It’s Time For Some Bat-ass Batman Watches

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Funny observation: Why do we still ask other people the time when we’re holding our phones?

Yeah, our smartphones have clocks and calendars, but it’s rare we remember they do function as those unless we’re asked. Having a watch on your wrist is always handy. (Heh. Get it?)

When your watch is one of these awesome Batman watches?

Well, then you’re ready to protect Gotham!

1. Batman Watches That Could be Worn By Batman Himself

Analog Batman WatchSource:
Indeed, Bruce Wa– er, I mean Batman, posed in this super cool timepiece. This ad will appear in the Gotham Gazette and the Gotham Globe around Christmas. (The inheritance from his murdered parents only goes so far in supplementing his expensive bat-themed machinery habit). You can’t really get a classier watch than a black and white one. Luckily for us — thanks, Batman — a lot of the nicest Batman watches we found fit the monochromatic theme.

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2. Be a Bombshell in This Batgirl Watch

DC's Bombshells Batgirl WatchSource:
At DGHQ, particularly myself, we love DC’s Bombshells. We love their style, their story, and their camaraderie. There’s something about honoring the wartime lady heroes from both sides of the Atlantic, and making them the superheroes they are was literally the best idea a comic book artist could have had. There have been lots of our favorite heroes transformed into WWII counterparts, and we’re not talking canon Steve Rogers/Agent Carter either. I fully recommend The Art of DC Comics Bombshells for all your Bombshells needs.

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3. Batman is the Face of His Watch Collection

Comic Batman WatchSource:
Back to the orphaned caped crusader, this Batman watch offers up hints of yellow for an extra splash of color to your daily outfit. Phone cases mean you can accessorize with your smartphone, sure, and all of us, these days, have permanent access to our phones. But why have just a phone or just a watch? These Batman watches should show any fan how great watches are, not just for telling the time, but as an extra asset to your outfit! There’s no losing!

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4. You’re Surely Jesting With Your Harley Quinn Watch

Harley Quinn WatchSource:
Featuring Harley Quinn’s signature red and black diamond pattern, this watch is for all of us wild little psychos out there who just have a little too much fondness for the wrong kind of person. Don’t worry, kids. As far as obsessions go, it doesn’t get worse than The Joker. This watch is so “Harley” that it wouldn’t surprise me if I saw her wearing it herself. What do you think? Should we let her know about it or just buy them all up ourselves?

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5. LEGO Batman Has Taken Over the World

Lego Batman WatchesSource:
It’s time for us to get in on that, too. What better way than with these funny LEGO Batman watches that will make any geeky or kid’s party a /blast/? Choose your favorite Batman character! Each watch — Robin, Batgirl, The Joker, and Batman — comes in their signature colors. The fact is a little picture of them and the BEST PART OF THEM IS… they have the LEGO characters as the clasps too. Brilliant. A+! Can I fit all four on my wrist?

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6. This Arkham City Watch is Quite Sporty

Arkham City WatchSource:
Fitting to wear as Batman in the game, really. Its material strap and large numbers make me think this would be ideal to wear for casual outings. Camping, hiking; running, attempting to infiltrate the Batcave from an underground labyrinth of sewers. You know, regular, everyday things! Jokes aside, I like the design of the watch face a lot, and it looks insanely comfy to wear. As a part-time Snorlax, say no more, I’m sold.

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7. …and This One is Perfect For Smarter Occasions

Mesh Batman WatchSource:
Work, school; weddings, the next funeral all of Gotham attends because Batman failed to do what he was supposed to do and now he’s being Spider-Man 3 emo about it. He just wants to be left alone in his midnight black Batsuit to listen to My Chemical Romance and Evanescence, okay? Look, nobody said Batman was hip to new music. I mean, he’s Batman.

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8. Bruce Wayne Doesn’t Do Anything That Isn’t Classy

Classic Batman WatchSource:

I love the brushed metal face on this Batman watch, so much I could marry it if they made object-romance into a thing (if it’s not already? I’m behind on this). Note that down somewhere in case I forget. This would look amazing with a fully black suit, head-to-toe. Picture Don Draper of the 21st Century. He doesn’t own an iPhone because he is a simple man who idolizes Humphrey Bogart. You ask him the time… He rolls up his sleeve… You fall in love with his Batman watch.

It could be a rom-com blockbuster.

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9. The Watch in the Red Hood

Red Hood WatchSource:
Red Hood’s arc reminds me a little of The Crow. Warrior of justice is killed mercilessly at the hands of a psychopath who doesn’t think twice, then gets resurrected but something inside of him has been altered forever. (Probably due to the decomposition that occurs naturally after death, I’d imagine). He starts off as a vigilante who goes after the bad guys the way he did before but then that leads him to trouble, and this Red Hood watch is so babely it makes me want to learn even more about him.

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10. The 75th Anniversary Collection of Batman Watches

75th Anniversary Batman Watches SetSource:

I get it. Why, under any other circumstances, would you need an entire box of Batman watches? I gt it, I do, but this collection isn’t just for anything. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the story of Batman, him even existing in popular culture, you need to do something big and these unique, limited edition watches would look just as good in your collectibles cabinet as they would on your wrist.

Alternatively, if you’re extra like me, you can wear them all at once. Live a little! Set them to different time zones!

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11. This Watch is a Little Batty

Batman WristwatchSource:
Literally. geeklets, there are bats everywhere. Batman sure is facing his fear head-on. You wouldn’t find me trapped inside a watch with a bunch of moths and/or dragonflies. No, ma’am. (They’re pretty but scary, okay). Jazz up your every outfit with the Batman watch of your dreams. It’s got a rubber wristband for comfort and glass to protect it from smashing when you try to fly. What more could you need?

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