The Awesomest Star Wars Action Figures in the Whole Galaxy

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A long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we covered 37 of the coolest Star Wars pops that we wanted each and every one of. Pops aren’t the only cool Star Wars toys out there. There are old school and super realistic action figures if you prefer those.

Here are a few awesome Star Wars action figures we’ve found online.

May the Force be with you, geeks.

(You’re gonna need it…)

1. Rey HAS to be the Last Jedi, She Just HAS To

Rey Action FigureSource:

If she's not, I'll pitch the kind of fit that I make fun of Kylo for. MY lightsaber will be putting a hole in the wall (or my absent father)! It'll be ME who's too emo to channel the Force into helping me pick up the remote from across the room. Do we want that, Rian Johnson/J. J. Abrams/George Lucas? DO WE? There was a distinct lack of Rey merchandise around when The Force Awakens was released, to everyone's dismay, so it's cool to actually see her on a list of Star Wars action figures for once.

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2. Captain Phasma’s Arc is About to Get Real


Are you excited? After including then Brienne of Tarth action figure in our Game of Thrones merchandise article, it spurred my love of Gwendoline Christie on much further than I ever could have anticipated. I haven't watched Top of the Lake yet, but I feel like when I do, it'll just make me love her more. I think Phasma is so fascinating and I was sad there wasn't much she had to do in The Force Awakens. ENTER: THE LAST JEDI. Enter: Me in my happy place.

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3. Kylo Ren is About to Have a Tantrum in This Star Wars Action Figure


Granted, the question should be, "When isn't he?" As much as I make fun of Kylo and everything he is/does/stands for, you have to commend the amazing Adam Driver for the charisma he brings to the screen. I sense that if Kylo wasn't played by him, he might be even more annoying. One thing I have noticed is that, since getting his face cut in The Force Awakens, he now has a wicked scar in the same place Anakin did…

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4. Qui (Gon) Do You Have to Pretend You Hate the Sequels?


Attack of the Clones aside, there was some really great lore in those babies. Sure, the Anakin and Amidala relationship was a little creepy given the fact she knew him when he was a boy and also, sure, Jar Jar was A Bit Much, but they're still part of the Lucasverse we know, love, and sometimes have problems with. Qui-Gon was the Jedi who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi who, in turn, trained Anakin. Basically, we can blame Qui-Gon for everything. But doesn't he look cool?

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5. Under the Tusken Two Suns (Tatooine!!!)


These guys have been with us for as long as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Yet another of the things to love about Star Wars is its expansive lore. The creature you see on screen for less than five minutes has an entire backstory and tales of its own. For example, who's to say the Tusken Raiders aren't just doing what they need to do to survive? Even the most brutal creature has a motive. This Tusken Raider action figure won't harm you. It'll just sit there looking RAD.

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6. Happy 40th Birthday, Princess Leia (and Star Wars)


Unlike most birthdays, they are gifting us rather than the other way around, with their 40th Anniversary black series Star Wars action figures. The idea is based on Kenner's original line of Star Wars toys, taking us back to... well, black. Princess Leia was my favorite the first time I saw the movie, so I have a soft spot for this outfit. AND they used a new sculpt on her face, making her likeness to Carrie Fisher much stronger. Love it! Don’t forget to look at these Princess Leia gifts while you're here!

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7. Luke is Looking Like a Fashion Model Here


This Star Wars action figure comes with different hairstyles so you can not only recreate scenes from A New Hope as photographs, but you can do a photoshoot with him. Luke never had the chance to go to Malibu or anywhere on earth, so why not make his and your dreams come true? Luke Skywalker has a rep for being not-that-cool when in reality, he is way cooler than Han Solo. Sorry, not sorry. Did you ever see Luke get frozen in Carbonite? I thought not. Next!

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8. The Lando Before Time


Another guy who, in the scheme of things, might be even cooler than Han Solo. I actually like Han a LOT, don't get me wrong. But I also like most of the characters in the first three movies including Palpatine, so when it comes to ranking them, Han is, like, top 10. Lando Calrissian and Han Solo's tale goes back a long time. With the new Han movie in the works, we're gonna find out the origins of their relationship and I suspect it's gonna be full of unexpected twists! Also, just get a load of that robe.

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9. This Chewbacca Action Figure is DEFINITELY a Hot Toy


As always, Hot Toys' likenesses to the actors and characters are like no other. Their Star Wars action figures (with all of their accessories) continue that tradition. Chewbacca was my first ever Star Wars toy. It was handed down to me by my nana's neighbor's grandson. I loved that Chewbacca toy. I took him everywhere. He's always been close to my heart and whenever I see anything Chewie-related, I think of that toy. If ever anybody tells you toys aren't important, they're totes lying.

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10. These Are For Sure the Droids You’re Looking For


Can anybody say no to a 3-for-1? Threepio looks lonely without R2-D2 and after BB-8's introduction and aid in getting R2 back into the fray in The Force Awakens, them being together, makes all of the sense in the galaxy. Threepio even has his red arm (but it's his left, which only sucks because you can't give him Red Right Hand as his theme song) and the other two are so cute, they should be in Wall-E really. Welcome your droids with these must-have robot gifts!

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Scroll up to the Kylo Ren action figure and then back down to this one. Their scars are in almost the exact same place. Whether this is a callback to the prequels (could be, knowing Abrams) or because of something deeper, we'll have to wait and find out. Anakin Skywalker is often disliked too. He was kind of a brat, which is funny in that Kylo takes after his grandpa in that way but not in the way he wants to be (as Darth). I guess spitting your pacifier out skips a generation.

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12. Did This Han Solo Action Figure Shoot First?


I wasn't lying before. I do love Han. I just don't think he's the Grand Supreme of Cool the same way I don't find Starlord cool. (Except Han is definitely much cooler than him). He is a lot of people's favorite though and I'm not surprised by it, nor do I disagree. Maybe he's not my favorite as a "protest vote" against what's popular, but either way, his fate upset me more than I was prepared for. This A New Hope variation of Han is a great way to celebrate him.

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13. Luke, this Darth Vader Figure is Your Father


Maury Povich is sorry to tell you, son. The paternity test proved positive. Darth Vader IS your father. There's no arguing with science unless that science is a lie detector, but the science behind those is right. It's the fact humans are too complex to be read by a machine that's the problem there. DNA is what it is, though, and Luke (and Leia) has to deal with the fact that they share their blood with one of the Empire's greatest baddies. But how hard can he be to defeat when he needs an inhaler?

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14. Jyn Erso Was a Real Hero


Killing off main characters doesn't happen in movies, not often. Not more than one, not at the same time or by choice. Jyn and Cassian gave their lives to destroy the Death Star, to take down the empire, and to fight for the good; for the light side of the Force. Jyn was special because she answered to no one. She did what she wanted and what she had to do, and for a while, because of her, Cassian, the rebels, and K-2SO, the galaxy was saved.

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15. Boba Fett Will Always Make My Lists


The amount of awesome Boba Fett gifts is impressive. From Star Wars alarm clocks to a whole host of other cool Star Wars stuff, Boba Fett has finally earned his spot as being the third "dark side" character from Star Wars Monopoly. The more time goes on (and the more Boba Fett books that come out), the better he gets. I even heard rumors of a movie dedicated wholly to him...

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