These Wolverine Action Figures Are Grrr-eat!

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Despite my lifting such a line from Tony the Tiger of Frosties fame, it’s all too fitting for the gurning Wolverine does.

It’s undeniable that Wolverine is a huge attraction for comic book geeks and movie fans alike.

Wolverine is the Regina George of the X-Mansion, might we say. So, of course he was going to be our first foray into the franchise.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: Check out these awesome Wolverine action figures!

1. Logan is a Silver Fox

Old Wolverine FigureSource:
“Silver Wolverine” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Much to my chagrin. The X-Men Legends series brings us a Wolverine action figure that’s got some years added on to the old wild dog. (Are wolverines dogs? I forget). Not only does he look badass or like the guy you’d accurately run into in a bar at midnight when it should be closing but he has blades between his fingers, but he still looks like Wolverine. For all we know, this isn’t even him “old”, this is a result of his alcohol abuse.

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2. This Lady Wolverine Action Figure is Amaze-balls

Lady Wolverine Action FigureSource:
The kids say that these days, right? “Amaze balls”? I didn’t hear it in the new Life is Strange, but Chloe hadn’t heard “hella” until Rachel either. (But that’s a whole other tale for a whole other time and believe me, it’s coming). Gender swaps are one of the finest things in the world of comics, and it’s nice to see that Wolverine action figures don’t let us down with this either. Next step: To have a Marvel movie that’s female-led, just like Wonder Woman.

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3. Do You Think He Knows He’s Leaving Prints?

Wolverine StatueSource:
Like a lot of superheroes that are too big for their britches, it appears this Wolverine statue thinks he’s being stealthy by stooping when he’s really not. If you’re not the Iceman or Emma Frost, methinks you’re gonna have trouble disguising yourself in the snow. Still, let’s give the guy credit for trying. If we don’t, he might lose his temper and impale us, so it’s basically just staying safe!

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4. A Retro Wolverine Figure from 1991

Rare Bendable WolverineSource:
I remember when action figures were like this. Granted, I never had or saw a Wolverine action figure back then, but I did see Power Rangers and WWF (not the charity) wrestlers my friend’s brother had. I can’t say this doesn’t bring back a sense of nostalgia that feels like a mix of yesterday and a thousand years ago, but at least I’m not craving to be back there. If I did, wouldn’t I turn out like Wolverine himself and be super mopey the entire time? Thought so!

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5. The X-Men Last Stand Wolverine Looks A Crazy Amount Like Hugh Jackman

X-Men The Last Stand WolverineSource:

It’s actually tripping me out a little bit and I’m not convinced that a “Honey, I Shrunk the Wolverine” trope didn’t occur at some point. Except it’s Hugh Jackman and has nothing to do with Rick Moranis. It is bizarre. And it is amazing. They’re getting so much better with official toys, and as far as Wolverine action figures go, this one is the true occupant of the Iron Throne.

If you’d like to take it from him, just have a look at these Game of Thrones pop vinyls and pick which you want to use to oust him. It’ll be fun!

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6. This Retro Wolverine Comes With a Change of Costume

Retro Wolverine Action FiguresSource:
He’s a 3-in-1 Wolverine action figure, just like they used to make in the days when likenesses were hard to do and a lot of us were given the toys as hand-me-downs. He’s a little dated because he’s supposed to be. Not sure how many times I’ve mentioned the link between our generation and the level of nostalgia we have but stuff like this is huge in honoring that. Just because we grow up on the outside, doesn’t mean we have to grow up on the in. AMIRITE?

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7. Wolverine is Clawing For Our Attention

Exclusive Wolverine With Claws PopSource:

We loooove us some exclusive Funko pops. Heck, we just love Funko pops in general, and they’re such a phenomenon that we know there’s no way we’re alone. It’s so much fun to find an exclusive when shopping or online, especially if it’s not one you can get in your country without paying extraordinary shipping fees. Hot Topic always release great figures and this one is no exception. Between this, bloody Carol Peletier and the crystal ball Jareth, I might actually sell my first born to them in exchange for shares.

Just kidding, I’m never having any born.

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8. May the X-Force Be With You

X-Force WolverineSource:

What do you get when you put Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Nightcrawler in a room together? You get X-Force, who could take the Avengers down purely with wit. The only person missing from their roster, I’d say, is Jessica Jones, mostly because her barbs faced off against Deadpool’s fourth wall make for some amazing times.

Deadpool fans, come get your Deadpool shoes and your Deadpool phone cases! And no, he’s paying us nothing to say that.

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9. Lego See Wolverine Battle Magneto

Lego Wolverine and MagnetoSource:
Lego’s mighty macro superheroes are so much fun. As well as being great toys, Lego can be kept on your desk or just around the house to play around with at will. I mean. There’s a reason it’s such a big deal and had stuck around so long. And it ain’t kids who do the buying

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10. I’d Also Sell My (Imaginary) First Born for This…

Square Enix Wolverine Action FigureSource:
Damn Square Enix. Damn Play Arts Kai. Is there anything that Square Enix has had a hand in that isn’t off-the-wall yet also low-key brilliant? I’ll give you a moment to think about that. I’ve given myself several and I’m still coming up short. If you haven’t seen all the stuff Play Arts Kai does, have a look at these Wonder Woman action figures and these Predator action figures and prepare to be stunned by their accuracy. This Wolverine action figure is just everything.

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11. Kinda Reminds Me of Spidey Here

ArtFX Wolverine Action FigureSource:
Which of the two would be most offended if I said that to their face? Who knows. Which would be the more dangerous of the two if I, again, said that to their face? Wolverine, yeah, so let’s not. As much as I want to. This figure has him in his Marvel Now/All New X-Men costume, which sets him a bit apart from the other Wolverine action figures in the list. Art FX (who did this one) are generally amazing as well, and you can see more of their stuff in the links above!

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12. Dark Wolverine and Arm-im Zola…

Dark Universe Wolverine Action FigureSource:
Err, Arnim Zola, a super villain you can construct by collecting the Return of the Marvel Legends action figures. If you don’t want to do that, it’s cool too. Just pose Wolverine with the arm and make yourself laugh. I mean, how is Arnim Zola gonna take over the world and destroy mankind if he’s literally only an arm? Sorry Wolvie, I think we’ve got this one covered already.

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