A Pokemon Christmas Sweater isn’t Just For Christmas (it’s For Life)

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That slogan haunted me as a kid. Who could discard puppies just because the festive period had passed? I never would, and I certainly wouldn’t neglect or discard a Pokemon.

As a main staple in geek culture, it’s a given we’d include Pokemon in our Christmas articles. Whether it’s Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or even Pidgey that’s your fave, there is a Pokemon Christmas sweater just for you.

1. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Pokemon Go

green happy holidays Pokemon Christmas jumperSource: Think Geek

I'm pretty excited to see what Pokemon Go has in store for the holiday season. We had Pikachu with Santa hats on last year. Will they do the same, or will they bring us other Pokemon in hats? My Charmander would look so cute in a little elf hat. There are two different variations on this Pokemon Christmas sweater, the other is red and you can get it on Think Geek too, but this one looks like it smells of pine needles. What's more Christmas than that?

Get this Pikachu Christmas sweater on thinkgeek.com

2. Pikachu Has Been a Really Good Pokemon This Year

cute striped Pikachu Christmas jumperSource: Amazon

I mean, he usually is, but being on the nice list rather than the naughty doesn't mean you only have one shot at it. Being nice helps your karma and Pikachu has amassed enough to see him through to his inevitable demise. Unless he asked Santa Claus for invincibility, that is. Then we're going to have him around forever and more. I can't think of another Pokemon this deserving and this Pokemon Christmas sweater is pretty dope too.

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3. I Need to Get Me One of These Dragonair Ornaments (or ALL of These)

Pokemon Christmas tree sweaterSource: Teepublic

Mostly the Dragonair, though, he's one of my faves. I guess your tree would look just as awesome with a couple of these and then a few Star Wars Christmas ornaments, but it does look pretty freakin' rad with half of your Pokedex hanging out on those branches. As a kid, buying ornaments was one of my favorite parts of the season. These days, with all the geeky Christmas ornaments around (I mean, STAR WARS TREE TOPPERS!), I would never have been satisfied. Poor Caterpie being at the bottom...

Get the Pokemon Christmas tree sweater on teepublic.com

4. We Wish Chu a Merry Christmas and a Happy Mew Year

Wishing Chu Pokemon Xmas sweaterSource: Amazon

Good tidings we bring, to you and your Nidoking... Should I go on? I could, you know. I could turn that entire Christmas song into one full of Pokemon lyrics. I don't think you have time to read that though, so we'll crack on and maybe I'll share it with you later. If you ask nicely. Or if you buy me a Wonder Woman coffee mug (the bigger the better). This Pokemon Christmas sweater is super adorable and gets massive props on top of that for being so punny.

Get this punny, pixelated Pikachu Christmas sweater on amazon.com

5. Squirtle Would Wear This Pokemon Christmas Sweater, it’s His Color!

ladies Pokemon Christmas sweaterSource: Amazon

The nerdy Christmas sweater market is inundated with red and green, which makes sense given the color scheme, but it's still nice to see something different that isn't black or white either. That's where this baby blue Pokemon Christmas sweater comes into it. Everything from its color to the adorable Pikachu on the front of it will make me tell you nice (and accurate) things.

How is it possible to look so cute? By that, I mean you and also Pikachu.

Get the dancing Pikachu Christmas jumper on amazon.com

6. What’s On Your Christmas List This Year, Pokemon Master?

Merry Christmas Pokemon Master sweaterSource: Teepublic

Do you need more incubators? Do you live in the middle of nowhere like some of us and keep running out of Pokeballs? Would you just love a bigger bag to carry them in the next time you venture into a town with more than one gym? Santa can bring you all of those things. Since Yoda tried to take his job, Santa has moved from Dagobah to the Johto region, just to actually do something. He's also been playing Pokemon Go to lose weight and has gone down two belt sizes. (Same, Santa. Same.)

Get this cute Pokemon Christmas sweater on teepublic.com

7. Pikachu Has a Link to the Holidays

Pokemon Zelda Christmas hoodieSource: Amazon

He has one to the past, too. It doesn't get geekier than a mash-up of our favorite geeky things and that is precisely what this Pokemon Christmas sweater is all about. Also, if you're like me and feel a weird sense of comfort in having something on your head at all times, the hoodie part here will come in super helpful. Ah, the joy of being introverted to the point of sitting on your couch on a Saturday afternoon googling Groot keychains and Life is Strange merchandise.

Get this Christmas Pikachu/Link hoodie on amazon.com

8. Have You Put the Bulbasaurs in Your Christmas Lights?

Bulbasaur Christmas sweaterSource: Teepublic

Bulbasaur looks happy to have his own Pokemon Christmas sweater and so happy to be in his Santa hat with a Christmas present on his back. I'm not sure whether him doing this would mean he still is a Bulbasaur since the bulb on his back has gone, but I'm going to look at it the way I look at costumes: Dressing up in a geek hoodie and Deadpool shoes doesn't mean you stop being human and, instead, be a fourth-wall-breaking antagonist. That would just be crazy.

Get this Bulbasaur Christmas sweater on teepublic.com

9. Litten Drummer Boy, Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum

Litten ugly Christmas sweaterSource: Teepublic

We Wish You a Merry Christmas is apparently not the only Christmas song I can turn into a Pokemon pun. Truth be told, I've never seen a Litten before. Given the Internet's infatuation with cats and Pokemon both, I felt like my desire to include this Pokemon Christmas sweater on the tail end was a good one. Pokemon Go even tells me you can catch one. There's my day planned out!

Get the Litten Christmas sweater on teepublic.com

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