These Zelda Backpacks Will Make Traveling Hyrule SO Much Easier

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Time for some serious questions: how is Link able to carry so much stuff in his inventory? Where is the inventory? Is Navi like Mary Poppins’ bag in that she is the inventory?

Don’t you think the water temple would be so much easier to beat if you didn’t have to carry all your Legend of Zelda merchandise yourself?

These are questions that can be both answered and solved by checking out these Legend of Zelda backpacks. If you’re not planning on going to Hyrule anytime soon, just take ’em to that coffee chain with all the power sockets!

1. Pretty Sure This Hyrule Shield Backpack’s Gonna Come In Handy

The Legend of Zelda Shield BackpackSource:
You’ve just discovered Hyrule from the closed — albeit nice — minded Kokiri Village. The world is your oyster. The town has a MARKET, for crying out loud! You can buy milk, potions… laptops. But wait! Where are you going to store it all? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this backpack that looks like the Hyrule shield. It won’t protect you in a fight against Ganon but man, does it look cool.

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2. This Hyrule Crest Backpack Is Classy As Eff

Zelda Hyrule Crest BackpackSource:
So, you’re looking for something more traditional to carry your mask to the annoying dude who won’t stop running around the field in Ocarina of Time?? This black and gold design will go with every single one of your suits, you never have to worry like you do with your green one clashing with your shield. Stick your shield in the bag. It’s big enough!

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3. Legend Of Zelda Backpacks Can Also Look Like Link’s Suit

Zelda BackpackSource:
BE MORE FASHIONABLE, I DARE YOU. This pack is amazing in design and durability. You could easily take it camping with you if you’re the kind of person who likes camping (but all that mud!) This pack is so amazing that Link has actually traded in the ocarina of time for it on more than one occasion. Once you see these Zelda backpacks for real, you’ll totally understand why.

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4. Carry Link Around On Your Back! He’ll Carry Everything Else

Zelda Plush BackpackSource:
Let’s try not to think too much about the physics of how much a fake-Kokiri plus all of his adventure gear weighs. If you’re an empath and thus can’t help it, just think about the fact Epona has to deal with that every time Link plays her song. The best part of this plush Link backpack is he weighs next to nothing, so you get to really put your empathy skills to the test. Physics and empathy. We’re basically X-Men.

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5. This Majora’s Mask Backpack Treads The Line Between Adorable And Badass

Zelda Majora's BackpackSource:
We love that. We love all-over-designs like this too, ones you have to get up close to see. Often the best conversations can come out of them. How do you think Link started talking to the Happy Mask Man in the first place? The game might have made us think their anger at the rogue skull kid bonded them together, but we now know it was because Mask Man’s masks were in this pack.

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6. A Little Slouch Backpack With A Little Link On It

Legend of Zelda Link BackpackSource:
You don’t have to be little to wear it though, is that not the beauty of being a self-professed geek or what? This pack might not really be the best size for a Hyrulian shield or Ganon’s Barbie doll collection, but it will fit your laptop and binders pretty dang well.

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7. The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Backpack Is Kind Of A MUST HAVE

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword BackpackSource:
Designed to cater to life as a laptop-wielding hero — it’s a new Thing in Hyrule, you wouldn’t understand — by keeping them separate from all your other stuff, this leather look pack’s got you covered. It’s sturdy, padded, has so many pockets it doesn’t matter that girl clothes never come with them. Can you keep a secret? Out of all the Zelda backpacks, this is our fave.

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8. Walk Through The Wind With This Wind Walker Knapsack

Zelda Wind Waker BackpackSource:

I lied. Every single one of these backpacks is our fave. We can’t decide which we like the most. There are so many designs for every kind of person, and this adorable all-over-print Wind Walker bag is no different.

“We wants it. We NEEDS it.” – Discover Gollum


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9. Now You Can Take The Temple Of Time Everywhere You Go!

Zelda Stained Glass BackpackSource:
Carry your books, your boomerangs and your bottles of non-alcoholic actual-spirits with stained glass design Legend Of Zelda backpacks. If you want, you could even put the sword in them, but it might stick out from the bottom. No different to like your shield!

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10. If You’re Bored Of The Hyrulian Shield, Try The Wind Shield With This Backpack

Zelda Breath of the Wild Shield BackpackSource:
You might not even be bored with it, you might simply want a change! We hold nothing against you, and even if we did, we’re pretty sure this Breath of the Wild-inspired rucksack would work in preventing whatever it is to move you any. We love its circular design, which regardless of shape, will still fit your laptop perfectly.

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11. We Are GAGGING Over This Zelda Cartridge Backpack!

Zelda Cartridge BackpackSource:
And had totally forgotten about the gold cartridges you could get in the good ol’ days of the N64 until this as well, so that was a nice start to my day! This novelty backpack brings the collectors cartridge to life with a roomy gold bag that’s gonna fit anything you need for it to fit. Don’t mind if we do!

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