In Here, Star Wars Posters You Will Find

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If Yoda had been a writer rather than a Jedi Master, his prose would’ve been a great hit.

Matters, not that it does. Yoda and all of the characters within the Star Wars universe are great!

We all have our favorites, and now we can have our favorites mounted on our walls.

Bet you’ve never seen Star Wars posters this cool before, have you?

1. Gone But Never Forgotten

Princess Leia ArtworkSource:
Princess-turned-General Leia Organa will never leave the hearts or the minds of Star Wars fans. Her loss was so great, it was most certainly felt in The Force around the world. It’s been nice to see Princess Leia gifts and merchandise double in volume since the beginning of the year, but if we could switch, we all would. The Last Jedi is gonna be hella-emotional, that’s for sure. This wonderful design by artist Craig Drake makes for a touching memorial to one of the brightest of stars in the Galaxy.

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2. Vincent Van Hoth’s Starry Starry Wars

Van Gogh Star Wars PosterSource:
So this trippy Star Wars poster is closer to being the Battle of Endor rather than Hoth, but when you see a pun, you gotta run with it. We’ve featured a ton of classical art-inspired geeky gifts on the site, and this sure won’t be the last. It’s like mixing two of the world’s finest pieces of art together: Star Wars and Starry Night. It’s really nice, really different, and checks all my boxes of coolness.

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3. Shadows of the Empire

Darth Vader PosterSource:

That was a totally underrated video game on the N64, based on the beginning of Empire Strikes Back; kind of running parallel to it if I remember rightly. There were cameos from Wampas, Han Solo, Boba Fett; almost anybody you could name. THUS it was a great title for this Star Wars poster that combines an image of one of the movies with Darth’s helmet. Whether that’s Luke or Anakin himself on Tatooine, you decide.

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4. This Limited Edition Rey Lithograph is STUNNING

Rey LithographSource:
It almost makes up for the lack of Rey merchandise around the release of Episode VII. What was the hashtag again? Oh right, #WHERESREY (because really). I’m such a huge fan of Rey and for me, the new trilogy is her story. Sure, the other guys will come into it but if it went Anakin to Luke to Rey, I’d be the happiest of people who picked the dark side at the Star Wars: Identities exhibition at the O2. Plus, BB-8.

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5. Chewbacca’s Concert Poster is Rad

Chewbacca Concert PosterSource:
Imagine this guy on a lineup that included Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. He may look like he’s an outcast from ZZ Top but, let me tell you, this guy’s death metal scream could blow Ozzy Osbourne outta the water. They could do an entire Star Wars comic dedicated to his band, The Wookiees. Their debut album, Grahahhrgh was quite popular on Naboo, after all. Anyway, I love this Star Wars poster so much I want to live in it. HOW do we go about making that possible?

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6. Star Wars: The Last Supper

Funny Last Supper Star Wars PosterSource:
Forget the Jedi, with Luke in his rightful place as Jesus (I just really like Luke Skywalker, okay?) and Ewan McGregor’s uncle off to the right, this is a supper I wouldn’t have minded attending. Granted, Dan Brown couldn’t have gone the lengths with it the way he did in the real one in the Da Vinci, but this is a Star Wars poster to end all Star Wars posters.

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I mean, besides these awesome superhero wall art prints. Ever see Batman flossing? Well, now you have!

7. Revenge of the Ewoks

Battle of Endor PosterSource:
Never mess with an adorable little teddy bear or you will get bitten. I’m convinced the Ewoks were more than they seemed. They realized the power C3PO had in all of his queenliness. He was their queen, he was their God, and for all of his Very English Whining, that’s totally how it should be. Luke as Jesus, C3PO as Queen. If this isn’t giving you an insight to the way my geeky mind works, it’s fine. We’re only just getting started.

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8. Star Wars Posters Can Be Seriously Inventive

AT-AT 80's Style PosterSource:
Like this one looks like it was torn down from the walls of a club in the Miami beach of the 80’s/Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Between the greatness of this, the Chewbacca concert poster and the Vincent Van Gogh play on the AT-ATs, I’d say the Star Wars universe has some great representative artists on their side. Wouldn’t you?

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9. Spot Your Favorites! I Bet You Can

Star Wars Characters PosterSource:
This Star Wars poster design is top of the crop in our Star Wars puzzles list. You cannot beat a poster, a jigsaw, or anything that has every character from a franchise on it. It’s against the geek rules to beat that. They are, hands down, the holy grail of geeky collectibles and when it comes to Star Wars, it’s sometimes nice to be reminded that, whatever your feelings on the prequels, they are all part of the same universe.

(Except Episode II…)

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Also, how amazing a Star Wars comforter would this make?

10. The Jedi Code is One to Live By

The Jedi Code PosterSource:
We don’t have to be a master, a knight, or even a Jedi. The Jedi code is founded on Buddhism and Taoism, meaning nothing is permanent enough to get mad or upset about. It’s a difficult practice as a human — even as a Jedi if you resurrect Anakin from the dead to ask him — but it’s worth our collective whiles to put a Lite version into practice. That’s why this Star Wars poster exists. To remind us and ground us; to let us run around with sticks making lightsaber sounds!

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11. The Next Confucius, I Am

Master Yoda PosterSource:
Let’s call back to the beginning of the article when we covered Yoda being an excellent writer. Think of the poems he’d write with the way he speaks, and think about how much they’d be quoted on Tumblr in Courier New with a bold opening letter. Can Force ghosts still do things other than stand to one side watching or combining their powers to yell at Rey when she can’t find the chest? A Star Wars posters article really would not be the same without a Yoda poster. And so, in his Dagobah glory, here you go!

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12. This The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Poster Makes Me Hyperventilate

The Last Jedi Movie PosterSource:

I’d get my inhaler if I wasn’t busy drinking coffee and lusting after the next episode (it’s hard when I desperately want Halloween to be here and it’s my favorite time of year, BUT STAR WARS). Episode VIII director Rian Johnson — who did some amazing films in the past like Looper and The Brothers Bloom which I highly recommend — confirmed that Luke is the last Jedi… for now.

(It better be Rey and not Kylo though, I swear to C3PO).

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13. Emperor Palpatine Wants Posters Too

Palpatine PosterSource:
Sure, he’s an evil son of a blaster gun who plotted to take down the Republic and sway Anakin Skywalker to the dark side, but he’s really neat. This Star Wars poster is metal, and it sticks to your wall with a magnet that comes with it. That means you don’t have to get your walls all sticky or do any drilling. (Easy as that is, it’s annoying when you want to move things and are left with holes. As the Death Star’s destruction kinda proved).

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14. The Propaganda Line of Star Wars Posters is My Fave

Star Wars Propaganda PosterSource:
There are more than this one, but this one was my favorite and because I have exceptional taste in geek products and questionable in my clothes, it’s gonna be yours too. Basically, what this Star Wars poster warns us against doing, is giving a Stormtrooper a GameBoy, which he’ll say anything to you while playing it to shut you up. Hint hint, Finn.

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15. What Starts in Vader, Ends in Vader

Arty Darth Vader PosterSource:

Star Wars began with him in every way, if you think about it. The original trilogy begins with him walking, the prequels are all about him, and the new trilogy is all poised in his wake. Darth Vader is Star Wars, so it’s only fair that our Star Wars posters article ends with one of him looking as though he’s intercepted MTV in the 80s a la the Max Headroom Incident.

How’s THAT for Geekception?

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