Wear These Life is Strange Shirts and Feel Better About Life’s Strangeness

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Recently, Dontnod Entertainment revealed that they have a second series of Life is Strange games in the works. This led to fans of every kind wondering where they’d be going with this. Could they bring Pricefield back? Could there even be a Life is Strange game that didn’t have our beloved pair?

There have been rumblings both ways, alleged plot leaks, and anything else that’s been going on after the announcement that has just served as background noise to whether or not we’ll be seeing Chloe and Max again.

AND SO, we thought the best way to counter the blues (get it?) was to share our favorite Life is Strange shirts from the web. #BaeOverBay

1. Chill and Watch the World Go By with Max and Chloe

Life is Strange ShirtSource: amazon.com
Depending on the point you’re at in the original game, that could be ‘watch the world go bye-bye, too. This Life is Strange shirt puts us with Chloe and Max in a rare moment where they’re not running around trying to find Rachel. It evokes memories of having the one friend you do everything with, the one that makes you believe everything is possible or can be possible. Not bad for a shirt, huh?

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2. Max Could Win the Everyday Heroes Competition with One of These Polaroids

Life is Strange Photographs ShirtSource: teepublic.com
We heard about it enough — thanks, Mr. Jerkerson — the Everyday Heroes photograph competition will pluck a person from obscurity and give them a future. Max learns throughout the game that the future is all well and good, but what really matters is the now. The future, well, the future might not be a given if you don’t live in it. Selfishly, I just like picturing Chloe and Max taking photographs of one another all the time. Is that so wrong?

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3. This Chloe Price T-Shirt is Absolutely Gorgeous (Like Her)

Chloe Price ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Max wrote that. I swear. She told me I wasn’t to let it be known, but I figure Chloe avoids reading stuff on the Internet anyway. It’s her whole ‘rebellious’ thing. The Internet is Warren’s and who even is he anyway? This Life is Strange shirt design combines a hand drawn Chloe with the markings from her infamous Misfit skull tank top. I’d say there’s nothing more punk than that but PSYCH the girl on it is WAY more punk.

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4. Visit Arcadia Bay! We Have Cookies! And Deathly Cyclones…

Arcadia Bay ShirtSource: teepublic.com
While you’re at it, visit our twin town, Silent Hill. Both places are clearly normal and not at all crazy, apocalyptic, or cursed. (Sarcasm aside, why was there a totem pole in the grounds of the school? We need more info!) On this shirt, you have a few of our favorite things; imagery that reminds us of Life is Strange and takes us back to the first time we played. (And the second, and the third…) The lighthouse, the butterfly, and the hella-cute Pricefield holding hands at the end of the world. C’est vraiment magnifique!

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5. This Life is Strange Shirt Actually HAS Chloe’s Misfit Skull On It

Chloe Price Skull ShirtSource: teepublic.com
We all wish we could be as punk rock as Chloe, and now with these Life is Strange shirts and the hair color from these accompanying Life is Strange gifts, you can be. Or maybe you were already and just needed a little coaxing out of yourself like Max who, for having the power to rewind time, still doesn’t think she’s cool. HELLO, that power is the coolest thing ever. Even Prince would be jealous.

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6. Warren’s Schrodinger’s Box T-Shirt is as Nerdy as Him

Warren Graham ShirtSource: amazon.com
But we’re geeks so we know that nerdy no longer has to mean lame. Warren is pretty lame, but that’s fine because he knows scientific things that help Max throughout her journey. Even if his texts are also lame and make it blatantly obvious he wants a piece, he’s still helping in the face of her finding her true love Chloe. And all things aside, this shirt is pretty damn neat.

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7. Max Caulfield: Time Traveler Has a Ring to it, Don’t You Think?

Life is Strange Max ShirtSource: teepublic.com
If she had her own series — a nongaming series, which let’s face it, wouldn’t be as intense as getting to play through the story with her — this shirt could easily be used as Life is Strange merchandise for the show version. Gone are the days when Doctor Who was sort of cool again, in walks Max who actually is (when Chloe’s by her side) to show the Doctor how it’s really done. Plus, blue is the warmest color.

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8. Max’s Jane Doe Shirt Shows Rachel Has Always Been With Her

Max Caulfield Jane ShirtSource: teepublic.com
You know the reveal, I know the reveal, I won’t talk about the reveal in case there’s anybody in the process of playing the game who are just looking for Life is Strange shirts because they love it so much (been there). WHAT REVEAL? This t-shirt is the exact same one that Max wears at some points in the game, down to the color. The thing about a lot of Life is Strange merch is it’s super connected to the game. It shows we’re in our obsession together! And we have no shame about it, either.

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9. Take the Blue Butterfly With You Wherever You Go

Life is Strange Blue Butterfly ShirtSource: teepublic.com
If Rachel is there, Chloe might as well be too. With this shirt, you can have her there forever. Kind of a tempting thing. The blue butterfly is such a massive totem of the game, of the whole world and the story we all fell in love with so hard. It’s only right that it’s a Life is Strange shirt. I mean, its first appearance is the thing that changes history. An actual butterfly effect. Maybe you can change the course of history in it too…

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10. Pricefield Want You to Go F!ck Your Selfie

Max and Chloe ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Not you you, but anybody that doesn’t like you. When you’re wearing this shirt, you’ll never be alone because Max and Chloe will be there to remind you exactly why you’re strong. You’re strong because you’re YOU, and loved for the same reasons. (It doesn’t hurt that they look hella-cute on the design either.)

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11. The Only Thing we Ship as Much as Pricefield is Max and her Polaroid Camera

Max Caulfield ShirtSource: amazon.com
Sometimes I wonder if Life is Strange actually boosted the sales of vintage Polaroid cameras, because I have seen them around over the last year and the last thing knew, they’d been discontinued. It was, indeed, a sad day in the life of 90’s kids whose first camera was one of those. Granted, I never used my camera as well as Max did. For the most part, I took artsy shots of the ceiling by accident, and then there was that one rogue Hanson poster that was a sign of the times. But hey, we can’t all be everyday heroes like Max Caulfield.

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12. But Chloe Will Always be the One For Her

Chloe Price ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Look at her! The artist has kind of made her look like she belongs in the Legend of Zelda games on this t-shirt and I gotta tell you, I’m not mad about it. The Life is Strange community is full of such talented people. All of the Life is Strange shirts we’ve seen today have been only a fraction of the cool stuff out there and we can’t wait to see what else comes with the second season. ESPECIALLY HINT IF PRICEFIELD HINT ARE IN IT HINT. And also married. Please?

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