Naruto Phone Cases For All Y’all Budding Shinobi

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Once upon a time — okay, about a dozen years ago — the demon fox (that looks not too unlike Pokemon’s Ninetales) destroyed the Shinobi village of Konohagakure.

The village’s leader, the Hokage, gave his life in order to seal its soul inside of an infant. That infant, unfortunately for the young child, was Naruto.

Naruto is a great manga series, the protagonist of which is super easy to relate to. Here are some equally great Naruto phone cases, just for you!

(Ninetales fans, we have some Pokemon books just for you!)

1. Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Artwork CaseSource:
That’s his name, and don’t you forget it. The world surely won’t. Even young, Naruto was shunned by the very people he called neighbors and fellow villagers as if it was his fault that the Fourth Hokage had decided his body was the right vessel to use. It could’ve been anybody. Still, because of all of the adversary, Naruto’s determination to succeed was inspiring and, determined to become a future leader, he showed the villagers why you shouldn’t judge anyone.

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2. Back to School With This Naruto Phone Case

Naruto Phone CaseSource:

Naruto’s expression here perfectly captures that “back to school” feeling. Now I’m 79-years-old, I can say something that my mother always told me. I can say, from my iron throne, that kids today should make the most of their time in school. School can be awesome and I get it, a small amount of them are going to actually enjoy it, but you can have all the fun you want once you’ve done your class work and your homework. Or you could just pay Hermione Granger to do it for you.

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You can find Hermione amongst our Harry Potter action figures! Don’t tell your teacher.

3. Akatsuki is a Way of Life

Akatsuki Gang Phone CaseSource:
The Akatsuki were at one point pacifists in a world where they were a minority. (We can relate). When their leader — and Naruto’s friend — Yahiko died, he entrusted their future into the hands of Naruto. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith also taught us well that care, love, and loss can each have a hand in bringing the darkness out of us and after losing his friend, Naruto took that path with the Akatsuki. Whichever of the versions you’d entrust yourself to, this Akatsuki Naruto phone case is a lovely testament.

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4. Eye Can See Right Through You

Tobi Mask CaseSource:
This Naruto phone case features Tobi, who also led the Akatsuki at one point. It also features Tobi’s mask, which is so creepy it’s become a choice Halloween costume for a bunch of people. Dress up your phone so it looks like the lovechild of an Alien face-grabber and the Demogorgon. Because why not? Phone cases give us a world of possibility, and these Naruto phone cases are no different!

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While you’re at it, why not get your Demogorgon fix with Stranger Things merchandise?

5. Naruto and Nine-Tails Are the Same Person Deep Down

Naruto Nine Tails Phone CaseSource:
When you think about it, what kind of person decides to trap the soul of a demon inside of a child? I mean, maybe the Hokage was a big fan of the Omen and just thought it’d be funny or something because that’s some crap! Maybe it had something to do with the soul of an innocent calming it down? Who knows, but it all reads as very, “I’d do it but I don’t want to” of the Fourth Hokage. Nice one. Not. All that aside, this Naruto phone case is pretty rad.

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6. We Love Naruto Phone Cases That Play on Duality

Naruto Kurama Phone CaseSource:
Again, with Naruto and the Nine Tailed Fox combined, this is a Naruto phone case that brings the two halves of our protagonist together to make one. They make him who he is. Sure, he is out of having a good upbringing thanks to the demonic entity inside of him, but despite a little pea soup, he got to grow up totally different to the rest of the kids in the village. Different, as we geeks know, is so much better than the same.

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7. Protect Your Device With this Rubber Naruto Phone Case

Rubber Naruto Phone CaseSource:
Now, if you’re anything like me — I hope for your phone’s sake you aren’t — you have a tendency to drop it on concrete floors, at the gym, on the dance floor, a rubber case is something you probably need. This rubber case has Naruto on it, which means you get to protect your phone as well as having one of the coolest manga characters around on the back of it. I see no losses here.

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8. Naruto Jordan Who?

Naruto AIR iPhone CoverSource:
Not a whole lot of people talk about Michael Jordan anymore, which is weird given that 1995 was only yesterday. This is one of those Naruto phone cases that are perfect for 90’s kids. Literally the only thing more “90s” than this would be if Nintendo came back as a console contender. I– hang on a minute…

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9. We Are the Anime-niacs

Anime-niacs Phone CaseSource:
Naruto is cute and Monkey yaps. I don’t remember how the rest of the theme went, but the recollection is a mere Google search away. I had to follow up the Naruto AIR with the Anime-iacs. We’re back in the 90’s. Nirvana is topping the pop charts somehow and Power Rangers are on TV on a Saturday morning. You know, before it was on the big screen the first time. The Animaniacs and Hey Arnold are massive and this manga phone case is… I mean, we don’t have phones, so. How did Marty McFly deal with this time travel business?

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P.S. 90’s kids, we’ve got some Power Rangers pops for ya!

10. Ichiraku Ramen is Naruto’s Favorite Dish

Ichiraku Ramen Phone CaseSource:
And who can blame him? Ramen, sushi, I wonder which is best out of this or the one from Overwatch. It’s a good question I’ll ruminate on over a nice soup and a large bowl of edamame. This Naruto phone case is a little more conspicuous than the others. The ramen could be from any franchise. It’s only the Naruto lovers who will know exactly where. Then you’ll have friends for life.

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11. Throw the Stars From Your Eyes

Throwing Stars Galaxy CaseSource:
I know you’ve got them for these Naruto phone cases too. The red and black combo is getting me too, and what’s more, if you have a Samsung, the camera will be directly in the middle of one of the throwing stars. They might not be emergency Batarangs, given they’re just pictures on a phone case, but they sure are pretty enough to stun your adversaries to silence. (That includes the world and yourself).

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12. This Itachi Phone Case is Really Something

Red Moon Rising CaseSource:
I’ve never seen the spirit of Japanese culture captured as well as this, at least on a phone case. It’s like the scene in Tarantino’s Kill Bill except not animated and it can go with you everywhere. Itachi killed everyone except his brother, so I’m thinking you kind of don’t want to be on his bad side? Just a theory. Getting this Naruto phone case might soften him up!

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