There’s a Star Wars Comforter For Every Jedi

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May the Force be with you, geeklets. Particularly when it comes to getting to sleep. We’re at the point where fall is approaching and we’re soon gonna have to break out the blankets

As the title suggests, there’s the perfect Star Wars comforter for not only every Jedi but every Wookiee, Ewok, and even overgrown man babies that are somehow in charge of the First Order. (Gee, who could we mean?)

So, check out these cozy comforters and see if there’s one that’s right for you!

1. This Star Wars Comforter Preserves the Spirit of the Trilogy

Star Wars A New Hope ComforterSource:
These days, there are three things you picture when you think of Star Wars. The opening titles with the Star Destroyer flying in from behind the camera, Darth uttering his famous words to Luke, and for a lot of people who grew up before the prequels (lucky), the 1977 poster art for A New Hope. The Force Awakens did well in its tribute to the very first movie, but there was nothing quite like it. One side of this duvet has that legendary image on it, and the other has the Star Wars logo. (Given the size of Darth’s head, I think we also know which overgrown man baby has this one).

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2. What Would Warhol Call a Clone Trooper Piece?

Pop Art Clone Troopers ComforterSource:
I’m just curious. I guess, in the vein of artwork like “Eight Elvises” and “Campbell’s Soup Cans”, it’s likely to be just that: Four Clone Troopers. Regardless of his haphazard way of naming things he made, Warhol is one of the greats and this kind of Warholian design has made its mark on so many different realms of geekery. If there wasn’t a pop art Star Wars comforter, it’d just feel plain wrong.

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3. Is Han in Carbonite or is he in a Blanket?

Han Solo in Carbonite Fleece ThrowSource:
BLANKET. Surprise! The events of The Force Awakens totally DID NOT HAPPEN. They were a lie perpetuated by the Force ghost of Galen Erso since he’s pretty good with the scheming and all of that. Return of the Jedi did happen, but the bounty hunters caught up with Han afterward to remind him that if he lived happily ever after with Leia, their son would be a hateful crybaby who wants to be Darth Vader. So maybe they were looking out for him after all…

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4. This Darth Vader Plush and Fleece Throw is Cute

Darth Vader Plush with Star Wars ComforterSource:
One might even say it brings credence to Anakin’s grandson’s obsession. Not really though. Enough about him. If you want a plush to keep you warm during the cooler months, getting one that also comes with a fleece blanket is a really good idea and a logical sort of one that I haven’t ever thought about until seeing this. You can get other characters with different color blankets like Yoda and Chewie, but there’s also something special about presenting up a Sith Lord to keep you warm at night.

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5. Prepare for a Double Dose of Death Star

Star Wars Death Star ComforterSource:
It makes me sad to see such a cool Star Wars comforter when I let my dog sleep on my bed, so there’s always hair left everywhere. His white hair would show up crazy bad on this one which sucks because I think it’s one of the nicest out there! Think of having this on your bed and a Star Wars alarm clock on your table (as I mentioned in the Star Wars pillow cases article!) Not convinced? Do or do not, young Padawan. There is no try.

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6. This Star Wars Blanket Can Go Over the Back of Your Couch

A Galaxy Far Far Away ThrowSource:
You know how blankets are sometimes necessary, even if it’s really hot outside and you have to have your feet sticking out from under them? That’s when blankets like this come in handy. They’re warm but not too warm, and they’ll look badass on your bed or on your couch. I’m actually picturing it over the back of my armchair as we speak, and it’s making me antsy to get my hands on it, then run around humming the Star Wars theme while using it as a cape.

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7. Gone Troopin’

Storm Troopers DuvetSource:
You either love the light side or the dark side. When the Force Awakens came out, the cinema I went to see it at had different doors for the First Order and the New Republic. Since I couldn’t mix and match and use New Order, I went through the Republic side because I was saving up my dark side points for the Star Wars Identities Exhibition in London. Not a whole lot was different being it was one room and we had assigned seats, but I felt like I’d made the right choice as the Storm Troopers ran around onscreen shooting whoever got in their path. That said, I know there’s a lot of you guys out there who love Storm Troopers and if that’s you, this Star Wars comforter is for you.

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8. Keep Yourself Warm AT-AT Night

AT-AT BlanketSource:
Another thing I learned at the aforementioned Star Wars Identities exhibition was that AT-AT isn’t pronounced like it’s an acronym. It’s pronounced at-at. I give all credit to that face to one of my best friends’ big brother who would absolutely be my Jedi Master if he hadn’t chosen Wookiee and I hadn’t chosen the Emperor, which is a Star Wars flick in itself. This watercolor-style design is a delightful take on what it would look like if the AT-ATs invaded Tatooine.

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9. A Star Wars Blanket For the Cinemaphiles

Cinema Star Wars 77MM BlanketSource:
Imagine seeing your favorite movie as it was originally intended to be viewed. Imagine, on top of that, seeing it at a picture house in the 40’s (go with me here, it’s anachronistic like BioShock) with the name in lights. Why don’t they do that everywhere anymore? I’ve seen it at smaller cinemas and it always manages to make me feel warm inside, but with the growth of IMAX and other various, “Am I about to get hit in the face by a dragon?” ways to see movies, it’s a lost art.

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10. This Star Wars Comforter is Reversible

Reversible Star Wars ComforterSource:
If you wanted, you could keep this cover on your bed for a while and just flip it over here and there. Is that gross? I mean, you can wash it soon after you put it on but reversible at least means you can keep it on for a couple of days longer than you would have! This colorful comforter has all our favorite characters from the first three movies, and the best part is Boba and Darth look like they’re in an ABBA video.

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11. Threepio = the English Charlie Brown?

C3PO and R2-D2 We're Doomed Fleece BlanketSource:
They sure picked the right voice actor in Anthony Daniels to voice the neurotic, campy gold robot who’s at the top of my faves list. If Threepio was to have any other accent, the negativity and worry of his clearly Virgo-borne programming would be more annoying than it is funny. English accents are good for two things: neurosis and bad guys. Star Wars has BOTH covered.

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12. A Constellation of Star Wars Symbols

Star Wars Constellations ComforterSource:
This Star Wars comforter is the ideal companion for my favorite star constellations heat changing mug. I love the stars. It’s a theme to my articles and a theme to the cool products I like to pick out for you guys. I just love the stars, and I love them because if you don’t know any of the constellations, you can make them up yourselves. Who’s to say there aren’t TIE fighters or Darth Vaders up there with Leo and the twins? Nobody! With the stars in the vast expanse of the Galaxy: anything is possible.

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