12 Suicide Squad Action Figures That Will Drastically Alter Your Movie Feels

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Look, I’m not speaking for myself alone when I say that the Suicide Squad flick last year was kind of a letdown.

Suicide Squad is actually a great concept. A bunch of baddies recruited for missions because they’re expendable? Sign me up.

Except don’t.

Not unless you’re giving me at least one of these Suicide Squad action figures. Capiche? Let’s see if we can change your mind too.

1. Daddy’s Little Monster Can Be Your Little Monster Instead

suicide squad harley quinnSource: Sideshow Toy

I mean, being daddy's little monster is kind of creepy so you'd sort of be doing Harley Quinn a favor. Sure, you're kink-shaming her, but you're also helping her set her life right by slowly helping her distance herself from the Joker. I genuinely don't care how many cool Joker shoes are out there on the web (or how many of them I'd wear), that whole relationship is so screwed up it makes the idea of Reylo look good. Which IT'S NOT. Personally, I'm holding out for her spraying Ivy over Daddy. Is that just me?

Get this incredibly detailed Harley Quinn figure on sideshowtoy.com

2. Diablo Only Has Time for Tattoos (Which Makes Him Kinda Easy to Render Helpless, Honestly)

Source: Amazon

They no longer hurt him, no matter where on his body they are, but if he were to move in the middle of a design to try and save himself from you... I mean, I'm not saying I want Affleck's Batman to beat anyone, most specifically a guy as cool as Diablo, BUT get him at the right time. All I'm saying. Pops always manage to make every character look a little bit adorable, so if you look past that to concentrate on the scythe for a second, he might not even be mad at you for a second.

Get the El Diablo Funko Pop on amazon.com

3. Even if She Was a Flurry of Wiggles and Whispers, I Have a Soft Spot for Enchantress

Enchantress Suicide Squad action figureSource: Amazon

Next to Katana and Killer Croc, Enchantress was one of the best-designed characters of the Suicide Squad in the movie. That, I think, is about all there is to say about said character whose arc could have afforded her her own movie, had it been done right. With this posable Suicide Squad action figure, it's not impossible to actually make this happen by yourself. Be it in an entire YouTube or little, Instagram storied vignettes, Enchantress can have her own movie and it can be so much better than what she was given last year. (Plus, posing means she can do her dance. Just saying).

Get this Enchantress action figure on amazon.com

4. This Suicide Squad Action Figure is a Dead(shot) Ringer for Will Smith

Deadshot action figuresSource: Entertainment Earth

It's actually kinda terrifying. While he's been in some of the best movies (and shows) of the last twenty years, that doesn't mean I necessarily want to have a miniature Prince of Bel Air hanging out with my one of my Wonder Woman action figures. Mostly because it was all about Jazzy Jeff for me. With Independence Day, I Am Legend, Men in Black, and a bunch of other geeky movies under his belt already, it was about time he had a superhero flick that wasn't Hancock (which was awesome, shut up). That movie was Suicide Squad and his Deadshot was truly one of the coolest characters.

Get the Bandai Figuarts Deadshot action figure on entertainmentearth.com

5. Bend These Suicide Squad Action Figures in Any Way You Like

Harley Quinn Action FiguresSource: Amazon

Take that as you will, can, or want to. The first Harley Quinn action figure featured in this article is, admittedly, pretty steep in price. It's steep and totally worth it, but steep when you don't have a lot of money and still want a Suicide Squad action figure of Harley that's decent. I guess that's the good part of being a fan of one of the most popular characters from the franchise though, right? You're always gonna have a whole host of options in every price range. This is a luxury that those of us who love villains don't always get -- until Suicide Squad. And just for you? This pack has three of 'em.

Get these bendable Suicide Squad action figures on amazon.com

6. Katana is the Best Member of the Squad, Anyone Who Says Otherwise is Wrong

Katana Action FigureSource: Amazon

If you'd like to battle this out in a Celebrity Deathmatch/Batman VS Puppies style scenario, you know where you can find me. (In the corner, cowering and yelling my opinions through a microphone hooked up to a speaker at the other side of the world. Katana wasn't in the movie anywhere close to enough. I'm pretty unforgiving on it, even if my expectations for stuff like that (similarly, Elektra in the Dare Devil TV show), are generally too out-of-the-box for TV and film. But seriously, she was barely in it, despite being in the extended universe, the one member who chose to be there.

Get the DC Super Girls Katana figure on amazon.com

7. When People Say Not to Wear Crocs…

Killer Croc Arkham City Suicide Squad Action FigureSource: Amazon

Kinda sure they mean this guy. Because people don't wear Killer Croc, Killer Croc wears them. If, you know, wearing means either crushing or eating, but can you really blame him in a world of crocodile skin clothing and horrible attempts at Elvis-style tunes? While this Killer Croc figure design is based more on the Arkham games, it was too cool for me not to include in a list of Suicide Squad action figures. Also, does anyone else feel like if Killer Croc had looked more like this in the movie, you'd have felt less desire to hug him?

Get the Arkham City Killer Croc action figure on amazon.com

8. Marvel Might Have the Silver Surfer, but Joker Looks Way Cooler in the Color

Suicide Squad Joker Action FigureSource: Amazon

Even cooler if it wasn't Leto's Joker, but I swear I'll be over that in a couple of months when it'll have been a year since I saw the movie and read all the press -- true or not -- about his "method acting." So, Jared Leto and him not being any of the former Jokers (most notably the number one bae Mark Hamill's voice over for him) aside, I have to say all of the Suicide Squad action figures of the Joker are top notch. This one has him looking like he's about to attend a ball in one of the James Bond movies. Which, I'll let you decide. It's a shame he's too anarchistic to be a spy. He could blend into plants quite nicely.

Get the silver suit Joker action figure on amazon.com

9. Flag it Off With This Rick Flag Figure

Rick Flag Suicide Squad Action FigureSource: Amazon

While not, technically, a member of the squad, he kind of is in the same way as Superman is a real hero. Look, dude was born on a whole other planet and has POWERS because he's an ALIEN, which could be said... well, for the majority of superheroes. Nevermind. He is the leader and in charge, or so Amanda Waller would like us all to believe... which I don't because leaders don't fall in love. Leaders are loners forever and can rule the galaxy (slash-earth) with a cool, untotalled determination. Isn't that right, Vader? Anger leads to hate but love leads to anger, so, I mean...

Get this Rick Flag action figure on amazon.com

10. Boomerang or Batarang: Who Wins?

Boomerang Action FigureSource: Amazon

The answer is clearly Boomerang. Why am I even asking this question? Batfleck helped me to fall completely and totally out of love with Batman while Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman just intensely deepened my love to a nuclear level. (Really, it's bad). Any choice I can personally make to wound Batfleck's ego, I'll take. Sure, he doesn't have the gravelly, forcibly deep voice of Bale in the Nolan films, but those are some good freakin' films. Captain "The Aussie" Boomerang is also so good of a bank robber, he could be in Hoxton's Payday 2 crew. And I need me some new shoes.

Get the Boomerang Suicide Squad action figure on amazon.com

11. I Can Harley Wait to Have This in My Display Case

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Action FigureSource: Amazon

Remember my saying the selection of Joker Suicide Squad action figures is extensive? The number of Harley Quinn ones out there beat them by miles. And why wouldn't they? Harley was the breakout star of the movie! Completely and totally different to the Harley Quinns we already knew and loved, the one from the comics, cartoons, and Arkham games. I didn't think I could love Harley more when I shared my favorite Harley Quinn leggings. Then came the dress. Sigh.

Get the Harley Quinn dress action figure on amazon.com

12. Don’t Joke About Something So Cereal

Joker Action Figure (Suit Version)Source: Entertainment Earth

This Suicide Squad action figure makes the Joker look like a mixture of the super-old-school wrestler The Godfather, and Heath Ledger's. And I can't say I at all mind it. Do you? Joker might continuously want to know why everything and everyone is so serious, but if he starts bugging you with all the questions, just put the straitjacket on him and leave. In his words, "HA HA HA".

Get this Joker in suit action figure on entertainmentearth.com

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