Go Go Power Rangers Pops! Mighty, MORPHIN’ Pops

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It’s morphin’ time!

When the Power Rangers hit screens in the ’90s, I was the age where kung-fu fighting teenagers that turned into mechanical dinosaurs was the best thing ever.

Oh, wait. IT STILL IS.

This year the Power Rangers came back to our big screens in a new motion picture I desperately need to see, and 2017 being the year of vinyl figures from Star Wars pops to Fallout bobbleheads, Power Rangers pops were next on the list. And we can officially say they are AWESOME.

1. The Green Ranger is Locked, Popped, and Ready to Roll

Funko Pop Green Ranger BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
When the green ranger came into the original show, he was the cool guy in the leather jacket that combined what James from Twin Peaks was supposed to be and what Danny from Grease actually was. His presence challenged the leadership of the red ranger who was the superior party. He was gonna be butthurt no matter what — being a Macho Macho Man and all — but despite their dudely dude differences, they managed to put them aside to unite against their common evil.

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2. If Jason Wasn’t Challenged Enough, in Walks the White Ranger

Funko Pop White RangerSource: amazon.com
Just when he thought he was leader again, Jason was ousted in learning that the baddies were getting a bit too powerful for the rangers and they needed a new one. A lot of fist shaking commenced, which probably worked out in their favor if he did it in the bad guys’ faces. The White Ranger was the new recruit. He was awesome and covered in gold like a glorious relic. And… it was Tommy.

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3. You Can Also Get A White Power Ranger POP! With A Sword

White Power Ranger Funko PopSource: amazon.com
And he looks like he’s channeling the force, so if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve got all boxes checked in a beautiful gold-and-white creation. Funko never lets us down with vinyl pops and this one just shows that the range of Power Rangers pops is no exception. I really love this one. Do you think Kimberly will too?

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4. The Blue Ranger Funko POP! Might Even Be Cooler??

Funko Pop Blue Ranger BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
Get it, because blue. It could be my bias talking since he was my third favorite (behind Pink and Black), but man seeing this guy gave me all the feelings of nostalgia I get when I think about Power Rangers in general. And, for the record, I do think about them a lot. Kung fu and dinosaurs, remember. You can’t put an expiration date on something THAT cool. Plus, Billy was freakin’ clever to boot.

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5. The Movie Version of the Blue Ranger Bobblehead Looks Vaguely Martian

Movie Blue Ranger Funko PopSource: amazon.com
Good thing being, I love aliens. Bad? Well, I love aliens and I haven’t seen the film yet. So. This is just a tease. I feel like if Power Ranger pops had been around when I was a kid, I might’ve had one. I did have a metallic figurine of the pink ranger that I got for the Christmas that the theme song had been at number 1 and I treasured her. Thinking of kids doing that with these makes me happy.

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6. But Enough of Making Fun of the Red Ranger, Dude’s a T-Rex

Red Power Ranger Funko PopSource: amazon.com
…and we all know t-rex is king (or queen) of the dinosaurs. Second only to Spinosaurus if you listen to the underrated way-better-than-Jurassic-World Jurassic Park 3. He can’t be that terrible if that’s his dinosaur, and even when the green ranger is around, everybody still looks to him for the answers. You can do that too with your own personal vinyl ranger.

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7. And the Movie Version of Him Seems Hardcore with a Capital H

Movie Red Ranger Funko PopSource: amazon.com
It’s sort of bizarre when something from your childhood is brought back a couple of decades later. Everything changes even though the spine of it is the same. It happened with the Smurfs and Paddington, and now it’s happening with the Power Rangers. But the Power Rangers are so much more fun than the others and so a reiteration has been on the cards for just-about-EVER. The Red Ranger can’t wait to appeal to a new generation of fans.

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8. This Black Ranger Bobblehead is the Coolest of All the Power Ranger Pops

Black Power Ranger PopSource: amazon.com
Fitting, since he’s the coolest of the bunch. The Black Ranger introduced an already dinosaur-obsessed kid to the mammals that came after him and taught me the difference between a mammoth and a mastodon. (Of which I don’t actually remember but I’m sure a quick google will fix.) Zack was and still is the bomb.

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9. You’d Give the Black Ranger a Ride on Your Dinozord, Right?

Movie Black Ranger Vinyl BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
In the new film, he’s the rebel character that Tommy was in the original. He still has his mastodon but he actually gets to be the first one to try and pilot the Megazord. How lucky is he? There’s a reason he was my joint-favorite and equally, a reason he only increased in popularity for me over time.

Get the Funko Pop Movie Black Ranger on amazon.com

10. The EXCLUSIVE Morphing Version of the Black Ranger Might Be the One Thing Cooler Than He Is

Black Ranger Exclusive BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
GameStop’s exclusive Power Ranger pops depict the original rangers in the midst of their morphing from ranger-to-zord. Their sparkly look really comes to life in the Black Ranger. Move aside, Twilight. Your sparkles have nothing on these guys. I’d like to see one of the sparkly vampires attempt to take Rita Repulsa in battle, I’ll tell you that.

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11. Be a Sabretooth Tiger With the Yellow Ranger Funko POP!

Yellow Ranger Action FigureSource: amazon.com
If you’re lucky, these figures could work as the coins do for the rangers and transform you into them. Nobody’s that lucky unless the leprechaun’s piece of gold lands on their grave, but the idea is fun to entertain. I have a special place in my heart for Trini, the yellow ranger. The actress from the original lost her life tragically, but what a legacy to leave than a badass, cool, fantastic character on a forever beloved show.

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12. This Funko POP! is Actually the Yellow Ranger, Not a Transformer

Movie Yellow Power RangerSource: amazon.com
I swear. The new costumes were a pretty necessary redesign. There’s nothing that can annoy a person more than their childhood being stolen through Hollywood. Power Rangers NEVER did that. They came up with a brand new story and suits to boot. This yellow ranger pop is a great example of their tribute to the original show.

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13. We Couldn’t Forget Everybody’s Favorite Pink Ranger, Could We?

Pink Power Ranger Vinyl FigureSource: popinabox.us
That would be a crime of epic proportions that Rita Repulsa would cackle at because she’d love it so much. No, we could never forget Kimberly and that’s why we’ve saved the best for last. The pink and yellow rangers were such a great thing for a little girl who didn’t like Barbies to see. They fought up front with the guys and had a huge part in defeating the villains. They weren’t just sidekicks with romantic entanglements, even when they had them.

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14. I Hope the New Movie Version of the Pink Ranger Does the Same

Movie Pink Power Ranger Funko PopSource: amazon.com
My dream on seeing these Power Rangers pops was that little kids now would feel the way myself and the rest of my generation did. The pink ranger is STILL out there kicking ass and is STILL going to be at the top of a LOT of little kids’ Christmas and birthday lists this year. Ruminate on that. (I also desperately wanted to fit in a Pterodactyl pun here with the word terrible, let’s pretend I did.) Morphin’ power.

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15. An Alpha 5 Pop, Useful for if You Need to Contact Zordon

Power Rangers Alpha 5 Funko PopSource: amazon.com
The best robots in every fandom have worrisome personalities. It gives them the epic mark that TX in Terminator 3 just never had (that said, I was the only person that totally loved TX.) Alpha 5 is Zordon’s right-hand bot and would probably win in a fight against… maybe Wall-E… Maybe.

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16. Evil Queen Rita Repulsa Strikes While the Iron’s Hot

Rita Repulsa Vinyl FugureSource: amazon.com
Or when the bodies of humans/rangers/anybody she can get her hands on are cold. There were a lot of worries in the running up to the movie that Elizabeth Banks wouldn’t be able to do the character justice. I mean, the original Rita Repulsa was SO EVIL she made Darth Vader look like a puppy. The worries were wrong. Elizabeth is an awesome Rita and this movie version vinyl figure of her is equally so.

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