33 Geeky Engagement Rings For the Offbeat Bride

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Gone are the days of diamonds being a girl’s’ best friend, there’s some of us that prefer our jewelry to be more — how shall I put this? — geeky. There’s plenty of girls (and guys and non-binaries) out there that want to be more different than different, and there’s as many of us would get hitched in a Hyrule t-shirt before the old silk-tux combo. If that’s the sort of realm in which your love lies, these geeky engagement rings should prove to be a real shoe-in.

1. Classic Nintendo NES Controller Ring

Classic Nintendo NES Controller RingSource: etsy.com
One of the first games systems that a lot of us in our 30’s ever touched, it pulled us in with its mushrooms and plumbers and Duck Hunt with an attachable gun, making us wonder how it was possible we could play a story. Now we can wear it. With rubies.

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2. Legend of Zelda Heart Container Ring

Legend of Zelda Heart Container RingSource: etsy.com
Have you seen more beautiful the legend of zelda giftsI hear the noise when I sleep, and not just because it’s my e-mail tone. Falling into the gorge in the Desert and ending up in Hyrule Lake was a lot like falling in love. The difference here being, you gain a life.

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3. Star Trek Enterprise Hand-Crafted Silver Ring

Star Trek Enterprise Engagement RingSource: custommade.com
Boldly going somewhere you’ve never been before is a nice metaphor for marriage or relationships in general. Don’t discount the courage it takes. Kirk and his 800,000 girlfriends didn’t.

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4. Star Wars “R2D2” Inspired Swarovski Crystal Wedding Band

Star Wars R2D2 Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
A ring that makes it to the top of all Princess Leia gifts. Pro-tip: pitching this with, “You are the droid I am looking for”, will guarantee* a resounding yes.

*Jk. (If they say yes, it’s legit because of you!)
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5. Lord of the Rings Elvish Script Ring

Lord of the Rings Elvish Script RingSource: custommade.com
Tolkien brought a lot to us. This beautiful piece fits right into all of its lore. I reckon Liv Tyler’s dad (the one who’s not Steven) gave it up himself.

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6. Geeky Hand-Made X-Box Engagement Ring

X-Box Engagement RingSource: custommade.com
First time I played X-Box, I was unconvinced. Second, third, and hundredth times, I admitted I was wrong. If your beau prefers Microsoft to Sony, I’d say this is perfect.

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7. Catch ‘em All With This Pokémon Ring

Pokemon RingSource: etsy.com
Or you know, just the one you’re after. I’d Pika-choose this Pokéball ring to give to my girl even if she rolled her eyes at my puns. (Why would she? Why would anyone?)

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8. The Legend of Zelda “Kokiri Emerald” 14K Gold Ring

The Legend of Zelda “Kokiri Forrest" RingSource: etsy.com
Hey! Listen! I mean, I won’t say that if you proposed to me with this I’d take the offer, but if you proposed to me with this, I’d take the offer. Please?

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9. DC Comics “Heroes” Handmade Wedding Band

DC Comics “Heroes” Engagement RingSource: custommade.com
If your bae loves Wonder Woman, The Flash, or even the Green Lantern (he’s cool, guys. Really. Ask The Hurricane), you can get down on one knee and give them all of ‘em.

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10. It’s-a-me! A-Super Mario Brothers Ring!

Super Mario Bros RingSource: etsy.com
You have 1UP-ed my life.

Real talk: do you remember the start screen in Mario 64 where you could spend ages just pulling on his face like a doughy Stretch Armstrong? This ring is one of many really cool Super Mario Gifts and brings back the memory of whenever you hoped you’d get a raccoon suit. Errr, Peach.

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11. Doctor Who “Tardis” Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Doctor Who “Tardis” Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
Is that a phone box with magical, time travelling powers on your finger, Herr Doktor, or are you just pleased to see me?

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12. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
You’re a catch, Harry! Or Harriette. Doesn’t matter. We’re all wizards here. Show your babe you really care, or just gift the snitch to yourself. All’s fair in love and Quidditch.

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13. Legend of Zelda Hyrule Crest Chunky Wedding Band

Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
The inscription reads, “It’s dangerous to go alone” and while that’s not always true, it’s always kind of nice to have a person beside you that gets you and your interest in strange, androgynous ninjas.

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14. Unique Retrowave Blade Runner Wedding Ring

Blade Runner Wedding RingSource: etsy.com
Whether you’re a Replicant dreading the remake, or one with hope in the future of geekery doing it justice, this band is going to catch everyone’s eye and pull it out.

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15. Custom Made “Gryffindor” House Ring

Gryffindor Engagement RingSource: custommade.com
Stolen from Ron one of the many times he wasn’t looking. One of the first questions that ought to be asked on a dating profile is, “What’s your Harry Potter house?” Show them.

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16. “Sounds of Love” Personalised Sound Wave Ring for all Music Nerds

Sound Wave Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
Incredible, individual, inimitable, has a Kate Bush pun… You can change anything about yourself to some degree except for your fingerprints and voice. Belong to each other as close to forever as it gets.

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17. Legend of Zelda Triforce Inspired Double Band Ring

Legend of Zelda Triforce Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
The Triforce is the sacred relic of Hyrule. Standing for Power, Wisdom and Courage, it’s an image of what your love is, can be, has been and will be.

Get the Legend of Zelda Trifore Wedding Band on etsy.com

18. 8-Bit Pacman Pink Claddagh Engagement Ring

Pacman Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
The speed of time is never as evident as when somebody calls the 80’s retro. They’re not lying, it is, but it feels like only five minutes ago I was playing Atari, unaware of life passing by. Make it count or the ghosts’ll getcha.

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19. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Inspired Ring

Harley Quinn Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
Are ya wantin’ me forever, Mistah J? (Or rather, Ms Ivy.) The blue/purple go off palette for the comic and Arkham visions, but Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn had an iconic look of her own.

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20. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Promise Ring

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Promise RingSource: etsy.com
The force is with this gorgeous, blood red gemstone held tight by symbols of the Alliance. Don’t fear the dark side, be one with the light and give one of the best Star Wars gifts ever to your special someone. Even if Darth Vader has a cool theme.

Get the Star Wars Rebel Alliance Engagement Ring on etsy.com

21. Classy Chic Hand-Crafted Gold Wedding Band with Batsignal

Batman Engagement RingSource: custommade.com
Any different Batman, depending on your bae’s fave. With or without gemstones, for he or she or all in between, you’re not going to be hard-pressed finding someone that’ll ask you where you got it.

Get the Batman Engagement Ring on custommade.com

22. “The Wind Waker” Legend of Zelda Triforce Engraved Ring

The Wind Waker Legend of Zelda Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
The Wind Walker might be one of the least played of the ‘Zelda’ games (second to Majora’s Mask which, by the way, is a secret weapon of badassery) but it’s pretty special in a lot of ways, just like your boo.

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23. Triforce Legend of Zelda Custom Made Engagement Ring

Source: etsy.com
Farore is the Goddess of Courage. Let her be with you on every side. Including the Triforce for triple protection, it is BOSS for any megafan of The Legend of Zelda series.

Get the Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring on etsy.com

24. 14K Gold Tetris Ring for Logic Geeks Everywhere

Tetris Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
When I was little, my mother loved Tetris and would commandeer my consoles to play it. I think everybody has stories like that linked to this game, and what could be better than having stories with someone you’d give this ring to?

Get the Tetris Engagement Ring on etsy.com

25. “Circuitry” Wedding Band for Techie Nerds

Circuit Board Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
In this case, your lover is the ring and your love is the circuit. Who would have thought that gifts for engineers can be this beautiful? Or they’ve just taken viruses off your computer a few times and that’s why you decided to marry them. I mean, it takes all kinds.

Get the Circuit Board Engagement Ring on etsy.com

26. The Legend of Zelda Triforce Inspired Cubic Zirconia

The Legend of Zelda Triforce RingSource: etsy.com
An alternate take on the Triforce, this dainty ring comes with any sort of stone you like. If you have a favorite between Zora, the Gorons and the Great Deku Tree, go with that!

Get the Legend of Zelda Hyrule Triforce Engagemenr Ring on etsy.com

27. Rose Gold Pokéball Wide Band Wedding Ring

Pokéball Wedding RingSource: etsy.com
It’s gorgeous and (possibly??) goes with your iPhone! The rose gold trend has been soaring for a few years now and it hasn’t died down yet. Forget catching them all, catch this one.

Get the Pokeball Wedding Ring on etsy.com

28. Dragonball Z Powerball Engagement Ring

Dragonball Z Powerball Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
I give it 4 stars. (Ha, not really, 5. But this has 4.) Fans of this anime series could even wear this happily on their own, but if your bae loves DBZ, I don’t want to forcibly tell you that this is awesome, but I mean…

Get the Dragonball Z Powerball Engagement Ring on etsy.com

29. Ocarina of Time “Zora’s Sapphire” (with Real Sapphires!)

Ocarina of Time Zora's Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
Anyone else have trouble figuring out how to get into the belly of the fish to rescue Princess Ruto? #noididntyoudidshutup. Commemorate your victory after many trials and tribulations with this ring, or, if you’re a smart ass that figured it out quickly, give it to someone who can! (They’re a keeper.)

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30. Beautiful Batman Ring Cut in the Shape of the Bat Signal

Batman Wedding BandSource: etsy.com
Truly one of a kind, any number of Bruce Wayne’s foes might just buy this for the fact it exists. Who could blame them???

Get the Batman Wedding Band on etsy.com

31. That’s No Moon! It’s a Death Star Wedding Ring with a Lightsaber Band

Star Wars Death Star Wedding RingSource: etsy.com
Whaaaat? You heard me! (Screams the writer in her Darth Vader track pants.) Wedding ring with a lightsaber pattern and a Death Star fricken’ gem, it is. If this one doesn’t conquer his/her heart, maybe one of these Yoda shirts will.

Get the Star Wars Death Star Wedding Band on etsy.com

32. Science Nerds Alight Here for Micro DNA Wedding Ring

Science DNA Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
Life, uh, finds a way. A unisex bi-metal design that’s going to look incredible on just about anyone. Maybe not Velociraptors though. Because they have feathers, not because they aren’t out there.

Get the DNA Engagement Ring on etsy.com

33. Gorge “A Link to the Future” Legend of Zelda Ring

Legend of Zelda Link to The Future Wedding BandSource: etsy.com
It’s the sort of bronzy, matte gold I like, and most importantly, it looks like it belongs in a treasure chest in Kokiri Forest. Be quiet, Navi. It’s not or you.

Get the Link to the Future Engagement Ring on etsy.com