These Are the Star Wars Pillow Cases You’re Looking For

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a young boy by the name of Luke. Luke would grow up to be a bearded nomad, wandering the cliffs on a planet that looks suspiciously like the coast of Ireland. But for now, in the days after the trilogy-we-don’t-talk-about and before the trilogy we do, Luke was a young boy on a droid farm on Tatooine.

There’s no way to sleep at night with two moons — cool as they look — and so he spent a bunch of his childhood unable to sleep. That was until he was given some Star Wars pillow cases to help him find dreamland. We’ll just pretend that he’s not actually on some of the said pillow cases, for the sake of the story.

If you’re like Luke or you just really like having geeky bedding, boy, do we have a good selection of cool pillow cases for you! (I’m also no interior designer, but wouldn’t they look cool if you also had a Star Wars alarm clock? RIGHT).

1. Star Wars Pillow Cases Episode IV: A New Hope

A Galaxy Far Far Away Pillow CaseSource:
This awesome cover features one of the most epic scenes from the (only) trilogy. Luke facing off against The Big Bad (I can hear the Imperial March as I write this if only my actual keyboard played it) Darth Vader, light saber to light saber. In the wake of Ben Kenobi’s fate, Luke finds himself set on becoming a Jedi like his father before him (oh, how he has a world of surprise in store) by avenging Obi Wan’s name. Now, I don’t think Obi Wan taught him as well as he should, given that revenge is sort of against the Jedi code and more of a Sith thing, but his heart was in the right place. Even if his hand was somewhere in space.

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2. You’ve Always Wanted a Boba Fett Pillow Case, Right?

Boba Fett Pillow CaseSource:
Indeed, we each of us love Boba Fett (if we’re the type to pretend we’re Not Regular Star Wars Fans, and are more fittingly Cool Star Wars Fans) and he didn’t get enough attention in the movies. Sure, he’s got something of a back story in the episode I-III ones but again, does that really count? I will say that there are some awesome Boba Fett comic books out there that tell us more about the Bounty Hunter whose costume is so much cooler than anyone else’s bar Lando Calrissian. Definitely recommended if you can’t get enough of Star Wars!

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3. Did You Ever Imagine Sleeping on a Droid Could be Comfortable?

R2D2 Star Wars Pillow CaseSource:
Think again. This R2D2 pillow case is made from the finest material making for the best night’s sleep (if you’ve got a comfy pillow under there and/or a couple folded up). R2 is one of the most beloved characters in the whole Star Wars series. I don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t like him, even. Pit him against BB-8 all you like, they’re two droids from very different backgrounds and for very different eras. Sure, one is a ball, but R2D2’s sad beeps and happy beeps have been part of the soundtrack for a lot of baby geeklings.

Also, if you love R2 as much as I do, have a look at this Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set. Cute right?

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4. Harry Potter and the Death Star

Harry Potter vs Darth Vader Pillow CaseSource:
Never before have I wondered who would win in a fight out of Darth Vader and Voldemort (does it count as saying it if it’s written?) until I saw this Star Wars pillow case that pits Kylo Ren’s grandpa against… Harry Potter. I don’t need to know who’d win out of these two. I like to believe Darth could take him with his eyes closed (hello, Force) and also given the fact Neville Longbottom was actually the one who defeated old Voldy just says it all.

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5. Matching Pillow Cases Are the Perfect Gift for Anniversaries

His and Hers Star Wars Pillow CasesSource:
Mostly because I never know what to give people for them and… tend to forget they’re a Thing. These Han and Leia pillow cases are pretty cute for any couple, whatever gender they are! Heck, even if there’s no Princess out of the two of you, you can giggle at the fact that whoever lies on it will actually be a pillow princess. After that, you can pass out because it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, just having these in your bedroom makes you instantly cooler than about 98% of people out there. Who needs floral bed spreads in the days of Star Wars pillow cases?

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6. This Star Wars A New Hope Pillow Cover is Gonna Make You Emosh

Star Wars A New Hope Pillow CaseSource:
The image on it was on the cover of the first Star Wars VHS I remember having. I borrowed it from the kid of one of my mom’s friends at work and promptly refused to give it back until I could no longer stretch the loan period without it becoming an issue. I always feel like A New Hope summarizes the entire Star Wars cinematic world as well. It was a new hope for cinema, and I’ve heard countless times how cool it was to see the space ship flying overhead for the first time during the credits. George Lucas created a true masterpiece, and Star Wars is one of the things that keeps me going when not a whole lot else does.

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7. Get Fancy with a Fancy Threepio Cushion

Watercolor C3PO Star Wars Pillow CaseSource:
He wouldn’t have it any other way, let’s face it. Threepio is a fan of reading William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy to correct it. He’s the kind of droid you need to have around for how many dialects he’s programmed to have, but also the kind where you’re hoping the blaster hits his jaw next time instead of his arm. I love him because of all of that. These cool watercolor cushions come with a bunch of different Star Wars character designs and while this is my favorite of the bunch, you can check out more at the link!

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8. Sleep With Boba Fett!

Star Wars Movie Boba Fett Pillow CaseSource:
…another Star Wars pillow case of him, but if you’re into that, I’m not the kind of girl who’s going to judge you for your kinks. The guy is a bounty hunter, after all. I’m sure he has aliens in every port! It did surprise me how many Boba Fett cushions were out there but in the good kind of way where I wish I could have them all to put on my shrine to Boba. (Said shrine is between a David Bowie and a David Bowie in Labyrinth one). This one is an all over design of movie Boba Fett, so it just depends on your tastes really!

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9. Star Wars: the Case Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens Pillow CaseSource:
Sleep comfortably forever on a pillow case that’s reversible, so reversible in fact that I wouldn’t have to sleep on Kylo if I didn’t want to. That’s my only problem with this otherwise bad ass AND collection worthy Star Wars pillow case. I realize that’s my bias coming out again, but can we also take a moment to absorb that REY is the star of the new, well, wars??

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10. This Star Wars Trilogy Case is Pretty Amazing

Star Wars Trilogy Pillow CaseSource:
Its style is unique, which makes me love it even more. Instead of the three main characters being front and center, we’ve got C3PO, Boba, and Darth serving as the backdrops to some of our favorite Star Wars places like Cloud City and Endor. (Also the name of my router, thankyouverymuch). I think you call these minimalist posters but I wouldn’t take my word for it: my skills are geekery and loving Star Wars a bit too much. Not art.

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11. But There is a Banksy-Inspired Darth Cushion for Those Who Are Artsy

I’m writing this from West London. It seems only right that a Banksy-inspired pillow case is on this list. It’s based on the iconic stencil of the little girl with the heart balloon, with the little girl switched out for a little Darth Vader and the balloon for his Death Star. You can’t help but feel sorry for him, especially now we know that there was a traitor in the ranks that deliberately put a weakness in the Death Star so that it could be destroyed. On the plus side, it’s good to know that was intentional.

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12. More Matching Star Wars Cushions

Matching Han and Leia Pillow CasesSource:
For her and her, him and him, him and her. There’s nothing stopping you from getting all your friends together for a snuggle fest on top of them. They’re quite small but if you’re intent on doing all of the Star Wars movies in a row (with pee breaks), there’s going to be a point where you’re all on top of each other. And… it’s probably gonna be the point where you all scream, “Nooooooo!”

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13. An Adorable R2D2 Case Because That’s How We Do

Cute R2D2 Star Wars Pillow CaseSource:
Is he not the most? This R2D2 pillow case is another design that you can get with a whole host of different characters on it. We chose R2D2 pretty much exclusively because we’re all about the cutest and the coolest, but I have to give a tiny shout out to the Threepio one as well (which is gold and would look amazing next to this blue one, just saying). Take a look at the link for some of the other designs. Why stop at one?

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14. Here’s Another One of Those Cool Watercolor Ones

Watercolor Yoda Pillow CaseSource:
But with Yoda this time. As you can see, each design is different and brings a different vibe, depending on what you’re going for. Where we picked out the Threepio one because of my love of him, Yoda ought to be synonymous with everything Star Wars and we haven’t had a Star Wars pillow case with him and only him on it yet. Two Bobas and no Yodas! Band name, calling it.

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15. This Pillow Case Has the Classic Star Wars Logo On It

Star Wars Logo Pillow CaseSource:
And the logo alone. Anybody that loves Star Wars and says they don’t get chills when John Williams’ music plays over the scrolling yellow-to-white text is a filthy liar. It’s such an iconic opening sequence that I don’t think any movie before or since has managed to do to the same effect. You hear the opening clang of chords, all you need to do is close your eyes and you’ll see what’s on this pillow case. It’s an essential for any Star Wars megafan.

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16. This Cute Darth Vader Mask Cushion Would Look Great on a Couch!

Darth Vader Mask Pillow CaseSource:
The cushion covers are even cuter than some of the pillow cases, but they’re all worth a mention. This one reminds me more of the kind of cushion you could get at Ikea, just instead of there being flowers or triangles on it (or pineapples, weirdly, at the minute), you’ve got Darth Vader. Now if you want to try and find a way to argue that it’s not a necessary purchase, have a look at it again and keep telling yourself that!

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17. This Star Wars REVERSIBLE Imperial Pillow Case is My Favorite

Reversible Imperial Star Wars Pillow CaseSource:
Like of every single one, I think. If you were to get me this for my birthday (and a Star Wars stormtrooper bouquet), there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do. I’d LOVE you, for one. That love is in capitals, as well, because I mean it. (Don’t listen to anyone that doesn’t scream their love at you, they’re more of a nerd hurter than a nerf). I like the idea that this is reversible and it would go with pretty much any blanket set. Sleep on the dark side for a change. You’ll feel much lighter.

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