Iron Fist Merchandise To Help Channel Your Chi

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Later this year, Marvel’s Defenders comes to Netflix. It’s what we’ve been leading up to. First with Jessica, then Daredevil, then Luke. The final installment… was Iron Fist.

(Does Jessica Jones count as a superhero? Legit question, she’s arguably the strongest alcoholic member of the group and the only one strong enough to quip about the Avengers, but–)

ANYWAY, we’ve tracked down some Iron Fist merchandise you’re gonna want a LOT.

1. A Classic Iron Fist Funko POP! To Add To Your Collection

Iron Fist BobbleheadSource:
This Funko is designed after the comic book Iron Fist. He has the classic green and yellow costume, his right iron fist, and is a bit too adorable to help protect the world from bad guys. But how adorable can he be now he’s got a beard? Somebody hit puberty!

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2. This Netflix Iron Fist Poster Is Pretty Cool, If You Ask Us

Netflix Iron Fist PosterSource:
The show got a bad rep but we dug it HARD. To prepare for the Defenders, we wanted to see all four heroes’ stories and Iron Fist’s is sort of like Batman’s. Just, he lost his parents in a plane crash he was also in. I’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s more badass…

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3. How About Wearing An Iron Fist Logo T-Shirt?

Iron Fist Logo ShirtSource:
Okay, so Fist’s tattoo looks silly. I think we can all agree on that. BUT, don’t most of us have tattoos we regret that just… maybe aren’t quite so big? At least it’s not a tramp stamp? His logo is so cool we can’t even judge. It’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Like him.

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4. Sleep Next To Your Iron Fist Plush Tonight

Iron Fist Plush FigureSource:
…or stand him in the corner to scare unsuspecting Babadooks from haunting your dreams. Maybe you’ve already got one of the Bleacher Creatures characters and love them so much you can’t think of why you’d want another one but on seeing Iron Fist are kind of tempted. Give into temptation.

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5. An Iron Fist Merchandise Collection Is Nothing Without These EPIC Iron Fist Comics

Iron Fist ComicSource:
Curious who Iron Fist is in the comics, but saw the show and liked it so much you’re desperate for more? This EPIC collection of Iron Fist comics will teach you pretty much everything about the origins of Danny Rand’s transformation into the Iron Fist. And why he’s sooo much more than Marvel’s Batman.

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6. This Iron Fist T-Shirt Reminds Us Of Sin City

Iron Fist Comic ShirtSource:
And is also better than that second installment we don’t wanna register. This t-shirt combines the Iron Fist of the vintage comics and puts him on a monochromatic background so he really stands out from it. Kind of like he’s breaking free from the pages to live on your chest. THAT is a hero.

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7. Funko’s ‘Dorbz Never Let Us Down, And Iron Fist Is No Exception

Iron Fist Funko DorbzSource:
If you’re looking to add to your Iron Fist merchandise, you’re really gonna have to check out Funko’s full range. They have EVERYTHING, and this little ‘Dorbz comes with a keychain that works as a bottle opener, just in case you’re stuck at a house party and then lose your keys. They’re so helpful that when I lost mine, I found it by it turning up on my doorstep itself.

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8. Strut Around In Style In An Iron Fist Flatbill Cap

Iron Fist Baseball CapSource:
Dare you not to scream in delight when you flip it over to see the badass design it’s got underneath. I get it, it’s hard. This Iron Fist cap is gonna look amazing on your head… or on a shelf if you don’t want to wear the hat. (It’s Iron Fist merchandise, do with it as you will.) You don’t even have to beat any baddies for it either.

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9.  Wanna Know More About Power Man And Iron Fist?

Power Man and Iron Fist ComicSource:
The crime fighting duo (Batman and Who?) of Luke Cage and Iron Fist has been teased in some of the promos for Marvel’s Defenders. ICU Netflix, catering to the hardcore fans out there. This comic collection takes us to visit the Heroes For Hire before Luke Cage looked cool. (Is that why he doesn’t have superhero socks?)

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10. Defend New York With This Defenders T-Shirt

Iron Fist Defenders ShirtSource:
Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessica’s silhouettes line up on this design in their original comic book outfits. (Hard to imagine Jessica these days in anything other than jeans and a leather jacket huh?) This shirt will be awesome to show off when everybody is talking about the show. You’ll already have the goods!

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11. This Iron Fist Statue Will Look Amazing Anywhere

Iron Fist Action FigureSource:
Marvel’s Fact Files figures are sweet because they don’t just look good, they come with a magazine that details the heroes’ comic book histories in full color and amazing detail. If you were going to get any Fist figure, let it be one with a magazine that’ll make you a pro.

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12. The Immortal Iron Fist Comic Book Is A Must Read

Iron Fist ComicSource:
It wasn’t until the writers of this collection of comic books that Iron Fist was taken seriously. It must have sucked for Danny, not to be able to buy or ninja kick his way to popularity, but in the hands of these creatives, everything changed. This collection is also where the past Iron Fists narratives come to par: Danny is not the first, but that never detracts from his power.

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13. The White Costume Version Of The Iron Fist POP! Is Gorgeous

Iron Fist Funko PopSource:
As tends to be so for PX exclusives. As we’ve mentioned before, in this day and age, it’s easy enough to get exclusives online just like this! If you only want one POP! bobblehead in your collection of Iron Fist merchandise, here’s a hint: make it this one.

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14. Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz Meet The Defenders In This Art Print

Marvel Defenders Art PrintSource:
Or is that Defenderz now? We love our mashups at DGHQ and out of all of them, the Demon Dayz ones are one of our faves. If Discover Geek had an illustrator to draw our days at the office, I’m not saying we’re cool enough for it to be Jamie but… okay, yeah no, we’re pretty cool.

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15. Complete Your Must Have Iron Fist Comics With The Heroes For Hire

Heroes for Hire Comic BookSource:
Take heed, our favorite (we were held at gunpoint to say that) troll Deadpool has invaded the pages of the New York offices just to throw a little spanner in the works. (That’s what she said.) This comic book pits H4H against Silver Sable and her pack. Read and see what happens!

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