40 Retro Super Mario Gifts Only People Born In The 80s Can Appreciate in 2021

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The Best Super Mario Gifts 2021

  1. Mario Gets Into Real Estate with this Monopoly Board Game
  2. See Mario Before His Plastic Surgery with this Pixel Pals Light
  3. This Lego Mario Lamp Lets the Light Shine In
  4. Have a Cup of Coffee and Take a Trip to the Mushroom Kingdom
  5. Retro Super Mario Bros Artwork
  6. The Plumbers Have Arrived with this Wall Hanging
  7. This Classic T-shirt Showcases Mario in All His Glory
  8. Mario’s Here to Save You From Expired Milk with this Fridge Magnet Set
  9. Turn Your Room Into the Mushroom Kingdom with this World 1-1 Wall Posters
  10. Caught Without the Tool You Need? Let Mario Help with this Multi-Tool

Despite the shock of our 8-bit sprites reaching nostalgia age, you shouldn’t have to feel as old as you are. The most classic of these characters is Mario. With helps from his brother, Luigi, he defeats Bowser and saves the Princess over and over again. Here are some great super mario gifts only people born in the ’80s can appreciate.

1. Mario Gets Into Real Estate with this Monopoly Board Game

Super Mario Bros Monopoly GameSource: amazon.com
Like every computer animated pop culture icon approaching 40 Mario believes, real estate is where the money is. Bringing along Luigi, the Princess, Toad and others, they bring the classic game of Monopoly to Nintendo’s flagship character. With 8-bit inspired tokens and new names for the landing squares, this version of Monopoly is sure to cause video game-inspired family fights.

Get the Super Mario Bros Monopoly Game on amazon.com

2. See Mario Before His Plastic Surgery with this Pixel Pals Light

Mario Pixel Pals ArtSource: amazon.com
Like all good celebrities, our hero started off as a lowly 8-bit version of himself, but it wasn’t long for Mario to become Super Mario. This pixel pals art lights up. A great gift for the Mario fan in your life, you can gaze at this art and reminisce about a simpler time.

Get the Super Mario Pixel Light on amazon.com

3. This Lego Mario Lamp Lets the Light Shine In

 Lego Pixel Mario NightstandSource: etsy.com
Afraid of the dark? This Super Mario Bros night light will scare away Bowser with a color-changing LED light. Handmade from Legos, it doubles as a nightstand. Finally, a way to spend all day and night with the Super Mario Bros.

Get the Mario Bros Lego Lamp  on etsy.com

4. Have a Cup of Coffee and Take a Trip to the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Bros Pixel MugSource: thinkgeek.com
Get the energy needed to conquer Goombas, Koopa Troopas and your day’s workload with the Super Mario Bros coffee mug. Color-changing, it features a sunny landscape of the mushroom kingdom when hot and turns to night when cold. This gift will give you the power up you need to get through the day.

Get the Super Mario Bros Mug on thinkgeek.com

5. Retro Super Mario Bros Artwork

Mario Canvas ArtSource: icanvas.com
Every wonder how you can showcase your love for a pixelated plumber in style? This canvas art answers that question.

Get the Mario Canvas Art on icanvas.com

6. The Plumbers Have Arrived with this Wall Hanging

Super Mario Bros Pixel Wall DecorationSource: etsy.com
Give that classy 8-bit look to any room with a 3D hand-carved wooden video game wall art piece. Made with only the finest of mushroom kingdom materials, this will make a great gift for Super Mario Bros fans. Be sure not to mix them up – Mario goes on the left.

Get the Mario and Luigi Wall Decoration on etsy.com

7. This Classic T-shirt Showcases Mario in All His Glory

Classic Super Mario Pixel T-ShirtSource: amazon.com
Jumping barrels since 1981, Mario has faced off against many villains and saved the princess and Toad very often. Now, he wants to help you save your fashion sense with this T-shirt. Make a stand to the public and show your love for Mario Mario.

Get the Pixel Mario Shirt on amazon.com

8. Mario’s Here to Save You From Expired Milk with this Fridge Magnet Set

Super Mario Bros MagnetsSource: amazon.com
It seems like the Koopa King gets his fingers into everything, even the leftover lasagna. Create a safety level of your own with the Super Mario Bros magnet sign on your refrigerator. This gift will turn your boring, bland kitchen into the magical Mushroom Kingdom.

Get the Super Mario 8-bit Magnets on amazon.com

9. Turn Your Room Into the Mushroom Kingdom with this World 1-1 Wall Posters

Super Mario Bros Wall PosterSource: thinkgeek.com
World 1-1 , where it all began with power ups, gold coins and finding out the Princess is in another castle. This Super Mario Bros gift set is composed of five posters detailing the full map of the legendary first stage to the incredible epic. As if it wasn’t burnt into your head already, you can memorize every pixel with this incredible wall piece.

Get the Super Mario Bros Level Wall Poster on thinkgeek.com

10. Caught Without the Tool You Need? Let Mario Help with this Multi-Tool

Super Mario Pixel Key Chain and Key ToolSource: entertainmentearth.com
Mario puts the “super” in Super Mario Bros, tightening those screws or opening that bottle. Mixing the style of our 8-bit hero with the strength and ingenuity of a multi-tool, this key chain makes for the ultimate gamer gift. The one thing he can’t do? Find your keys.

Get the Mario Pixel Key Chain and Multi-tool on entertainmentearth.com

11. What’s in Box #2? Find Out with this Super Mario Bros Shelf

Super Mario Bros Box ShelfSource: etsy.com
Avoiding the urge to break the blocks to get your items off the shelf. This nerd gift turns your wall into a Super Mario Bros action play set with the handmade and hand painted shelf. To make it really fun, put a lock on the middle box and tell your roommate there’s gold coins in there. See how long it lasts.

Get the Mario Pixel Box Bookshelf on etsy.com

12. Super Mario Begins a Long Series of Mushroom Smashing with this Snapback

Super Mario Bros Pixel Baseball CapSource: amazon.com
This hat showcases the tragedy that befell both sides of the controversial military action undertaken by Mario and his brother, Luigi. They’re wrath against the army of King Koopa is one of the most misunderstood conflicts in plumber history. With this hat, you can remind everyone of how uncertain this time was and pay homage to the many Goombas that served as cannon fodder in this police action.

Get the Super Mario Bros Baseball Cap on amazon.com

13. Now That the Princess is Safe, It’s Time to Catch a Few Zs with this Plush Pillow

Super Mario Plush PillowSource: amazon.com
Let Super Mario keep you safe and secure as you drift off into the Mushroom Kingdom. This 8-bit sprite image is showcased on a Little Buddy plush pillow. Take a nap and relive the 1980s with this geek gift.

Get Pixel Mario Pillow on amazon.com

14. Who was the Guy Who Came Out of the Cloud? Oh, It Says It On That T-shirt!

Super Mario Bros Characters T-ShirtSource: amazon.com
Feel free to 1up your friends with a Super Mario Bros gift. A veritable who’s who of the game, this shirt will educate the general public on the legendary characters, whether major or minor. Wear it and the Princess will want you and Bowser will want to be you.

Get Super Mario Bros Characters Shirt on amazon.com

15. Poker Night will Never Be the Same with this Super Mario Bros Card Deck

Super Mario Bros Poker Card DeckSource: amazon.com
Bowser really is the joker of this bunch. Designed with Mario 8-bit images and playing card symbols, this is a standard-sized deck. Just don’t let anyone catch your secret cosplay poker game.

Get the Super Mario Bros Card Deck on amazon.com

16. A Super Mario Bros Shirt With A Great 8-Bit Group Picture

Mario Pixel Characters ShirtSource: fifthsun.com
Bring back all the characters that made the pixelated Mario games such a great experience with this Super Mario Bros Shirt. Looking for more pixelated awesomeness then make sure to check out our Mega Man Merchandise list.

Get Mario Pixel Characters Shirt on fifthsun.com

17. A Super Mario Bros. Shirt to Remind You Of Easier Times

Super Mario Bros. ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Sometimes we miss the times when the biggest problems we had was that our parents wouldn’t allow us to play another level. The great thing about being “an adult” however is, that we can now play whenever we want.

Get Mario Game Scene Shirt on teepublic.com

18. Show the World Your 1980s Style with a Reversible Mario Backpack

1980s Style Reversible Mario BackpackSource: 80stees.com
Now you can keep a full stash of power up mushrooms and fire flowers with you at all times. This reversible backpack can be worn with either the bright blue of Mario’s surface levels or the dark dungeons of the castle levels. Color coordination has never been so 8-bit.

Get the Super Mario Bros Backpack on 80stees.com

19. Giving Your Cocktail Party the 8-Bit Treatment with a Super Mario Ice Cube Tray

Super Mario Ice Cube TraySource: entertainmentearth.com
Watch out, Mario, those jello shots are strong! Entertain friends and impress family with a great nerd gift in the form of this Super Mario Bros themed silicone ice cube tray. Remember, during winter you can build an ice castle and reenact your favorite levels from the game.

Get Mario 8-Bit Ice CubeTray on entertainmentearth.com

20. 8-Bit Mario Strikes Again with a Mini 3D Figure

Super Mario 8-Bit FigurineSource: newegg.com
Super Mario is poised to jump on top of that dreaded stapler on your desk. A perfect geek gift for that nerd office junkie in your life, the mini figure is intricately designed and can be a great distraction from what is otherwise a gainful career. Just don’t let Bowser see.

Get the 8-Bit Mario Figurine on newegg.com

21. Celebrate the Athleticism, the Majesty of Super Mario on this Snapback Hat

Super Mario 8-Bit Baseball CapSource: ebay.com
In the 1980s, it was Jerry Rice, Magic Johnson and Mario Mario, three of the greatest of all time. Today, you can sport this hat with 8-bit Mario in full action. Someday, maybe our kids will watch the amazing exploits of this hero and understand the legend.

Get the Pixel Mario Baseball Cap on ebay.com

22. This Table Works with 1 Player, But is Much More Fun in 2 Player Mode

Super Maio Bros. TableSource: etsy.com
There’s no substitute for getting up in the morning and enjoying a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee with the Super Mario Bros. This sturdy table, made from solid wood and encased in a spill-proof vinyl cover, makes for a great gift for that video game buff in your life.

Get the Super Mario Bros Table on etsy.com

23. Relive the Glorious Day Super Mario Took Down the Dreaded Koopa King with this Snapback Hat

Mario and Bowser Pixel Baseball CapSource: amazon.com
Super Mario is on a quest on your head. He’s going to save the Princess at all costs. This hat shows the final face off between Mario and Bowser. If they get carried away and give you a headache, call Dr. Mario and he can prescribe something.

Get the Pixel Mario and Bowser Baseball Cap on amazon.com

24. It’s Time to See Which One is Truly Better, It’s Mario v Luigi In the Classic Game of Checkers

Super Mario Bros CheckersSource: entertainmentearth.com
Played by King Koopas and Goombas alike, the legendary game of checkers is perfect for all. This double-sided board allows you to play both checkers and tic-tac-toe with pieces sporting the 8-bit Super Mario Bros characters. Remember, it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

Get the Mario and Luigi Checkers Game on entertainmentearth.com

25. Modeled After Mario’s Guest Spot in Casablanca, this 8-Bit Figure Has Class

Classic Mario Pixel FigurineSource: amazon.com
As if retro wasn’t good enough by itself, we had to bring black and white into this. This miniature figure brings a vintage look to the character of Super Mario. Hearkens back to the time when all you had was a small black and white TV you got from your uncle.

Get the 8-Bit Black and White Mario Bros. Figurine on amazon.com

26. Proud To Be a Nerd, Super Mario Stands Ready For Action

Super Mario PillowSource: amazon.com
Like all 80s action stars, Super Mario stood proud of the enemies he’d defeat. This image is the perfect addition to your couch. Comfort ends when a conversation piece begins.

Get the Pixel Mario Pillow on amazon.com

27. Relive the Moment Mario Sets Out on His Endless Quest with this Game Scene Mousepad

Super Mario Bros MousepadSource: amazon.com
Can you remember what’s in each of the question blocks? When your computer seems slow, look down at the mouse pad and remember the good old days when you had to blow on the cartridge to make it work.

Get the Super Mario Bros. Game Level Mousepad on amazon.com

28. This Wood Burning Storage Box is the Result of Mario Going on a Fire Flower Binge

Super Mario Storage BoxSource: etsy.com
While in his self portrait period, Mario decided to add artistic wood burning to his portfolio. You can be the proud owner or make a great gift of this handmade storage box. Don’t worry, Luigi has gotten Mario some help, now he just uses fire flowers on special occasions.

Get the Mario Bros. Storage Box on etsy.com

29. Super Mario Has Spent So Many Years Hitting Blocks, He’s Finally Become One in this Pixel Art

Super Mario PuzzleSource: entertainmentearth.com
In order to get to the next level, you need to put this Super Mario Bros pixel art together in under a minute. Not really, that would be ridiculous unless you’re wearing the frog suit. The frog suit is the best.

Get the Super Mario Bros Pixel Art Puzzle on entertainmentearth.com

30. A Replica of Mario’s Original Notebook From His Adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Brox NOtebookSource: entertainmentearth.com
Mario had to do all the journaling. This notebook comes with a 3D cover and images of the Super Mario Bros on each page. Perfect for that geek student in life that needs something to play with during English class.

Get the Super Mario Bros Notebook on entertainmentearth.com

31. Mario Has to Beat the Clock to Get to the Next Level

Mario Pixel ClockSource: ebay.com
Racing against time to rescue the beautiful Princess Peach, our hero stands ready to make the mad dash against Koopa Troopas in order to find the right castle. A great nerd gift to help that person who’s never on time. Better get ready for work or Mario’s going to come down there and make you.

Get the 8-Bit Mario Clock on ebay.com

32. Princess Peach Has Introduced a New Fashion Line with These Undies

Super Mario Bros UnderwearSource: etsy.com
We’ve always wondered what was under that flowing gown and we’ve finally gotten our answer. These Super Mario Bros underwear allow you to secretly wear your passion for 8-Bit Mario.

Get the Super Mario Bros. Underwear on etsy.com

33. Create Your Own Level to Super Mario with this Notebook

Super Mario Bros NotebookSource: teepublic.com
Walking mushrooms, turtles throwing hammers, giant bullets with a face, it’s like the ramblings of a madman. But you can believe with this notebook that is the perfect gift for Nintendo fans.

Get the Super Mario Notebook on teepublic.com

34. State Your Love to the Whole World with this T-Shirt – Mario is King

Super Mario Bros ShirtSource: teepublic.com
In the history of great warriors, Super Mario and his brother Super Luigi are among the greatest of 8-bit sprites. A T-shirt fit for kings and nerds alike, this makes for a wonderful gift for that geek in your life. Schwarzenegger and Stallone got nothing on Mario and Luigi.

Get the Pixel Mario Shirt on teepublic.com

35. Finally, A Wallet to Hold All Those Coins You’ve Been Collecting Over the Years

Super Mario Bros WalletSource: amazon.com
Proudly displaying the log in screen from the beginning of the first Super Mario Bros. It may look real enough but don’t wipe off the screen when you see some dust. That just means your wallet isn’t getting much use.

Get the Super Mario Bros Wallet on amazon.com

36. Despite What You’ve Heard, Mario Has No Drinking Problem Even Though hHis Face is On the Glass

Super Mario Bros GlassSource: amazon.com
Truth is, Mario and Luigi like to kick back on Sunday afternoons, reminisce about those more youthful days of riding Mario Karts and playing warp whistles. You can join in the fun with this handmade pint glass featuring 8-bit Mario leaping to the rescue.

Get the Pixel Mario Glass on amazon.com

37. Nostalgia of Sitting on the Basement Floor Playing Hours of this Game Runs Deep with this T-Shirt

Super Mario Bros ShirtSource: amazon.com
Finally, the perfect lazy costume for that Halloween party you’re invited to this year. Dress up like the game cartridge from Super Mario Bros with this T-shirt.

Get the Super Mario Bros Cartridge Shirt on amazon.com

38. Princess Peach Fell Over Backwards Into a Warp Pipe When She Saw This Ring

Super Mario Bros Engagement RingSource: etsy.com
The benefit was that the Princess found that perfect rolling 8-bit hill to have the wedding. For any Super Mario Bros nerd, this is the perfect engagement ring to say “I’d take on a whole army of Koopa Troopas for you.” With Luigi being best man, does that mean that Toad is the maid-of-honor?

Get the Super Mario Engagement Ring on etsy.com

39. Celebrate the Original Super Mario Bros 2 with this I Give Up T-Shirt

Super Mario Bros Game Over ShirtSource: fifthsun.com
Watch out for the poison mushroom power-ups and attempt to save the Princess yet again. Sometimes you just have enough and have to say “I Give Up!”

Get the Pixel Mario Game Over Shirt on fifthsun.com

40. Time When the Mushroom and Fire Flower Quiche will Be Done with this Super Mario Bros Clock

Super Mario Bros 8-Bit Characters ClockSource: etsy.com
This clock based on the classic 8-bit version of the Nintendo game makes for a great Super Mario gift. Looks like we have something for Wario to throw darts at after all.

Get the Pixel Mario Characters Clock on etsy.com

Despite our list of 40 super mario gifts you couldn’t find what you were looking for? Head over to our geek gifts section where we give you even more ideas.