These Dragon Ball Action Figures Are Z Most EPIC Ever

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Dragon Ball series is often pitted against Pokemon, but they’re such different beasts that they’d never fight.

(That said, Team Four Star’s hilarious Cell vs Ash Ketchum video is amazing).

It’s fair to both of us that I mention that Gohan might be used as a pun for go on several times going forward. In lieu of that, let’s take a look at some rad Dragon Ball action figures!

1. This Goku Action Figure is Super (Saiyan)

Figure-Rise Goku Model KitSource:
Rage is the culprit for Goku’s transformations. Grief is most often the main reason for anger, and Goku took on the traits of his father when it came to this. It’s an all too human experience: lose someone, become angry and vengeful, then bleach your hair blonde and take on another personality. For some of us, that transformation comes with a vested interest in the color black and Marilyn Manson, for Goku, it’s different.

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2. Eye Love Tien Shinhan

Bandai Figuarts Tien ShinhanSource:
Tien Shinhan is one of the most powerful earthlings there has ever been. He’s a master of martial arts and was, once upon a time, a brutal and ruthless killer. Love and care change that, as it’s wont to do, and he eventually becomes one of Goku’s biggest allies and a massive component in making the world a better place. He also has three eyes, which is freakin’ awesome. I am curious though, do all three of them close when he blinks/goes to sleep?

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3. If David Bowie Were in DBZ, He’d be Whis

Whis Action FigureSource:
Whis is everything I want to be in life. He’s classy, he’s good, he’s a really good dresser; he’s eccentric to the point of confusion and androgynous to a fault, brows on fleek as the kids say. My dream guy, to be honest. He’s also one of the Dragon Ball action figures I’d like to have in my house. It even comes equipped with his staff. With any luck, you’ll be able to induce childbirth to battle a Saiyan Prince too. Without? You’ve still got one fabulous looking accessory.

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4. Krillin Ain’t Easy, but Dragon Ball is Easy

Super Cute Krillin FigureSource:
Krillin is to Goku what Ron Weasley is to Harry Potter. He’s the comic relief in hard times and good and has the innate ability that a lot of full-blooded humans have of alleviating tension or sadness with a joke. Goku wouldn’t be much without his once rival turned best friend and, similarly, Krillin wouldn’t be a lot without Goku, but having a statue of Krillin on his own will only be of benefit to you. Why not try putting it on an altar and praying to it every night? Or, at the very least, you can sit beside it and watch old George Carlin stand up gigs.

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5. Get All of These Dragon Ball Action Figures At Once

Dragon Ball Z Action Figures SetSource:
These guys might be more like statues and toys than action figures, but for the price and the collective value, you can’t really fault them. I mean, Cell is even there! (You watched the video linked at the beginning, right?) You’ve got all the Dragon Ball Z characters you could want or need right here. Whis is only not there because he refuses to be recreated in such a small form.

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6. Gohan, Get This Dragon Ball Z Collectible!

Gohan Action FigureSource:

You know you want to. The first son of Goku and his wife, Gohan is… not as massively interested in being a warrior as his father. But then them’s the breaks when you have kids, right? You want them to follow your footsteps in the family business — and they do for a while — and they do the job for a bit but, ultimately, it’s not where their heart lies. Their heart lies in being a chilled out pacifist who wants to play video games and with Dragon Ball action figures all day.

I’m not projecting, you’re projecting…

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7. Time to be a Super Saiyan Vegeta-rian

Vegeta Dragon Ball Action FigureSource:
Look, it’s not for everyone, but neither is Vegeta! Whether he’s villainous, heroic or in the middle, whether you like him or not, Dragon Ball just wouldn’t be what it is without him. Vegeta is one of the characters — if not the character — that has shown the biggest story arc. There are parts of him we can relate to like his desire for power and the fact that, you know, maybe he’s not exactly the size he wants to be. Characters with flaws are always the coolest.

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8. Buu-Hoo, Don’t Cry Over How Cool This Dragon Ball Action Figure Is

Kid Buu Action FigureSource:

The second of my favorite Dragon Ball action figures, Dragon Ball Z’s Joffrey — aka Kid Buu — is the biggest sociopath known to man. And we love him for it. Unlike Joffrey. I guess this means he’s a little less sociopathic than him but anyway, he’s kinda crazy and super rad at the same time. Literally, the only reason he’s alive is to cause chaos to the point where he wanted to cause the end of the world so much he destroyed himself.

Isn’t he so pretty in pink? *_*

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9. Goku is Feeling a Little Blue

Goku Action FigureSource:
Super Saiyan God blue, but blue. This figure is also just a figure without the action but it’s a Dragon Ball Z collectible that won’t go out of style anytime soon. (Not for actual DBZ fans!) It’s based on the Dragonball Z: Resurrection film that came out a couple of years back. There’s also a Golden Frieza figure that you can get too, then you can recreate or even change one of the best battles in the series.

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