These Supernatural Pop Vinyl Figures Are Funko-in’ Awesome!

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When Supernatural released its pilot episode a couple of months before it started to air, it was as though the TV Gods had combined everything I loved and put it into a show.

Folklore, myths, and legends are a HUGE part of geek culture, and con-favorite Supernatural is a show that checks all the boxes.

Come check out some of the coolest, exclusive Supernatural pop vinyl figures out there that you can get online!

1. The Mark of Cain Exclusive Dean is Pretty (and) Intimidating

Exclusive Supernatural Dean Mark of Cane PopSource:
Dean, if we have to get into a heated, slightly political-tinted debate about it, is the more popular Winchester. THERE, I said it. It’s out on the table. I am a Dean girl and likely wrong. Dean Winchester didn’t need to have the very first curse thrust upon him to make him cool. Guy brought AC/DC’s Back in Black to a whole new generation, looks great in leather, and he’s not whiny. When Cain passed the Mark onto him, we saw another side of Dean. A murderous one that I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed as much as I did. This Supernatural pop vinyl is a convention exclusive, and he has the First Blade too!

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2. Every Time a Bell Rings…

Funko POP! Exlusive Castiel With Wings Vinyl FigureSource:
Castiel shows up and the Internet (okay, even those of us not into the fandom side) loses its collective mind. I’m a sucker for some theology mixed up into my folklore. While I hadn’t anticipated Supernatural going in the direction it did, I can’t help but be thankful and cite that as a reason as to why the show has been around so long. If Dean isn’t a favorite, Castiel probably is. Our favorite angel has a few exclusive Pops out there in the Supernatural pop vinyl world, but this one with wings was one of our favorites.

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3.  Bobby Singer: Demon Hunter, Paranoid

Funko's Singer Supernatural POP Vinyl FigureSource:
Bobby kept the brothers company for the longest time. Way longer than their actual dad ever did/could. Their connection might have started because of John (trippy when you think the same guy who played him is now Negan in the Walking Dead, right? There’s The Walking Dead Negan Funko pop too, you could easily pretend Daddy Winchester plays baseball…?) but it continued out of loyalty, trust, and heck, love. Bobby became Sam and Dean’s pseudo father at a time when they needed one and he proved invaluable to every member of the Winchester Family. Whenever you’re sad, just remember there’s another Bobby out there somewhere.

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4. The Truth is Out There, and the Truth is Sam

Funko Supernatural Pop Vinyl Exclusive FBI Sam WinchesterSource:
If you’re feeling like you have a liver made of steel and want to extend a Supernatural drinking game into one that spans across the entire series, doing a shot every time the Winchesters pose as FBI agents might actually shut your body down. Supernatural is such a good show that it’s incredibly watchable when sober, never fear! I lost count at how many times they masked themselves as the sibling Mulder and Scully in season 4, so it only makes sense there are the mega exclusive FBI pop vinyls. They might as well stay in suits at this point.

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5. Mystery Minis: Supernatural Pop Vinyl Style – Which One Will You Get?

Funko Supernatural Pop Vinyl Mystery MinisSource:
One, two, I don’t know, eight? What happens when you get two the same? Is there a way to trade like the good old days when Pokemon came as cards rather than graphics? Or Pogs. REMEMBER POGS? Being among the most collectible things on the planet, Funko didn’t just create their mystery minis to release something else, they’ve made them with love. And Scarecrow needs to be mine.

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6. Crowley, You’ve Got Red On You

Blood Spattered Crowley Supernatural Exclusive METALLIC PopSource:
Aside from blood-splattered pops looking like that exact scene from Shaun of the Dead, there’s something about them that makes me want them all. Could it be the macabre nature of my interests? Could it be the fact he’s holding a whiskey, looking unphased? The 2000s were the decade of the anti-hero, and Crowley fits right in with Don Draper, Tony Soprano, and Walter White. Though I gotta say, he might even be both nicer and more evil. I believe we call that an oxymoron.

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7. Hubble Bubble, Double Trouble, Get Two Winchesters for One

Combo Sam and Dean Winchester Supernatural Pop VinylsSource:
How much time would that have saved Azazel? Put these Supernatural pop vinyls next to each other and you can almost hear Dean’s quips about Sam whining. You know he’s got a little vinyl mixtape in his little vinyl jean pocket, and you know Sam’s still carrying around five photographs of Jess because that’s how these things work. Either keep both for your own pop collection or share them with your sibling or the person you tune into Supernatural with every week.

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8. Sam Just Got a Little Interesting… and Shiny

Supernatural Exclusive Metallic Bloody Sam Funko POPSource:
This metallic, blood splattered Sam pop figure kind of makes me take him being a hunter more seriously than seeing him on the actual show does. (I know, even now. Sorry Sam). I will also say that we should never ever underestimate Sam Winchester’s ability to keep his hair looking presentable though. He could be close to death — has been close to death — and he’d still look like he walked right out of the shower in a shampoo commercial.

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9. This Supernatural Pop Vinyl is of Castiel and ONLY Castiel

Leviathan Castiel Exclusive Supernatural Pop VinylSource:
It is! It’s nobody else inside of Castiel! Don’t be silly! What, what! Stop looking at me with that accusatory skim! In all seriousness (as serious as we like to get here at Discover Geek, we are geeks) this Leviathan Castiel Hot Topic exclusive almost blows even the Castiel pop with wings out of Heaven. His pouring blood even makes him look as though he could be Spider-Man in Spider-Man 3. You know, when he went all emo. BUT COOLER. So much cooler.

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10. Special Agent Totally Not Dean Winchester, FBI

Exclusive Supernatural FBI Dean Winchester Funko POP!Source:
There’s no fake FBI agent without his other fake FBI agent partner, is there? As well as the anti-heroes, token English bad guys and folklore, the FBI is another trope that tends to be linked to our great big, beautiful world of geekery. Name one fabulous TV show or movie that isn’t based in Westeros where there’s no FBI. I’ll be waiting. And to be honest, Dean would make a great member of the bureau. His hair is as perfect as his brother’s!

Get the Exclusive Supernatural FBI Dean Winchester Funko POP! on

11. This Crowley Pop Has Taken the Red Eye to Hell

Supernatural Pop Vinyl Limited Edition Red Eyes CrowleySource:
In Supernatural Lore, all crossroads demons have red eyes. As self-proclaimed King of all of them, Crowley was bound to have them too. I think of all the demons in Supernatural, the crossroads ones would be the handiest to have around. What’s a soul when you don’t believe in the afterlife? What would you bargain your soul for? At the minute, I’d go for a Star Wars pillow case.

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12. Dean Was Clearly Going to End This Covered in Blood

Blood Spatter Dean Exclusive Supernatural Funko PopSource:

As is the natural way of a Supernatural episode. If we look at this as being kind of a short episode, say as a bonus feature on Blu-ray, DVD or Facebook, I think we’ve condensed everything that’s good about Supernatural and shown you some of the best of what Funko has to offer. In Funko pop, Dean is metallic, blood-soaked, and ready to party. If by party we mean ready to hurt someone and listen to some Motorhead. Oh, we were? EXCELLENT.

Man, and people wonder why Dean is my #1.

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