Those parts of life are also in abundance, so maybe I shouldn't cast the first stone at Frank. His family was taken away from him and he is sort of fighting the good fight, even if it comes from a place of hurt. Like he says, we're all one bad day away from being that person. Even the guy with the fist.

Get this Punisher quote t-shirt on teepublic.com

7. If Frank Castle was in Sin City, it Would Look Like This

The Punisher city shirtSource: Fifth Sun

Bet you didn't realize how much you'd want that mashup to happen until you read that, either, huh? It's cool, you can admit it. I'm always five steps behind my own self, too. I loved this Punisher shirt the second I saw it and thought you guys might like it too. I tried to reach Frank himself for feedback but it kept going to voicemail since he's smashed every phone he's ever had. Likely on the head of a criminal.

Get this The Punisher t-shirt on fifthsun.com

8. Wolves May Howl at the Moon but They Don’t Look this Good Doing It

frank castle shirtSource: Amazon

Not even you, Logan.  

Frank Castle is working it on this t-shirt. Like a model who definitely does not look like Linda Evangelista, he instead looks cooler than Arnie's Iceman and if there's nothing more Castle than that. People who don't try to be attractive as generally the most attractive, as long as they slick their hair back and wear leather (or their own merchandise) and Frank has that in spades. Attractive and bad ass, if you were gonna kickstart your own clique of superheroes, despite not actually being super, you'd only benefit from his presence.

Get this cool Punisher shirt on amazon.com

9. If You Don’t Love This Punisher Shirt, You’ll Upset Frank

the punisher skull realistic shirtSource: TeePublic

Would you want to do that? He's not amoral, but he certainly has no qualms putting a stop to people that cross him (or the law, but mostly him). This is a Punisher shirt with a mission like its subject and that mission is to make you look killer and like one. We're all gonna end up like this skull one day—faster if the Punisher himself has anything to do with it—we might as well get a headstart on embracing it.

Get the realistic skull Punisher shirt on teepublic.com

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