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Bae or Bay? It’s the hardest decision a lot of gamers have had to make. Life is Strange is a game that sticks. It’s a game that imprints itself in your mind for years, until you’re old and grey, remembering the decisions you made in Arcadia Bay. Why not commemorate that with some Life is Strange merchandise? We’ve scoured the web for some hella cool gifts for anyone that loves Life is Strange, and we’re sharing them with you.

1. Life is Strange “A Snapshot in Time” Max T-Shirt

Life is Strange Max Caulfield ShirtSource:
Take Max everywhere, like she does her camera. This anime-style graphic t-shirt exists in a variety of fits and if you look closely, you’ll see Chloe’s there too.

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2. Life is Strange Chloe’s “Misfit Skull” Tank Top

Chloe Price Misfit Skull Tank TopSource:
Misfit isn’t a word, it’s like, a way of life. Ideal for Chloe cosplays and everyday wear, this lightweight tank is so amazeballs, it’s probably worn by the girl herself. You know, while she’s busy hating the shitpit town she’s from. (We relate.)

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3. Life is Strange Collection Sticker

Life is Strange Collection Sticker

It only takes a day for your world to change completely. Spruce up your laptop or textbooks with this life is strange characters sticker. There’s someone for everyone to relate to. Why not split and share this gift with your friends?

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4. Life is Strange: Original Polaroid Instant Camera as used by Max

 Polaroid Instant CameraSource:
Always take the shot. That’s what Mr. Jefferson always says, right? Max has no time for digital, and if you think about it, it’s a good thing she’s got hard copies. There’s nothing like shaking an instant photograph underneath the light until it develops. Everybody should experience it.

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5. Life is Strange Characters T-Shirt

Life is Strange Characters ShirtSource:
No matter your favorite character, you can wear them all at once. It’s time to show solidarity with the Vortex Club and beyond. Even Nathan, if you want.

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6. Life is Strange Art Print

Life is Strange ArtSource:
A photo is a snapshot of a moment and lets you travel back in time. Gift to yourself or your best friend; gift to the one person in the world that would save you. Bottom line: You can’t have enough Life is Strange Gifts.

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7. Life is Strange Chloe Price T-Shirt

Chloe Price ShirtSource:
If you’ve played the entire game through, there’s more to this t-shirt than a creative picture of Chloe. If you haven’t yet, trust us, you’ll see.

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8. Life is Strange Max Caulfield Notebook

Life is Strange NotebookSource:
Are you a writer? Is there a writing gamer in your life who’ll say “Wowsers!” when open their gift and it’s this? (Gesturing to ourselves, right now.) You can’t go wrong, especially if you get them a pen, too.

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9. Life is Strange Max Printed Graphic Tee

Max Caulfield Shirt

A unique design that shoes Max Caulfield in graffiti style. This shirt is really beautiful and absolutely stunning. You hella deserve this. Might even help you turn back the clock.

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10. Life is Strange Chloe Price All Over Print Shirt

Chloe Price All Over Print ShirtSource:
Ready to shake the mosh pit, shaka brah? Perfect, then this all over print shirt is the right choice. Whether you wear it to a Before the Storm release party or you’d wear it day-to-day, why not show your love for Chloe?

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11. Life is Strange Blue Butterfly Sweatshirt

Blue Butterfly SweatshirtSource:
The blue butterfly is one of the most memorable parts and symbols in Life is Strange. It leads to the most ultimate decision of them all. What will you save? What did you save? Is there any other actual choice? Well sure, if you put it like that.

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12. Life is Strange Phone Case

Life is Strange Phone CaseSource:
Blue is the warmest color, and why settle with Life is Strange as your wallpaper when you can have the game as a beautiful case for your phone, as well? Fan art often makes for the most awesome Life is Strange merchandise. It doesn’t matter what model phone you’re looking for, it comes in a variety of sizes.

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13. Life is Strange Hella-Punk Chloe-blue Semi Permanent Hair Color

Jerome Russel Punky Colour Blue Hair DyeSource:
More of a Chloe than a Max? This semi-permanent hair color créme by Jerome Russell can have you rocking blue locks as well as Chloe does. It’s conditioning, it smells nice, and above all, it’s badass. We can totes attest to it!

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14. Life is Strange “Jane Doe” Ladies’ Tee

Max Jane Doe ShirtSource:
This replica shirt that works on multiple levels comes in different colors, if pink isn’t your thing. Sure to be a talking point and when you’re asked if it’s from anything? Your answer: “So, there’s this game…”

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15. Life is Strange Max and Chloe Notebook

Chloe and Max NotebookSource:
We’re not sure which part of this gift is the most beautiful. The notebook itself, Max, or Chloe? Chloe would say all of the above with a few obscenities thrown in to make sure she doesn’t sound *too* uncool.

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16. Life is Strange Replica “Schrodinger’s Cat” Warren T-Shirt

Warren Graham ShirtSource:
It’s all about quantum mechanics, about what’s here and what’s not, and maybe Warren knew more about the goings on in Arcadia Bay than he thought he did. Maybe he wanted to impress Max. Maybe he’s a nerd. Maybe, like the cat, it’s both.

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17. Life is Strange Coffee Mug

Life is Strange MugSource:
This Life is Strange mug is printed on both sides and Chloe and Max are sitting between the logos. Whether you’re a Lydia Deetz, a Max Caulfield, or know someone that’s either, this mug is perfect for creative types.

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18. Life is Strange Cosplay: Chloe’s Bullet Necklace Replica

Chloe Price NeckalceSource:
Price, Chloe Price. Bite the bullet and get this awesomesauce replica of the necklace Chloe’s never been seen without. Wear it for Cosplay or daily. You can’t lose. Boo-ya!

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19. Life is Strange Before the Storm Chloe’s Crow Shirt

Life is Strange Before The Storm ShirtSource:
We at DG are more than excited for Life is Strange Before the Storm. Not much information about the game was released yet so all we can do is wait and hope that this will be as amazing as the original. One thing that was shown in the trailer was Chloe wearing this cool crow shirt.

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20. Life is Strange Blue Butterfly Necklace

Life is Strange NecklaceSource:
This Life is Strange blue butterfly necklace is subtle enough to wear it every day and so pretty that you’ll definitely get a bunch of compliments. This game is definitely a good bad influence.

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21. Life is Strange Chloe Outline T-Shirt

Chloe Outline ShirtSource:
What would Life is Strange be without Chloe Price? For many fans, she is absolutely legendary and a true heroine. Proudly wear this shirt and show that friendship lasts forever.

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22. Life is Strange Max Caulfield Phone Case

Max Caulfield Pone CaseSource:
When thinking about Life is Strange many think right away of Max Caulfield. This phone case shows one of the most beautiful artworks of Max.

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23. Life is Strange Max and Chloe “Ahoy Captain!” T-Shirt

Life is Strange Soundtrack Art ShirtSource:

With the drawing from the cover of the hella gorge Life is Strange soundtrack and Max’s diary on it, this t-shirt is a testament of youth to your best friend, no matter how old you are or get.

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24. Life is Strange Max Caulfield Mug

Max Caulfield MugSource:
This mug is perfect for any Max Caulfield fan. It’s printed with a picture of Max wearing the hot dawg man shirt on one side and a picture of her polaroid camera on the other side. In between are the cute chicken Max wore on another shirt.

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25. Life is Strange “It’s the Company I Keep…” Pricefield Phone Case

Life is Strange Phone CaseSource:
Pricefield is the love story of ages, and we don’t mind going on the record to say that. Treasure a snapshot of their time together whilst dreaming next to your person.

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26. Life is Strange Before the Storm Digital Code

Life is Strange Before The Storm Online CodeSource:
Are you ready for Life is Strange Before the Storm? We finally get to know more details about Chloe’s life before the storm and learn more about Rachel Amber. We can’t wait to play the first episode!

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27. Life is Strange Lighthouse Shirt

Arcadia Bay ShirtSource:
This Life is Strange shirt features many important symbols and moments from the game: the lighthouse, the time reverser, Chloe and Max and the blue butterfly.

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28. Life is Strange Max Caulfield Notebook

Life is Strange NotebookSource:
Beautiful and artsy, Max herself would use this. That’s why she got it as a birthday present for Chloe. No escaping now, Compadre.

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29. Your Own Personal Lisa the Plant

Lisa the PlantSource:
You look thirsty. Ha! No need to remember to water her (or rewind time because you forgot) anymore. Artificial plants don’t need water to survive, and they make a great addition to anyone’s room.

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30. My Whole Life is a Dark Room Tank Top

My Whole Life is a Dark Room Tank TopSource:
For every Max there’s a dark room, and for every dark room, a Max. Pay tribute to Max Caulfield and to one of the most nerve racking episodes with this tank top. It’s the perfect tank top for gaming, the gym or day to day outfits.

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31. Life is Strange Chloe Price Art Print

Chloe Art PrintSource:
Chloe didn’t trust or really liked anyone at the beginning of the game, until Max came back to Arcadia Bay. Watching the world end isn’t too terrible when it’s done hand-in-hand with the person you love.

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32. Life is Strange Chloe Price Sticker

Chloe Price StickerSource:
Syd Matters is playing as you lie in your room, thinking about how it is and how it was. This Chloe Price sticker would look great on your laptop or notebook.

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33. Life is Strange Max and Chloe “Daria” Inspired T-Shirt

Max and Chloe Daria Mix ShirtSource:
Life is so unfair, Max. Why not share the sentiments you share with Chloe, with the rest of this sick, strange world?

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34. Life is Strange Max All Over Print T-Shirt

Max Caulfield All Over ShirtSource:
This artwork of Max seeing the blue butterfly is absolutely beautiful and so emotional. This shirt is the best choice for anyone who likes to be bold.

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35. Photography Charm Bracelet

Photography BraceletSource:
Are you as passionate about photography as Max? Than this bracelet is perfect for you. Maybe if Arcadia Bay had this bracelet, it would have fared well at the end. It might not have, but you can.

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36. Life is Strange Partners in Time Shirt

Partners in Crime ShirtSource:
Partners in time – Partners in crime. Everyone hopes to find a friend like Chloe or Max. Someone who cares about you unconditionally and would do everything for you.

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37. Life is Strange Before the Storm Logo Shirt

Life is Strange Before the Storm ShirtSource:
Who is excited for the new Life is Strange game? Better question would be, who isn’t excited for Before the storm? We can’t wait to see what’s going to happen and how the gameplay works without Max’s time reversing power.

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