9 Undertale Shirts for the Overworld

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Undertale is different to a lot of games in its genre for a few reasons. One — arguably its most defining — is that you don’t actually have to kill anyone.

It’s a game for shady pacifists (raising my hand on a good day) who have a better time being nice to people than they do killing them. To defeat your “enemies” in this game, you’ve gotta have a sharp wit. Not a blade.

Because of this, we’ve collected a few fabulous little Undertale shirts for you. (I keep going to call it Undertow, I blame the vigors on these BioShock shirts). ‘Cause, you know, Call of Duty sometimes gets boring and we all like a happy ending!

1. This Undertale Shirt Loves You

Undertale ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Featuring every single character you come across in the video game, this T-shirt stands as a means of professing one’s love. If Undertale is the hippie-chic Woodstock of the platform gaming world, then an Undertale shirt that’s got flowers and bright colors, in the shape of the heart, is a fitting design for it to have. How many of the characters will you be able to name after you’ve completed the game? (Which is on Steam now, what are you waiting for??)

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2. How Much Are Those Doggies in the Window?

Undertale Dogs ShirtSource: teepublic.com
The ones featured in Undertale! The majority of the dogs in the Undertale world are members of the Royal Guard. Your relationship with them can all depend on the choices you’ve made during your playthrough, as tends to be the case. At least if you’re wearing them on your shirt, you can pet and stroke them without the fear of a few drinks and a game of poker turning into your untimely demise. Full house!

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3. This Frisk and Chara Shirt Really Showcases Their Similarities

Frisk and Chara ShirtSource: teepublic.com
When you first find yourself in the Underworld as Frisk, there’s mention of the First Human who turns out to be another human that looks… well, a whole lot like Frisk. There’s not much I can say about these two without having to scream spoiler alert and throw a bag over your monitor, so we’re just gonna have to say how awesome and telling this Undertale shirt is, and let you go from there…

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4. An All Over Undertale Print with All Your Friends On It

Undertale All-Over Print ShirtSource: rageon.com

You can make so many friends in this video games. As the trailer even says, these friends are strange and different; they’re unusual and some wear hotpants. The design on this t-shirt actually reminds me of the closing scene of the movie Labyrinth. Once you finish the game, you might be left with a similar response to the one Sarah gave where you’ll miss all of your friends, but they’ll always be there, just like these guys.

Should you need them.

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5. An Undertale Shirt Sans all the Frills

Undertale Sans ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Sans is one of the first characters you’ll meet in the game. He’s a skeleton that, unlike his buff brother Papyrus, isn’t interested in capturing a human. Sans actually loves nothing more than sleeping, doing as little as possible, and a variety of other relatable things that involve sitting or lying down. Sound like anyone you know, young geeklet? (Don’t look at me, I meant you! …and me).

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6. This Papyrus Shirt, on the Other Hand, Has a LOT

Undertale Papyrus ShirtSource: teepublic.com
We did just mention (the Great) Papyrus, and it’s kind of telling that as soon as we do, he crops up to steal Sans’s spotlight. With his oddly shaped body that would clearly have an 8 pack and massive guns if he had any muscle or flesh at all, Papyrus treads the fine metrosexual line between campiness and charisma. And you have to love him for both of those things. That said, he does still want to capture you to join the Royal Guard, so treat him right.

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7. The Undertale Class Yearbook Picture

Undertale Group ShirtSource: teepublic.com
You can, however, wear it if you prefer that to hanging up on your wall, as is demonstrated in this Undertale shirt that it’s actually printed directly onto. I feel like just by looking at this image, you can see the different personalities to every one of the characters, and if you ask Life magazine’s list of best photographs of the last 50 years, a single expression can really make a photo. The uh, same thing goes for drawings, right?

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8. Sweet Valley Undertale, Now on the CW

Undertale Cartoon Style ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Sandwiched between Arrow and Supergirl, if you can believe it. If you can’t, not to worry, there’s not actually an Undertale cartoon. As far as I know. YET. How good would it be? This design just got me a little too carried away because I can see it now, playing directly in front of my eyes. It could be as popular as the Simpsons while being as truthful as South Park and stupid as American Dad. Maybe it’d be the next Bojack! Rick and Morty! Powerpuff Gi- no? Whatever it turned out like, it would turn out awesome.

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9. Frisk and Flowey Kickstart the Game and this T-Shirt

Frisk and Flowey ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Seeing it will take anybody that’s played the game right back to the beginning. Frisk and Flowey together has the same effect as Navi waking up Link in the Ocarina of Time or Max being lectured by Jefferson in Life is Strange. Great games have memorable beginnings and memorable combos, and this Undertale shirt has them both, right there as a nice image. Just before [SPOILER] and then [SPOILER] and also [SPOILER]!! Wanna play (again) now?

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