Sail Away in These One Piece Shirts

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It’s a Pirate’s life for One Piece protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, and to him, a pirate’s life is one of freedom.

I like that sort of pirate: your Captain Hook and your Jack Sparrow. Funny and a little fictional, but so much fun.

DGHQ haven’t forgotten about our anime and manga geeks. We’ve recently featured products like these Death Note shirts and Naruto phone cases, and now we’re following them up with some awesome One Piece shirts!

1. Don’t Mess With Baby Straw Hat

Luffy Long Sleeve T-ShirtSource:
He’s not afraid to tell you how he really feels, which is an admirable trait to have for any (hopeful) future Pirate King. Answer to no one, have no expectations put upon you, that’s the way to be a pirate and to live your regular life (within reason). This One Piece shirt is an adorable testament to one of the best anti-but-not-heroes out there across every realm of geekiness. We could all be a little Luffier.

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2. Wear Trafalgar Law’s Jolly Roger With Honor

Trafalgar Law Replica TeeSource:

Captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law is one of the most notorious members of the Worst Generation. He’s also one of the most chilled out people you will ever meet. More so, even, than Snorlax. Okay, maybe almost as much as Snorlax. He’s an easy going, carefree individual who would sooner send a legion of decapitated heads than involve himself in any kind of fight. Know someone like that? This is the One Piece shirt for them!

Snorlax identifiers, boy do we have the Pokemon shirt for you…

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3. Gomu Gomu no Mi is Perfect For Pilates

Gomu Gomu Gym Tank TopSource:
The fruit essentially helps turn you to rubber, making stretching super easy and I’d say more about it but, in the crab position, the blood is rushing to my head faster than a Coldplay album. With the Gomu Gomu gym, you can impress your friends and pirate enemies with how stretchy your skin can become in the face of adversity or boredom. When the archipelago gets too much, head to Gomu Gomu gym. All it costs is the price of one of these One Piece shirts.

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4. The Worst Generation Of Them All

The Worst Generation TeeSource:
How cool would that look on your resume? Way better than being a Millennial, something that the majority of us are and like to pretend we’re not. Trafalgar and Luffy have this over us but at least we get to read along with or watch their adventures with popcorn, chips, and a keen sense of longing to sail ships. (How good was that rhyme?) With this One Piece shirt, you can now be part of their generation instead of your own. I can’t think of anything more badass than that.

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5. Train in One of These Gym One Piece Shirts And Win

Training One Piece ShirtSource:
Shanks could give Trafalgar Law a run for his money in the laid back department. I’m curious to see which one of them would out-cool the other. There’s nobody who cares less than Shanks, but weirdly because he doesn’t care what happens to him, that makes him a valuable leader for the Red-Haired crew. Ussop, on the other hand… I mean, if you can’t beat Shanks, you might as well go for the person who’ll score you a guaranteed victory.

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6. Donquixote Doflamingo Has An Offer You Can’t Refuse

One Piece ShirtSource:
I like to call Donquixote Doflamingo and his pink feathers, “Captain FABULOUS”. This shirt is a mash up of His Truly and of the Godfather. In place of Don Corleone, we have Donquixote, and the only difference between them aside from the fact that Brando wouldn’t look as good in feather boas or wings is that there’s no cannoli.

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7. Every Pirate Gang You Could Possibly Want

One Piece Crew TeeSource:
Why stop at just one fave when you can have all of them at once? The great thing about just wearing One Piece shirts is that by wearing one, you’re not purely allowed to wear just the one like you were if you were a pirate. Kinda makes sitting at home reading comics and play video games sound even more enticing than sailing the seas and having to make a choice, huh? With this one, you’ve got ALL the crew.

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8. Whitebeard or Whitestache?

Whitebeard T-ShirtSource:
There’s a difference. Stache just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘beard’ does, not for The Strongest Man in the World. Edward Newgate was a famed buccaneer that has the kind of life under his belt that Luffy and co. all wish they could have. What he had that a lot of pirates don’t, was his loyalty and his morality. Whitebeard swore by a code of his own against the usual pirates one, and for that, you can’t help but love him. Honor his memory with this Whitebeard One Piece shirt.

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9. Wanna Know How to Build Your Own Battle Franky?

BF-38 Blueprint T-ShirtSource:
Look no further than the awesome blueprints supplied on this One Piece shirt. Battle Frankies are the cutting edge battleships created by, well, Frankie. As seen in Star Wars: Rogue One and A New Hope, blueprints have power and having one to wear that will help you construct a battleship for the water you… clearly are beside and ship you know how to steer… Okay, but we can learn!

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10. Luffy Jean is Not Anyone’s Lover

Straw Hat One Piece ShirtSource:
He’s just a pirate that sails the seven seas. No kids are his son because he’s too busy being hella-awesome and on his way to being the pirate king to succumb to any succubi. This One Piece shirt has the makings of a Michael Jackson album cover (if you didn’t get my line of thought, I’ll spell it out instead). All I want now is to see Luffy moonwalk, though. Do you think he’ll be up for trying?

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11. Gamble on the Devil’s Fruit Machine

Slot Machine ShirtSource:

You can’t lose if you know how to cheat and given we’re all pirates here in this One Piece world of barnacles and “Arrrr”s, I’m pretty sure we’ve all got this. Throw your doubloons onto this here One Piece shirt and see whether you win or lose, or even if it helps you get closer to the One Piece we’re all so desperately after.

If you don’t want to? Doesn’t matter, it’s just a really great shirt.

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12. Ships About to Go Down!

About to Go Down One Piece ShirtSource:
Oh, you didn’t say ship, did you One Piece shirt? Well, you could have and that right there was a missed pun that you should be shunned for, the way the horses in the Charlie the unicorn videos do it. BUT you didn’t. And it’s fine, I guess because this is still a pretty awesome shirt I’d be wearing right now if I wasn’t so cold I’m in Galaxy hoodies territory already. Brr. Where did summer go? Make it come back…

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