Got Your Rick and Morty Christmas Sweater Yet? Don’t Be Plumbuses!

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Wubba lubba dub dub, it’s time to celebrate the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty. I feel like even writing this might inspire its intense fanbase to correct me on what a schleem is…

BUT, these are the risks a geek must take when she finds out how great of a selection there is if you want a Rick and Morty Christmas sweater for the holidays.

Have a peek at these.

1. We Wish You a Merry Human Holiday (and a Drunken New Year)

Happy Human Holidays Christmas sweaterSource: Think Geek

Try to make sure you don't blow Santa up. It's not becoming, it's not gonna put you on the Nice list if you hurt him. I mean, unless this Santa is only one of several Santas and, given the Multiverse, those several Santas may have several copies of several Santas. Wear this Rick and Morty Christmas sweater with gory pride.

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2. It’s Accurate, but Science Will Live Forever!

God is Dead Rick and Morty sweaterSource: Amazon

Rick isn't the kind of guy a person should look up to. He may have an IQ way higher than genius, but Morty is where the heart and soul of the show is. Still, Rick has his moments, and drunkenly belching while he takes a swig from his flask and tells Morty that it's fine that they killed Santa because God is dead too, is what parental books call "a dose of reality." Plus, he has a point, and if God was still around, he'd surely wear this Rick and Morty Christmas sweater for his son's birthday.

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3. I Mean, I Would Say Every Season is the Season, But if You Need an Excuse…

Riggity wrecked Rick Christmas sweaterSource: Teepublic

I think Rick would agree with me on the first part too, and if you're of that mind too, you could potentially wear this Rick and Morty Christmas sweater every day of the year. Granted, this is coming from someone who wears Halloween outfits in February. Granted, also, that there are snowmen and sleighs on the design. One thing Rick and Morty should have taught us all, though, is that there's no shame in being ourselves! There's only shame in being Rick.

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4. ‘Tis Also, However, the Season to Get Schwifty

Get schwifty Rick and Morty Christmas jumperSource: Amazon

Not to be confused with Swifty, now Taylor Swift has fallen from grace and into the arms of, "this song isn't very catchy." Then again, there isn't a whole lot of songs that can rival the gift that is Schwift and you know it. I get that there's a lot of songs on the show but this is one of the things I always think of when I think of Rick and Morty. It only makes sense it would be on a Rick and Morty Christmas sweater, I feel like we'd all feel cheated if it wasn't.

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5. Father Rickmas Says We Should Celebrate His Birth Instead

Merry Rick-mas sweaterSource: Teepublic

Everybody's having fun on Rickmas. They might not remember it the next day or they might wake up in a totally different dimension or universe. Whatever the consequences of a holly, jolly Rickmas, one thing is for sure and that's the fact that they had a hella-good time. You won't find many people complaining about the fact there are different versions of themselves... unless you're Morty and at one point come across your own dead body but that's super rare....

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6. Deck the Halls With a Bunch of Whatever the Plural for Plumbus Is

Christmas Plumbus sweaterSource: Teepublic

Part of the joke of plumbus is that nobody knows what one is or does. What they didn't think about was what the heck multiple plumbuses could be called. It's a bit like Octopus or a word starting with p that's in science textbooks but isn't for geeky gifts posts. Is it plumbuses? Plumbi? I'm in severe trauma over not knowing this and I'm going to have to have the answer before my next birthday (which is 21 again, by the way). I only look like Rick Sanchez 'cause of the late nights playing Final Fantasy X in my youth.

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7. They Both Look Super Cute on This Rick and Morty Christmas Sweater

cute Rick and Morty Christmas sweaterSource: Teepublic

Be it the wide eyes of the jovial expression, the design on this Rick and Morty Christmas sweater reminds me of something I can't quite put my phalange on. Any pointers or ideas directed to our Twitter will be amazingly helpful. Regardless of the inspiration behind this design, if you'd like to see Rick as more than an abusive, obnoxious drunk for like five seconds, I would go with this one. Clearly, this Rick is from one of the kajillion universes...

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8. There’s Something About This That’s Equal Parts Cute and Creepy

Merry Schwiftmas sweaterSource: eBay

It's creepy enough that if you make it a game like, "How much on this Rick and Morty Christmas sweater is wrong?" Like a spot-the-difference only not. But I mean, this is Rick and Morty, so it's got to be anything but straightforward, plebeian, and gentle. Anybody who knows the beef Edison had with Tesla can tell you that scientists can be the most callous of creatures, and it's probably due to the fact that they never got Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink in high school.

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9. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals!

Merry Christmas Rick and Morty hoodieSource: Teepublic

Don't forget to have a Happy Meeseeks New Year either. I don't know if this Rick and Morty Christmas sweater is, exactly, a tribute to the Home Alone movies, but with the holidays coming up and Macauley Culkin being tiny and adorable again -- male Shirley Temple, I'm telling you -- it is now. It could be a Christmas version of the Godfather just as likely.

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