One Batch of Punisher Merchandise for a Penny and Dime

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The Christmas period has come and gone, belts have gotten tighter, collections of Star Wars pops have gotten larger, and the geekosphere has seen itself divided on its opinions of the latest Star Wars movie.

One thing that may have slipped by was that Netflix’s The Punisher has been renewed for a second season. This was excellent news this Christmastime and so we thought, what better to get us back in the fray than sharing some of the best Punisher merchandise around?

Answer: NADA.

1. He’s a Rebel and a Vigilante, and the Subject of a Green Day Song Apparently

The Punisher Denim JacketSource: Superhero Stuff

If you gave me this jacket right now, I'd wear it and never take it off. The cut is incredible and, to avoid sounding like I'm a reject from Vogue, it's so cool Wolverine would wear it. Wolverine is cool, right? I've spent so much of the holiday season avoiding those Barnum trailers since I have no idea why you would quit being part of the X-Men to be an actor/singer. Wolvie, why? Jokes that should be left to Deadpool aside, this denim jacket will make you feel like you're a true vigilante.

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2. This Legend is a Handy Guide to Our Legend

Punisher Tank TopSource: Superhero Stuff

My only complaint with this legend at the moment is, "Where's the expression for eaten-so-much-pants-don't-close?' Then again, I have a feeling the Punisher skull couldn't accurately convey how that is. I feel like Frank Castle has bigger fish to fry than worrying about holiday weight. (Fish to fry clearly meaning a list to hit). It might still be cold outside, but it won't be long until summer is here again and the time is right for not only dancing in it but wearing cool Punisher merchandise in the street.

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3. Some of This Punisher Merchandise is a Work of Art

The Punisher Wall ArtSource: iCanvas

Anyone else remember the movie in the early noughties starring Tom Jane? I had no idea, in my baby geek days, that the Punisher was part of the Marvel Universe. Then again, in those days, Eric Bana was the Hulk and Tobey Maguire goth Spider-Man. When I started to see Punisher merchandise around, I naively thought things like, "That movie must have been bigger than it seemed" and, "Did they make a follow up that was more successful?" No, it wasn't, and no, it didn't, but the Netflix series has pulled all of the lore together for people like me, and what's more, they got Shane from the Walking Dead as Castle, who is as much of a work of art as this canvas.

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4. Frank Castle is Ready For Action Every Day of the Week

The Punisher Action FigureSource: Amazon

Except for Wednesdays. Wednesdays are taken.

Sideshow toys bring their realism to the Punisher merchandise realm which blows not only my mind but the collective minds in the DGHQ—theirs are way more clever than mine, but I'm damn good at throwing things in garbage bins from far away like I'm in Space Jam—which is something they're great at doing. Their attention to detail when it comes to their action figures is incredible and if I had feelings outside of Rachel Amber, a single tear would fall.

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5. Don’t Be a Mug, Just Drink From One

The Punisher MugSource: Amazon

While I'm unsure as to how much coffee this mug can hold inside of it, it looks so badass, I'm inclined not to give a flying-- where was I? Mugs, glorious mugs. If these Ghostbusters mugs are anything to go by (spoiler: they are), there's so much choice out there when it comes to your go-to office mug. You have to be sure you're getting the right one, in a choice not dissimilar to shopping for pops, it's all about your individual desires when it coffee-drinking. And imagine how cool you'd look sipping from a skull.

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6. Do Vigilantes Wear Pajamas at Night?

The Punisher PajamasSource: Superhero Stuff

Do they even sleep? I mean, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of being a vigilante to sleep while the people you're trying to oust are sleeping? Batman had it right when he decided that daytime shenanigans would be Bruce's Thing and nighttime his, but then he clearly never sleeps, so I have to wonder if there's something to these guys that means they never have to rest. Is it a pill? Is it a personality trait? How about revenge, is it just that much of a dish best served cold after supper? These pants look comfortable whatever the answers might be.

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7. These Comic Book Store Promo Posters Are For the Hardcore Comic Fan

The Punisher PosterSource: Amazon

I also have a feeling that if Kevin Smith doesn't own at least twelve of these kinds of posters, he's less of a geek king than I first thought. It's hard to think back on the days where comic book movies weren't released every six months before there were many TV shows on actual television, let alone on computers that were then gigantic boxes with tiny monitors. To walk into a comic book store back then must have been the coolest thing, and these posters are kinda the rock concert posters for comic book lovers. If you want some original, rare Punisher merchandise, you don't have to look any further.

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8. It isn’t the Time to Punish Style and Devil Horns Are So Passe

The Punisher Acton FigureSource: Amazon

Luckily enough, there's no such thing as style over substance with Frank Castle who cares so little about appearances that it makes him both. This Punisher statue—complete with DareDevil's cowl—is based on the Netflix series and I'm already debating how funny it would be to put a Rick Grimes figure next to him to play with the fourth wall before ensuring that Rick follows Lori off the mortal coil instead of who the TV show mistakenly decided to off. I am no kind of geek if I'm not a petty geek.

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9. Now is the Time to Be Punished

The Punisher WatchSource: Superhero Stuff

If just before wasn't, now is. I make the geekcisions around here and will open myself up to deal with the geekonsequences. I liked The Last Jedi. There. I said it. Did this Punisher watch punish me for being wrong? No. Did I riff off of the cheerleaders from Not Another Teen Movie aka Chris "Captain America" Evans's first? Maybe. Regardless of what I did or didn't do, I'm here to tell you this watch is amazing and that if you don't dig the Punisher much but still want a nerdy watch, we have Batman watches and Pokemon watches at your disposal.

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10. You Can Skull Your Juice From These Glasses

The Punisher Pint GlassesSource: Superhero Stuff

If you expected the skull pun with the mug, you had to have known I'd use it eventually. These Punisher pint glasses are the perfect way to kick soda and bottled water for the new year by providing old-school glasses you can fill from the filter and drink from while you game without giving yourselves indigestion. I mean, or you could simply drink your soda from them. I mean...  

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11. You Sure Emptied Those Clips, Frank

the Punisher Animated Action FigureSource: Amazon

There are a ton of these adorable, digitally sculptured statues for a ton of adorable, not-so-digital superheroes. We've featured the Deadpool one in our Deadpool action figures article and trust me when I say it's been hard not to... pool them all together. Because they're limited edition, only a specific number were produced, so if you don't get them, someone else will and I don't know about you, but I'm way too selfish for that if my on-a-whim exclusive Pop in a Box purchase last night is anything to go by. (It's not, but let's say it is. One collector to the next).  

Get the Marvel animated Punisher statue on

12. Superhero Stuff’s HeroBox is a Must Have For Netflix Marvel Fans

The Punisher Superhero BoxSource: Superhero Stuff

Quite the contrary to Pandora's Box, this box of goodies is basically everything you might want or need as a fan of The Punisher or the Defenders. It is both everything and super limited in that only 250 of them were put together. Inside is a treasure trove of Marvel goodies for all of the Netflix heroes, from t-shirts to pops to socks and to keychains, and most importantly, Jessica Jones-approved drinkware. What the Collector is to valuables, Ms. Jones is to alcohol.

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Because, ladies—and gents, he doesn’t discriminate – it’s canon—Deadpool is, like, super Hallmark-romantic or something.