Retro Mega Man Merchandise 90s Kids Can’t Live Without

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Remember when Playstation got Mega Man and it was like the Best Gift Ever? It was around the same time as when Furbies were thankfully going out of fashion and you’d tired yourself of trying (and failing) to beat Dingodile in Crash Bandicoot. Man, those were the days.  Before any of this, of course, there was little pixel Mega Man, and he is, by far, a staple of 90’s nostalgia. We love pixel so be sure to also head to our Super Mario Gifts but for now, check out these wicked Mega Man Merchandise we sourced just for you.

1. Coast Through Drink Parties with Mega Man

Mega Man CoasterSource:
You want to impress your pals, I get it. I want to impress mine too after I’m done yelling at them because I can’t find a save point. This glorious 10 mega man coaster set will just about do it.

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2. 8Bit Style Mega Man II 3D Wall Art

Mega Man 3D Wall ArtSource:
That makes it sound like system specifications and it sorta looks like them. This unique addition to your office also wards off men that are, oh I don’t know, made of metal?

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3. Run, Pixel Mega Man Mug, Run!

Mega Man MugSource:
Share your ‘oh my God, I’m so old now’ breakfast-and-newspaper routine with Mega Man. Watch his sprite run as you spin your cup and cackle joy into your cereal.

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4. Retro Mega Man 25th Anniversary Poster

Mega Man PosterSource:
Like sands through the hourglass… Anyway. Between us, fellow nerds, I always liked the bosses in games more than I did the good guys and this poster features a bunch. BRB, drawing hearts around Metal Man.

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5. Aptly Named “Mega Misandrists” T-Shirt

Mega Man Characters ShirtSource:
MISANDRY. Speaking of baddies, as I gesture to the portraits on this shirt with glee, who do you think would win in a fight: Dr Wily or Dr Robotnik? Insert thinky-emoji.

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6. Mega Man Bosses Travel Cup

Mega Man Bosses Travel CupSource:
Educate the youth with this fantastic 8bit art mug. Give it to your kids to go to school with and they won’t want to give it back when they get home. Not if you gave them a SNES for their 1st birthday!! (So you can play it too…)

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7. Mega Man Saving You on T-Shirts Since 1987

Mega Man ShirtSource:
Founded in the 80s, like a lot of great things (ahem), do your part in extending the legacy of the man whose mega so Sonic’s not the only blue guy on the nostalgia block.

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8. Nintendo’s Mega Man Series Compilation Poster

Mega Man Series PosterSource:
When I was a kid, I used to get my posters every Saturday from a shop that’s long since gone out of business. Numerous artists on Etsy have made it possible for kids (and adults!) these days to still get their unique posters like this one.

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9. Monsters Won’t Get You With Mega Man as your Night Light!

Pixel Mega Man Night LightSource:
Nintendo and Pixel Pals have done it again. By it, I mean they’ve made our hearts here at Discover Geek soar. My triceratops now has competition.

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10. Honey, Don’t Forget Your Mega Tie

Mega Man Tie Source:

Ties make you feel like you’re choking, right? But they look smart, so we make do. This one is very minimalistic and it’s got its own little Mega Man on the bottom to polish it off.  Serving 8bit realness.

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11. Unique MegaMan E-Tank Energy Drink

MegaMan Energy DrinkSource:
At DiscoverGeek, we tried to get a fancy model dolled up in blue to pose with a can of this, but it’s so rare that it was easier for us to find the model. (We created her ourselves using vintage 1980s IBM software and a John Hughes script.)

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12. Get A-Head with this Pixel Print Mega Man Trucker Hat

Mega Man Baseball CapSource:
What’s one of my articles without a pun? Caps are back in fashion and we hear it’s going to be a hot summer this year, what with the global warming and everything…

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13. Mega Man in the Cosmos Tee

Mega Man T-ShirtSource:
If Blade Runner and Mega Man had a baby that was a 100% cotton t-shirt, I’m pretty sure this’d be it. Combine your nerdery. If anyone can survive in space without air, it’s gotta be the little blue guy.

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14. Mega Man is No Doormat! Except he is…

Mega Man Pixel DoormatSource:
He is in this product, at least. Wipe your shoes on him, leave your shoes on him, kneel down on him when you’re drunk and can’t find the keyhole. Mega Man doest not judgeth, as he shalt not be judged.

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15. MM25: 25th Anniversary Ultimate Mega Man Artwork Collection – Official Mega Man Merchandise

Mega Man Artwork BookSource:
It’s a book that’s for the hardcore Mega Fan, but it’s also one with images that should be seen by anyone that appreciates anything. Because it’s amazing. Duh. – Official Mega Man Merchandise by Capcom.

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16. “Where’s Mega Man?” Poster

Mega Man Black and White PosterSource:
Can you find him? I’ll give you a hint: he’s totally not the blue one.

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17. Royal Blue Mega Man Men’s Shirt

Blue Mega Man ShirtSource:
To infinity and be– that’s not his line? This 8bit print is delightful and pretty much everyone suits this shade of blue. We’re all Mega Man now, friends. Mega… Mans? Mega…. Men?

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