10 Badass Green Arrow Action Figures For Your Collection

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The Green Arrow was arguably one of the front-runners of the newly fangled superhero TV series’. The DC crusader was brought to life on screen, first in Smallville in 2007 and again, more notably, in CW’s Arrow.

He’s the DC universe’s own Robin Hood or Tony Stark, fighting crime and for retribution with his bow and arrows, the way it should be fought. With talent.

Though we may not be as numerous as Batman fans or Superman fans, there are a few of us who, even without the TV show, would be fans of Ollie Queen. There are some amazing Green Arrow action figures out there, and because it’s what we do, we’re prepped to share them with you.

1. Like this Green Arrow Action Figure: He Comes Equipped with as Many Hands as Arrows

Green Arrow FigureSource: Amazon.com
It’s packaged up especially for collectors, making the figure fully visible and displayable, without having to take him out of the box. Not that you need to leave him in there. Even superheroes need a chance to break out of the norms to be who they are, and the Green Arrow is no exception. He looks awesome whether he’s in our out, which is more than a lot of people can say — am I right, everyone locked up in Arkham? Thought so. — and his multiple hands and arrows make it so that you can change him up as much as you like to pose him for photos or just… make it look like he’s turned on his Justice League counterparts for fun. He’d never do that really, that’s why Green Arrow action figures are so cool.

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2. Shoot for the Moon, You’ve Got a Brand New Q-Figure Green Arrow

Q-Figure Green ArrowSource: entertainmentearth.com
The cute, cartoon style action figures are some of our favorites. We’ve covered some different ones before in our Deadpool action figures and Wonder Woman action figures articles, and the fact of the matter is, it still stands because it is our greatest truth. Q-Figures are great little collectibles to stand in your collection. Different to conventional action figures in a lot of ways, they’re much more like Funko POP! vinyls than they are ones to play with. This one has the Green Arrow’s character down pat, which is good for us but… bad for anybody that might want to mess with us.

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3. This Green Arrow Action Figure is Almost TOO Realistic

Realistic Green Arrow Action FigureSource: Amazon.com
He could even step out of the screen while you’re looking at him if you’re not careful. Or if you’re smart enough to buy him (he is a freakin’ cool figure), he’ll step off of your shelf instead. This Green Arrow action figure is based on the character from the CW series, though you don’t really need me to tell you that since a miniature Stephen Amell will literally be staring right through you every time you look at him. He also comes with a couple of different arms. You know, just in case you’re afraid he has too much control of your bedroom.

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4. Getyo Retro Green Arrow and Never Look Back

Retro Green ArrowSource: Amazon.com
Just into the past, from which this figure from DC’s Greatest Heroes collection comes right off of the page of. At a push, if you wanted, you could even use him as the main character from the Princess Bride. I remember these figures from hand-me-downs when I was younger. The retro 70’s style is the style of action figure that sticks with me whenever I hear or see the words “action figure”. They remind me of my cousin’s basket full of action figures. Star Wars ones, Batman ones; all of them with the same signature MEGO style as this Green Arrow action figure. It brings a great sense of nostalgia and is amazing for pretty much ANY DC collection.

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5. Green Arrow has Been X-Rayed, and You Can Own the Result

X-Ray Green ArrowSource: entertainmentearth.com
The XXRay action figure series tickles my Halloween-loving sensibilities while stroking the ego of my much neglected (due to heat) skeleton sweater, and I am so in love with this Green Arrow one that I’m tempted to write myself into the comic to skin half of him, just so he’ll look this cool forever. IS THAT SO WRONG? IS THAT AT ALL TWOFACE OF ME TO DO? Just let me live, look how cool he is! And give me a second, I have to go and ogle every single XXRay vinyl figure that’s available. I’ll see you in number 6…

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6. The Green Arrow Makes Our Hearts All Aquiver

Green Arrow StatueSource: Amazon.com
Do you ever wonder how he gets his arrows green? Like, has there ever been a time when his supplier has said there’s no green dye available and so he’s going to have to just deal with regular brown ones? If he has a fit over it, that’s his problem, not ours. Gentle Giant Studios have crafted a beautiful, limited edition Green Arrow action figure. Oliver Queen himself would be pleased as punch with it, especially if he is a stickler for color because this shade of green is so close to perfection — if perfection was a color — that Deadpool might be changing the color of his suit sometimes soon…

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7. Face It, the Green Arrow is, as the Kids Say, Bae

Green Arrow FigureSource: entertainmentearth.com
The New 52 Green Arrow action figure’s hair qualifies for mass envy. His tousled locks make me want to revisit the XXRay figure to once again lust after making that a reality. An action figure shouldn’t be this pretty, even if the emerald archer himself is. Do you think he has a mirror in the back of his bow? How about on the feathers of his arrows? What if the green of said arrows are green because it’s a reflective color and he can best check he doesn’t have a single hair out of place while he’s sniping baddies out of the sky? They’re all massive questions that can’t be answered with a simple purchase of an action figure, but if you’re a collector, you’re probably going to want it regardless.

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8. …BAE. We Told You! This Ollie Queen Figure Might as Well Be on a Calendar

Oliver Queen Action FigureSource: Amazon.com
Is Oliver auditioning for the next Magic Mike film, or is he displaying the head of one of his foes without his costume on just because he knows he’s so damn handsome? This Green Arrow action figure is another one that’s based on the CW television series and has a decent likeness to the actor, Stephen Amell. (Not sure how many Vampire Chronicles fans there are out there, but this is the guy Anne Rice wants to see as Lestat. Leave your thoughts at the door). But this figure shows Ollie outside of his Arrow gear for a reason: he means business. Is that a dollar in his g-string?

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9. Speedy Non-Gonzales Has a Figurine Too, You Didn’t Think We’d Forget About Him, Did You?

Speedy Action FigureSource: Amazon.com
You can’t have Arrow without Speedy. It’s like Han Solo without Chewie, Chloe without Max; it’s like Salt without Pepper and Pinkie without the Brain. Every billionaire businessman needs a teen to do run errands and make his coffee for him, and Speedy, in both of his incarnations, has been the perfect Other Half for Ollie Queen. The second Speedy is our fave because she’s a she, but this dude is straight from the CW show and serves as the perfect accompaniment, like the real ones, to the TV show Green Arrow action figure. (He’ll put the dollar in Ollie’s g-string for you).

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10. And, Just As He Was Born to Do, The Green Arrow Watches On

Green Arrow StatueSource: entertainmentearth.com
The final Green Arrow action figure in our collection is a Patina statue that’s wholly unique. Bow at the ready and adorned in what can only be described as the clothes ripped off of Disney’s fox Robin Hood’s back, the emerald archer, Ollie Queen, stands atop the city he lives to protect. This is a wonderfully detailed, metallic version of a man whose star can only continue to rise. We’re such big fans of the lesser known superheroes that we can’t help but want to champion everything about the green arrow. (And the Green Lantern, and Iron Fist). If you want a Green Lantern action figure to show off to your friends, this vintage guy was made for you.

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