Star Wars Alarm Clocks?! Get Up On The Light Side!

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Do you have difficulty waking up for whatever classes they teach at the Jedi academy? Is it hard to roll out of your bunk, have a shower, then climb into your Storm Trooper suit if you’re waking up at eight and your shift starts at nine?

These Star Wars alarm clocks will come in massively handy for all of these situations and more. School, work; a dentist’s appointment you’ve been putting off for a year, you name it!

They look pretty awesome too…

1. Hope Nobody Tries To Barter For Your BB-8 Alarm Clock

BB-8 Alarm ClockSource:
Rey wasn’t having it and neither should you. BB-8 is a droid whose mere creation provokes our desire and need to take care of him. If you thought there was no way a robot could be cuter than Artoo or Wall-E, you were wrong. This Christmas, BB-8 will be returning to our screens in The Last Jedi, and with this alarm clock, you’ll be able to set it to wake you up for pre-sale tickets.

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2. Attack Of The Clocks: Try Waking Up With A Clone Trooper!

Clone Trooper Alarm ClockSource:
If you’re big into the Clone Wars saga, you’ll be big into this Clone Trooper alarm clock. Put all of your faith in this guy to wake you up. You’re not going to be disappointed by waking up too late. The Clone Troopers are too efficient to ever let that happen and being that they want you as part of their pyramid scheme, you’re of no use to them while sleeping.

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3. This LEGO Darth Vader Alarm Clock Is Not Opposed To Choking You Awake

Lego Darth Vader Alarm ClockSource:
Star Wars alarm clocks come no more intimidating than this mini LEGO Darth Vader one. I’m not even being sarcastic. Have you ever had the misfortune to step on a piece of LEGO? That hurts more than any blaster or lightsaber could even wish to if they were sentient. You’ll definitely get up with this little dude at your bedside.

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4. If Darth Fails, There’s Always Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren Alarm ClockSource:
I mean, he’s at least going to try his very best and then have a tantrum about it if it fails. But didn’t Yoda teach us that you have to do or do not? So even if he fails to wake you up, he’ll have failed. Which is a “do not.” And besides, he ditched the teachings of the Jedis to allow himself to be seduced to the dark side. He’s a #rebel.

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5. Find Out How To Use Star Wars Alarm Clocks To Anger Your Peers!

Jar Jar Binks Wake-Up SystemSource:
How? By using this Jar Jar Binks one, of course. Duh! How could you even think it’d be anything else? Silly Padawans. This Jar Jar Binks alarm clock will talk to you even when he’s not sounding the alarm. Just squeeze one of his hands and yousa willa be very very happy. Alternatively, you could never touch the hands and just make other people do it.

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6. Wake Up, You Will With This LEGO Yoda Alarm Clock

Lego Yoda Alarm ClockSource:
Wake up when he wants, a Jedi does. Wake up when he must, a Jedi will. This miniature character alarm clock is great for LEGO Star Wars fans that maybe don’t like Darth so much and would rather chill with Master Y. Bash him on the head if you want an extra five minutes in bed. Aka, something you wouldn’t be able to do with actual Yoda.

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7. This Star Wars Alarm Clock Has Basically EVERY Saga Baddie On It

Star Wars Alarm ClockSource:
Roll out of your Star Wars tauntaun sleeping bag at the sound of the call from the dark side. Say goodbye to Luke and your pitiful Resistance friends and hello to an alarm clock that’s going to let you answer the question, “What time is it?” with, “It’s Boba O’Clock.”

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8. Is It Boba O’Clock? Or Is It A-Quarter-To-Chew

Chewbacca Alarm ClockSource:
Your fuzzy co-pilot might have an issue with you turning to the dark side, and since you don’t want to anger a Wookiee (they’re too good for cuddling), maybe you should stick with the light. On it, Chewbacca will stay by your side and quit being an alarm clock to be a real Wookiee.

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9. Wake Up At Hyperspeed With This Millennium Falcon Alarm Clock

Millennium Falcon Alarm ClockSource:
Soar into action while the Star Wars theme song plays. Brush your teeth and shower, feeling like you’re going to open your curtains to a marquee of stars and galaxies. The Star Wars theme is one of the only songs in the world you’ll never get tired of hearing, and don’t we all want to wake up to every day being like an Ewok celebration?

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10. This Projecting Darth Vader Alarm Clock Is Dark Sided!!

Darth Vader Alarm ClockSource:
So says the God Warrior, not us. We happen to like it and think it’s quite cool that we can own a Darth Vader head that breathes and projects the time onto our ceiling so we don’t have to stretch too far to see what time it is. (Why do we do that anyway? Didn’t we set our own alarms…?)

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11. Get The Mini LEGO Storm Trooper Alarm Clock

Lego Stormtrooper Alarm ClockSource:
Because why wouldn’t you? They’re terrible at shooting, but they work as part of a well-oiled, tightly-knit machine that involves barely any sleep, food, or water. Man, being a Storm Trooper sounds awesome. /s Regardless, their costumes look cool in any bedroom. You did it again, LEGO. HOME RUN.

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12. Help Us Wake Up, R2-D-Wan Kenobi, You’re Our Only Hope

R2D2 Alarm ClockSource:
This R2D2 alarm clock would look badass intermixed with your favorite Star Wars pops. I feel like we all need to have an Artoo of some sort beside us, and this one comes in handy with his ability to (sad beep) us awake on a morning while also projecting the time in whichever direction he happens to be facing. Star Wars alarm clocks should always have that function!

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13. Yoda One Who Has To Get Up, Not Us

Yoda Alarm ClockSource:

That’s not entirely the truth, we always get up and we always hate it, and I use the ‘we’ because as far as sleep goes, we all want just that little bit more. Make your mornings suck less with an adorable Jedi Master by your side each day. Heck, make your nights suck less as well when you realize he lights up too!

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14. Train Your Sleep Schedule By Having A Jedi Training Ball As An Alarm Clock

Jedi Training Ball Alarm ClockSource:
You won’t be able to duel with it, with your lightsaber and its beams, but it’s going to be a testament to yourself as a Jedi if you wake up on time. To turn it off, all you need do is throw it against the wall. It’s up to you if you add “STFU” or not (letters read out accordingly or as a word, “stuhfuh”) but it’s MORE than kinda fun to do.

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15. Hunt Your Bounty By Waking Up With Boba Fett

Lego Boba Fett Alarm ClockSource:

I personally love seeing Boba crop up on everything from Star Wars plushies to Star Wars alarm clocks. MORE BOBA, you might hear me cry. (As I do often when lying awake at night because I don’t actually  have one of these. LEGO should probably stop making such cool things already. OH BUT WAIT THAT’S THEIR THING. Damn it…!

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16. Luke, Wake Up, I Am Your Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Darth Vader Alarm ClockSource:
…and I am telling you like the song goes, you need to get up before your dead mother comes back to life to literally pull you by the ear down to the table. Or at least that’s something that would’ve happened if Darth hadn’t been such an absentee father that it’s a wonder Luke and Leia didn’t turn out like Ben Solo.

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17. This LEGO Darth Maul Alarm Clock Is CREEPY Awesome

Lego Darth Maul Alarm ClockSource:
Have I mentioned yet that these LEGO Star Wars alarm clocks let you pose the figures like you would actual LEGO figures? Granted, it makes me want these ones even more. These are just things one must put up with if one is to be presented with geeky gifts that are this cool.

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18. Combine All Aspects Of Your Chill Out Time With This Boba Fett Multi-Use Alarm Clock

Boba Fett Lamp and ClockSource:
And by multi-use, I do actually mean it. Along with being an alarm clock, Funko has gone the extra mile again to bring us an alarm clock that also acts as a lamp and a speaker for your MP3 player. Play your favorite tunes from your favorite bounty hunter while you lie in bed, your lamp on, and your alarm set for the day ahead.

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