Tank Girl Merchandise That Will Make You Lock Up Your Sons (And Your Daughters)!

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How many corrupt world leaders does it take to change a lightbulb? If they’re all gonna lead us to a barren wasteland of DOOM? Who cares? We got SWAG.

Yup, that’s some Tank Girl merchandise you won’t wanna miss out on sourced by the (editor’s note: COOL ASS-KICKIN’ BETTER’N YOU, BETTER PUT THAT IN) antihero herself!

1. Tank Girl ONE: The Comic Book Where It All Began

Tank Girl ComicSource: amazon.com
Post-apocalyptic mayhem in the Australian outback with a lone wolf who just happens to ride a tank and have boobs she doesn’t hide, patroling the desert for havoc when havoc doesn’t find her. This comic book is where it all started. Rave and grunge culture culminating into what can only be our far too real future.

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2. There’s A T-Shirt Rising For Tank Girl And Booga

Tank Girl ShirtSource: rageon.com

Parental guidance advised. Heck: grandparental guidance advised. Ain’t no rules in Post Apocalyptia, Sir.

Get the Tank Girl Shirt on rageon.com

3. Be The Tank Girl You Wanna Be!

Tank Girl SweaterSource: teepublic.com
Tank Girl fights like a girl because she kicks ass better than anyone. That’s right, Stuper-Man. You heard me. Girls rule!

Get the Tank Girl Long Sleeved Shirt on teepublic.com

4. Tank Girl Gets Emoji-nal In A Modern Day World

Tank Girl Art ShirtSource: teepublic.com
I don’t blame her. Sh!t, I get emotional too. Just this morning, I went to brush my teeth and we’re on the verge of a World War. Better get Tank on our side!

Get the Tank Girl Shirt on teepublic.com

5. Weapon Up With The Phone Case For All Warriors

Tank Girl Phone CaseSource: ebay.com
You got your cigar, you got your helmet, you got your condom necklace… wait, aren’t we repopulating the world? Wink wink, hubba hubba.

Get the Tank Girl Phone Case on ebay.com

6. Tank Girl Movie Original Soundtrack

Tank Girl SoundtrackSource: amazon.com
OKAY. Lots of people have lots of things to say about the Tank Girl movie, but it’s one of my faves and the soundtrack is the best of early 90s alternative all rolled into one. Bjork + Portishead does a true gem make. – Official Tank Girl merchandise.

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7. Tank Girl Official Movie Poster (1995!! Vintage!!??)

Tank Girl Movie PosterSource: ebay.com
Remember the days when posters in movie theaters and video stores could be bought or hang around long enough and you could get ’em? Now you can buy ’em on eBay to impress your frenemies.

Get the Tank Girl Movie Poster on ebay.com

8. Get Your Kit On And Top It Off With A Tank Girl Hoodie

Tank Girl HoodieSource: rageon.com
The creme de la creme of Tank Girl gifts! Spring’s here, there’s no rain, but it’s still cold as balls. You and only you have the power to change that. 21st Century Tank Girl, We Wanna Be Her.

Get the Tank Girl Hoodie on rageon.com

9. 21st Century Tank Girl, We Wanna Be Her… Comic

Tank Girl ComicSource: amazon.com
If you want to jump right on into Tank’s world, start with this one. Better ditch your sanity now, if you still got it.

Get the 21st Century Tank Girl Comic on amazon.com