9 Pokemon Watches So Cool You’d Wrist Your Life For

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Pokemon gotta catch ’em all, and we did. Sort of. We’re actually kinda behind in our collections. Mostly because it’s hard to tell the time when we’re avoiding looking at the battery percentages on our phones.

I’ve mentioned before how there’s no substitute for a good watch, but maybe you’re not a comic books fan so Batman watches weren’t your bag.

Well, I’m happy to say that if Pokemon is, there are a ton of cool Pokemon watches out there just for you.

1. Oh No, it Seems Pikachu Has Grown a Mustache

Pikachu WatchSource: Amazon

Seems like he's been spending too much time with the hipsters. I told Ash he should think twice before moving to Williamsburg, but he seemed to think America had exclusive Pokemon to catch that he couldn't find where he used to be. It's a fair enough excuse, but the mustache has to go, Pikachu. Normcore happened five years ago and you're so much better than that! Even if you do look cuter than ever on this Pokemon watch. Man, why do favorites have a tendency to polarize us so much?

I swear none of these Pokemon listen to me.

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2. There’s a Pocket Monster in Your Pocket Watch, Sir or Ma’am

Pokemon watchesSource: Amazon

No amount of words can sum up the joy I have at the thought of a Pokeball pocket watch. If Pokemon means pocket monsters, then Pokeball must mean a pocket ball, and because a pocket watch is what it is, then a pocket ball Pokemon watch is levels of Inception Christopher Nolan could never have dreamed of. To be fair, this is more a pocket watch on a pendant to wear around your neck, but with the lack of breast pocket these days, there's no need for us to take that out on a logical design, is there?

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3. Can I Ash You the Time on Your New Digital Pokemon Watch, by Any Chance?

Pikachu and Ash WatchSource: Amazon

My last digital watch was a Muppets one in the 90s. It came free with the Muppet Movie, was green, and had Kermit on the clock face. I loved that thing, despite my lifelong feelings about Kermit the Frog and the fact I always -- and still -- thought that Rowlff the Dog was the real star of the show. And I'd still wear it to this day. That's exactly what this watch makes me think of, it's as great for adults as it is for kids, and saves precious minutes telling the time when you could be playing with one of your new Star Wars action figures.

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4. This Pokemon Watch is Just Electrifying, I Think it’s Thor’s

Pikachu WatchSource: Amazon

Unique designs are what geek gifts are all about. A lot of companies who release their official merchandise tend not to shake things up too much. (I mean, remember #WheresRey?) that's why there are so many out there who release things those people couldn't dream of. Maybe they'll learn their lessons or maybe not, but this Pikachu watch might be one of the coolest ones we've seen since starting our search. If you're getting a Pokemon watch, you might as well go big or go Johto!

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5. Time to Choose a Buddy for Your Time Piece

Cute Rubber Pokemon WatchSource: Think Geek

Whether you're feeling like dressing up your watch with a Pokeball or personalizing it with our favorite Pokemon of them all, with this one you can change as much as you like. If Pikachu is sleepy and doesn't want to wake up (he's not alone, am I right?) keep the Pokeball connected and switch it up halfway through the day. Why, you ask? Why??? Because, as with most geeky things on the market, you can. Man, am I so glad we're geeky and not boring...

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6. Obviously Charmander is Charming… Duh!

Charmander Pokemon WatchSource: Amazon

While that pun was a reach, Charmander kind of is. I'm not just saying that because he was my starter Pokemon or anything, it's one of those simple facts made up by me to make myself feel better... because he was my starter Pokemon. And ever since I evolved him to Charizard, I've missed him awfully. It'd be nice if you could reverse evolutions but then the entire world would suffer by using the science probably provided to them by a character played by Rick Moranis in the 80s. (Hey, would you look at that! Some Ghostbusters mugs!)

Get this Charmander watch on amazon.com

7. You Don’t Need to Be a Gentle Man (or Woman) to Pull This Off

Pokemon Watches Pikachu Pocket WatchSource: Amazon

Check this out. A legit Pokewatch -- what's watch in Japanese? -- and the answer to all of our formal event prayers. It always sucks when you go somewhere you have to wear a suit for. I mean, you could always put some geeky pajamas underneath your dress or suit the way Superman does, but I imagine it'd get a little bit stuffy in there and you'd end up hating having to socialize even more. Well, that's exactly what watches were made for. Just... don't tell Time that.

Get this quartz Pokemon pocket watch on Amazon.com

8. Hmm, I Don’t Think it’s Ever Time to Get Up for Snorlax (Relatable)

Snorlax WatchSource: Amazon

Let me tell you a secret: it was freakin' hard picking which Snorlax watch was my favorite of the bunch, but the irony and relatability of this one ensured it beat out the others. Difficult to track down and king of hibernation, Snorlax is a Pokemon that most of us, no matter if we're geeks or not, feel a kinship with. Who would get out of bed if they didn't have to? Who would pick Hyper Beam as a special attack when you could jump in the spot and do half as much damage? Not me, if I had to choose, and King Snorlax does not.

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9. Back Up, This Set of Pokemon Gifts INCLUDING a Watch Would Make a Great Present (For Me)

Pokemon Backpack Pikachu Watch LightedSource: Amazon

That would also be a light up Pokemon watch, too. As evidenced by our articles for Super Mario backpacks and Zelda backpacks, to me and the rest of us at DGHQ, there is no substitute for a good backpack to put your laptop, gadgets, and unicorn stuff in. NONE. Making an excellent gift for any Pokemon fan (including yourself) this is kind of a two-for-one set of awesomeness for any age group. (Especially mine, because I need it).

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Less work than using a Pokeball, isn’t it?