12 Pokemon Action Figures You Need to Catch

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Pokemon fever has yet to die down and, if I’m honest, I kinda hope it never does. We’ve seen Pokemon Christmas sweaters, Pokemon books, and Pokemon puzzles, so Pokemon action figures have been a super long time coming.

Not too unlike Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO!, amirite?

The moment we at DGHQ realized there were Team Rocket figures, we knew we had to pool our resources to source some awesome ones. And so we DID!

1. Did You Imagine There’d Ever Be a Pokemon Action Figure That Pops OUT of a Ball?

Throw 'n' Pop Pokemon Action FigureSource: Think Geek

If you did, then I bet you'd never imagined there'd be a Pokemon action figure that would pop out of a ball outside of your dreams. Enter: toy makers and their endless cache of cool, exciting, and oft adorable ideas to make our dreams a reality. These little guys pop out of their ball when you throw them onto the ground, just like real Pokemon! Except, you know, they aren't mortal and therefore don't die and will end up outliving us all to become the toy du jour of our robot overlords. COOL.

Get one of These Adorable Throw 'n' Pop Pokemon on thinkgeek.com

2. The Detail On This Lucario Figure is Insane!

Lucario Pokemon action figureSource: Amazon

Give me a Pokemon that resembles a dog and I'll throw all of my Pokeballs at you to try and catch it. Lucario might not be as cute as Eevee or its eeveelutions (I'm talking about Espeon, in particular), but it does have its own kind of charm. Bandai can always be counted on to make the coolest action figures, some of which have been featured in previous action figure articles that I'll link at the end of this one. They go out of their way to keep fandoms alive and, for that, I bow my head and say...

Get Bandai's Lucario action figure on amazon.com

3. Never Wake a Sleeping Charmander, You Never Know What They’re Dreaming Of

Adorable Sleeping Charmander FigureSource: Amazon

That said, I do have to wonder if they're as cute as dogs when they sleep and twitch or... spit some fire instead of bark. Can Charmanders do that? These cute, little snoozing Pokemon action figures come as a variety of different Pokemon, but as Charmander was my starter and I think he's the coolest thing since sliced bread (which he could literally toast with his tail) he was 1000% the one I was gonna pick. He'll never wake up either, which is how I feel a chunk of the time, making him the perfect addition to one's office.

Get this adorable sleeping Charmander figure on amazon.com

4. Rayquaza Has Never Looked More Intimidating…

Rayquaza action figureSource: Amazon

In his Mega Rayquaza form, which this one-of-a-kind Pokemon action figure is, he could take on the most legendary of Pokemon and send them running back to their caves or... balls... or wherever they live, depending on if they've been caught or not. It doesn't even matter if they're a 3000hp Dragonite or not. I'm not sure how many of these there out there, so if you want a super cool Pokemon action figure for Christmas or birthdays, this is the one!

Get the mega Rayquaza action figure on amazon.com

5. You Love Pokemon Action Figures? Mewtwo! (It’s Okay if You Hate My Puns)

Mewtwo Pokemon Action FigureSource: Amazon

The search for Mewtwo exists no longer, not now there's an action figure of him that looks more like he does than the one I thought might appear during the Pokemon Go Halloween event. Just grab this Pokemon action figure for the Pokefan in your life and they can tell their friends, honestly, that they have Mewtwo. I'm not even sure if he's as rare as he used to be, but my never-having-seen-one senses tell me he still is the rarest of them all. I guess all I need is a magic mirror and a poison apple, then...

Get this awesome Mewtwo figure on amazon.com

6. These Team Rocket Action Figures Are Ready to Surrender Now

Team Rocket Pokemon action figuresSource: Amazon

And I'm personally ready to surrender to them right back. We've discussed how much I like Jessie, James, and Meowth already (you can see a cool Team Rocket pin in this Pokemon pins article) and in the months since writing it, my love hasn't changed. Heck, since the first time I saw the Pokemon TV show in the late 90s, my love of them hasn't changed. These Pokemon action figures come as a group, which means you might not get a "legendary" Pokemon, but you get three for one. If James's rose isn't swaying you, I don't know what else would.

Get these Team Rocket action figures on amazon.com

7. Four Eeveelutions and a Pikachu Should Be the Next Pokemon Movie

5 pack of Pokemon action figuresSource: Think Geek

I do like how the two electric Pokemon are the ones that are the angriest here. They can beat Vaporeon easily if they wanted to and while it's not as common in gyms as it used to be, you still run into it a lot. On the topic of Vaporeon, I do enjoy the fact he's the only one who looks like he wants to be part of this five pack of Pokemon action figures. Maybe he just doesn't have Hydro Pump and is therefore not aware of his own powers? Eevee, on the other hand, just looks surprised that he can't bring anything to the table.

Get this 5-pack of Pokemon Action Figures on thinkgeek.com

8. In Case You’re in Search of Legends in the World and Haven’t Found Any Yet…

Legendary Pokemon action figuresSource: Entertainment Earth

I like the idea of these Legendary Pokemon action figures. Mostly because you don't know which you're going to get, which kind of makes it like it's Christmas every day. All you'll really need to do is slip on one of your Rick and Morty Christmas sweaters to open the package when it comes and neither Jesus or Santa will have to be part of it, which is the way that Rick honestly prefers it. I've also actually seen one of the guys at the top at a gym. I didn't win the battle because, sadly, I'm a lone trainer, but man, it sure was pretty.

Get the Legendary Pokemon action figures case on entertainmentearth.com

9. Portable Pokemon You Can Take to Weddings, Christenings, and Even School

Clip on Belt Pokemon action figuresSource: Think Geek

Remember being young and having Tamagotchi? Remember being young, having Tamagotchi, and being glared at by teachers in school (or, if you're me, choir members in the middle of a church service)? Same. These little Pokemon action figures are kind of the same without the noise. They don't die and you don't have to pick up their poop. Can't argue with that, am I right? Just clip the Pokeball to your belt and you'll have your Pokebuddy everywhere you go from this day forth. It's down to you now, geeklet, and which you choose.

Get a clip on Pokemon figure on thinkgeek.com

10. Each Of These Pokemon Will Fit Perfectly Inside the Role Play Trainer Kit!

12 Pack Pokemon action figuresSource: Think Geek

Said kit is a whole other thing that won't take you too long to find. It's not necessary for you to have it. You can have all of these Pokemon action figures without needing it. I mean, some of us have been at this Pokemon training gig for, like, a long time. (Don't ask me how long, you'll make me feel really old...) I do like the selection of Pokemon you get in this pack, though. Particularly the ones that, to my knowledge, aren't yet part of Pokemon Go. [eyes narrow at Niantic]

Get this pack of 12 Pokemon action figures on thinkgeek.com

11. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blastoise Off!

Blastoise Pokemon action figureSource: Amazon

He looks scarier than he actually is, does Blastoise. He can't be all that if he's descended from the adorably dull Squirtle. I'm too mean to him, but it's with love. It's like the way I'm mean to Hufflepuffs and that's because I love them from the bottom of my cold, dead, Gryffindor fire-type heart. These Pokemon action figures look so much like the actual Pokemon that it makes me want to literally collect them all the way I did in the days where shoplifting Pokemon cards from the market was a weekend activity. (Yes, the same days when Tamagotchi's pooped during church services). I'm a dedicated geek.

Get this highly detailed Blastoise action figure on amazon.com

12. Or, if You’re More of a Snoozer, Snorlax is Always Around

Snorlax Pokemon action figureSource: Amazon

Where my fellow snoozers at? I mean, I haven't slept in in a while, but I'm desperate for a good nap pretty much every second of every day. There's a reason my blood is 80% caffeine and 20% the alcohol I touched months ago and it's not only because I like the taste of coffee. (Which we know by now, I do). This Snorlax figure is my favorite one in the whole article and I can't pin down exactly why. Save the fact he's massively adorable and I'd like to hug him. Any thoughts? Feel free to drop us some comments.

Get the Snorlax action figure on amazon.com

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