These Batman Toys Will Make Your Life SO Much Funner

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The number of types of geeks who don’t mind admitting to being geeky these days is massive. You can be a Star Wars geek, a Marvel geek, a space geek… any kind of geek.

(Psst, we have cool stuff for every one of them and more. For Star Wars, there are Star Wars must-haves; Marvel, Deadpool gifts; space… where do I start? I mean, where do I start? With galaxy hoodies or astronomy gifts?)

There’s also the Batman geek, and what kind of geek site would we be if we didn’t mention the man who is also a bat? NO KIND is the answer. Here are some amazingly neat Batman toys for kids of all ages. (Even 32!)

1. Look Like Batman, Think Like Batman, Speak Like Batman

Batman Voice Changing Helmet Justice League MerchandiseSource: Target

Times have changed since the Home Alone voice changer my cousin had back in the Christmas of ‘92. These days, if you go into a toy shop, there are all kinds of geeky, fun masks of all kinds of characters. The best thing being, they actually make sounds. There are Darth Vader masks that do his breathing and lower your voice, and then there’s stuff like this Batman mask that will change your voice to a pitch only slightly above Christian Bale’s. Batman toys are really picking up in awesomeness if this is anything to go by. (Spoiler: It is).

Get the voice changing Justice League Batman helmet on

2. These Bendable Batman Action Figures Take Us Back In Time

Classic Batman TV Serious Bendable Batman Action FiguresSource: Amazon

Not sure if it was in the Batman leggings article or the Batman cookie jars one, but I remember, at some point, reflecting on watching the old Adam West Batman TV series when I was a kid. It was so cheesy, even in the 90s, but in a way, it fit the theme of Batman. Batman was supposed to be cheesy and the Burton films of the 80s stayed true to that, while also bringing a whole other style on board. We were so lucky. These Batman toys are old school action figures for the old school Batman fans, and I could not love them more unless Catwoman was Eartha Kitt.

Get these bendable classic Batman action figures on

3. So, This is the Guy That’s Protecting Gotham…? But He’s So… Cute

Nendoroid Batman Collectible FigureSource: Target

You can’t be the dark knight if you’re cute. Or so a lot of the superheroes out there would have you believe (sans Deadpool, he knows he’s not cute and thinks so anyway - my hero). Maybe you can. Maybe you can be cute, poor, and nice, and still be a superhero. Batman isn’t poor and he might save the city a lot but I wouldn’t use the word “nice”, specifically, but in this collectible Batman figure, he is cute. One out of three isn’t bad when your all of your villains are busy posing for their Suicide Squad action figures.

Get this adorable Nendoroid Batman figure on

4. LEGO Batman Toys Are Honestly Everything a Kid (or Grown Up) Could Wish For

LEGO Batman Movie Catwoman Catcycle PlaysetSource: Target

Let me tell you, thanks to the LEGO Batman Movie, there are so many cool playsets to collect now. Most of them are even focussed on the bad guys and come equipped with the good guys to fight them as opposed to the other way around for once. Are you as thankful as I am for that? You will be when you see this and the other two geeky LEGO playsets we’ve included. (Because seriously, there were so many I liked, I could have written an entire article dedicated to LEGO Batman exclusively).

Don’t worry, I won’t unless you want me to.

Get the LEGO Catwoman and Catcycle set on

5. All You Wanna Do is Play Poker With Your Squad and BATMAN Crashes, God

Batman Game PokerSource: Think Geek

Did anybody invite this guy? Harvey?? Penguin?? No? Why is it that Batman can play cards with the bad guys but he goes out of his way to lock them up in Arkham. And then gets all the praise. Pff. This Batman game combines Poker and Clue for a night (or day) of fun, the only time gambling can be okay. Among friends. It looks really fun, actually, to the point where even non-geeks might enjoy it. (I also just love the fact that, in essence, Batman is committing a crime here). Lock him away.

Get the Almost Got 'im Batman game on

6. Inspired By Paddington, Malone Wants to Be a Superhero

Batman Stuffed Bear TeddySource: Amazon

Nobody can blame him, and Paddington really didn’t need a second movie. All I remember about him is that he wore wellington boots and (understandably, I might add) loved marmalade. Gund bears and plushies are adorable to the level above the nth degree. They’re so unique and different in their characters that their DC line has each of their characters as different comic book ones. Malone was the perfect fit to be Batman. Timeless and looks great in blue. You don’t hear those things together often.

Get the Batman Malone stuffed bear on

7. Project the Bat Signal So Batman Can Come Do Your Homework

Batman Projection PenSource: Superhero Stuff

Man, school would have been so much easier with Bruce Wayne doing my homework. He's rich as crap, so it's not even like he'd charge more. He can just show up and when he asks where the crime is, all I'll do is say "math" and slam a textbook down on the table. He can't have the rumor getting out that he's an asshole now, can he? That would be a Joker-led state! No one would forgive him. They're still getting over The Dark Knight Rises! This is one Batman toy that would make an excellent stocking-filler.

Get the Batman projector pen on

8. Lego Catch The Penguin, Batman!

LEGO Batman Movie Penguin PlaysetSource: Target

So, Danny DeVito's Penguin in one of the older films might be one of the creepiest (and therefore best) Batman movie villains of all time. To see him in LEGO form makes my heart (that's in the shape of the heart pieces you collect in Undertale, obviously) beat roar. I told you there were some cool Batman LEGO sets, didn't I? I didn't lie, I never lie, and this Batman toys list has only three in it out of DOZENS. But this one has Penguin and the next... you'll see... (But speaking of Undertale, have a peek at these Undertale shirts).

Get the LEGO Penguin and Arctic Roller playset on

9. Carry a Batarang Wherever You Go (But it’s No Substitute For Pepper Spray)

Oversized Foam BatarangSource: Think Geek

Oh, and it's also gonna be crazy hard to find a bag to carry it around. It's HUGE. It's also foam so you won't get hurt, but someone with a foam allergy totally will. I like to think there are a few supervillains out there with one of those. For Superman, it's Kryptonite. For, I don't know, Foam Man, it's foam. This is something I would have been crazy about when I was younger (she says, adding it to her shopping cart). I mean, it's almost as cool as a lightsaber.

Get the throwable foam Batarang on

10. Get Those Nieces and Nephews Started on Superheroes Early

Fisher Price Batman and BatmobileSource: Amazon

I plan to. Ever since my pseudo niece was born, I've longed for the day when I'll be able to take her to toy shops so we can play around with the toys. Knowing her the way I do already, she probably won't want anything to do with them, even if she has got the coolest baby Princess Leia shirt ever. At least I'll have fun, right? Make sure they like or at least tolerate superheroes and a great way to do anything is with Fisher-Price.

Get the DC Super Friends Batman and Batmobile on

11. The Joker is Notorious For His Excellent Taste

LEGO Batman Movie Joker Harley Quinn BatgirlSource: Amazon

IT'S THE JOKER. And (naturally) Harley. But Batgirl, too, so let's pretend the Joker is crashing a girly hangout sesh that involves torturing Batman and calling Superman dumb. Which... sounds like great fun to me, and I wouldn't mind riding around in the Notorious Lowrider either. If you like all the Batman LEGO sets and don't know which to get for the Batfan in your life, my non-spidey senses tell me this would be the Neo. (The One!)

Get the LEGO Notorious Lowrider playset on

12. Don’t Forget to Get a Batman Action Figure to Fight the Others

Justice League Tactical Batman Action FigureSource: Target

By the others, I mean one of the countless cool action figures we've featured on Discover Geek. OR, perhaps, one we haven't yet gotten to. Still, there are a lot to choose from whether you wanna mix up universes and companies or just stick to one. There are Green Arrow action figures and Star Wars action figures; Venom action figures and Pokemon action figures. There are even Predator action figures. Clearly, you need a Batman one to fight with or against any one of them and clearly, this Justice League Batman is it.

Get the Justice League tactical Batman action figure on

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