The BEST Game of Thrones Merchandise in Westeros

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Here we are in the transitory phase between seasons, which is always a huge kick in the nuts for Monday morning water cooler talk.

Game of Thrones has bonded us and divided us, but one thing is for sure: We’ve enjoyed every stinkin’ minute of it.

While we wait for Season 8 of Game of Thrones to start, we figured, what’s the harm in indulging in a little Game of Thrones merchandise together?

1. Wisdom (and Wit) Comes in Small Packages

Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister BookSource:
Tyrion Lannister isn’t just loved because of his womanizing, his drinking, or the fact that he (and sometimes his brother) are possibly the only decent people the Lannister house has produced. He’s loved because, despite his size, he’s everything that most of us wish we could be. If you’re looking for a literary venture, go with George’s actual books! This is a cute little coffee table book full of gems like, “An honest kiss, a little kindness, everyone deserves that much, however big or small.” He’s not wrong.

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2. Stop the Night Being Dark and Full of Terrors, Once and For All

Stark Crest LampSource:
Most of us are up to date on the show lore, and throughout, the Starks have endured going through Hell and back. (Quite literally in the case of Jesus Snow). Arya might just be one of the most powerful and wise warriors in the kingdom, Sansa has taken the helm from her mother and father beautifully, and now Jon is doing the dirty with the dragon queen. (I know, I know, his aunt). Light up your Game of Thrones marathons with this Stark crest; a great piece of Game of Thrones merchandise.

Get the Stark Crest Lamp on

3. We Clearly Need a Plush of the Man Himself

Talking George R. R. Martin PlushSource:
Do you love GRRM for creating Game of Thrones? Are you annoyed he hasn’t written the next book in the series yet and are convinced now that he probably never will? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS GEORGE R. R. MARTIN PLUSH. Cuddle him when you’re happy, throw him against the wall when you’re desperate for more stories, you can literally do anything. (This would also make a great gift for any Game of Thrones fan).

Get the Talking George R. R. Martin Plush on

4. Think You Know Everything There is to Know About Westeros?

A Game of Thrones Trivia GameSource:
Think again. No, really. Think hard. You’re gonna need to if you plan on acing this Game of Thrones (ha) against your friends. Look at this piece of Game of Thrones merchandise as a prelude to your Game of Thrones parties: Get your alcohol, get your snacks; see who can capture the Iron Throne, and see who comes last. It’s basically Trivial Pursuit, murder and betrayal style. (Isn’t that why we love Game of Thrones?)

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5. This Replica Coin is OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Merchandise

Faceless Man CoinSource:
We’ve learned not to judge people by their size thanks to Tyrion, and we should make sure that rolls over into the realm of Game of Thrones collectibles. Make the Arya Stark in your life happy by giving her (or him) their Braavosi token that will give them safe passage. This coin is FULLY licensed and is the same coin that George R. R. Martin gives out to people at comic cons. Like Tyrion and Arya both, it’s pretty special.

Get the replica Faceless Man Coin on

6. Have a Sip From This Glass Whenever Anybody Questions Your Smarts

Drink and Know Things GlassSource:
Tyrion drinks and knows things and we, too, can know things and drink whatever kind of liquid we want from a gorgeous stemless wine glass that… doesn’t have to carry wine at all. I use mugs for wine, why shouldn’t I use this for iced coffee? I love this quote and it was so clever to put it on a glass. Let me raise mine to whoever came up with it, and… also mention that it’s on my wishlist.

Get this Lannister Wine Glass on

7. Need a Helping Hand For Your Bottles?

Game of Thrones Bottle OpenerSource:
Utilize this Game of Thrones bottle opener in true Baratheon fashion, It’s based on a replica of the pin worn by a whole host of characters on the show, except it opens beer (or coke!) bottles as quickly as possible when you’re mainlining your favorite show or waiting for your game to load. If you’re crafty, you can even have it function as a nail cleaner, as well. Waste not, want not. You’re the King, after all.

Get this Game of Thrones Bottle Opener on

8. Get a Load of the Brienne of Tarth Action Figure

Brienne of Tarth Action FigureSource:
There’s a high-to-gigantic chance I mentioned this in our Game of Thrones Pop vinyls article (which has a hella-neat selection to peruse), but Brienne of Tarth is one of my favorite characters. Sandwiched between Melisandre and Arya, I’d say she’s in good company. The Brienne action figure bears a great likeness to the gorgeous Gwendoline Christie whose Captain Phasma is rumored to have a MUCH bigger role in The Last Jedi (I can’t wait!!!) Being in Game of Thrones and Star Wars pretty much makes you geek royalty, right?

Get the Brienne of Tarth Action Figure on

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9. Jon Snow’s Backpack Looks REALLY Awesome

Jon Snow BackpackSource:
He can’t carry his sword or shield in it, but we can fit anything from our time into it that we want. Our laptop, our books; smartphone, tablet, multiple chargers, wallet. We’ve got it made, so it’s only right that Jon gives up his backpack to people who might actually use it. He’s not a baby. He’s almost died as many times as Buffy.

Get the Jon Snow Backpack on

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10. This Season 5 Tyrion Poster is One of the Series’ Best

Tyrion Lannister PosterSource:
The lion vs the dragon had everyone talking about whether or not season 5 was the season that Tyrion and Daenerys Targaryen would finally cross paths after he was kicked out of Kings Landing. It’s just a really awesome poster that catches your eye whether you’re into Game of Thrones or not (similar to the raven one that inspired one of these Game of Thrones necklaces). Really cool piece of Game of Thrones merch.

Get this Tyrion Lannister Poster on

11. Rest Easy With Drogon By Your Side

Giant Drogon PlushSource:
As you can see, this Drogon plush is gigantic, making him a wonderful cuddle or Netflix buddy. You’re never too old for a good plush, and when you’re a geek, you get to hold onto your youth even longer without anybody making any comments. And, if they do, it’s gonna be a good comment because this guy is so cool. I legit want him. It’s good he can’t breathe fire but it’d be pretty cool if he could (in wide, wide open spaces).

Get the Giant Drogon Plush on

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12. The North Remembers is a Phrase Close to My Heart

House Stark Fleece BlanketSource:
It’s nice to have a story that either knowingly or unknowingly tackles class in England. I was born in the north, so I’d technically either be a Stark or under their rule. It’s cold and we’re much poorer than those in Kings Landing but from all of that, there’s a spirit that’s built that can’t quite be ditched. You don’t even realize it’s inside you until you venture outside of it. That’s why the Starks of Winterfell are so great, and when it’s cold outside this year, you can wrap yourself up nice and warmly in a blanket dedicated to their name.

Get this House Stark Fleece Blanket on

13. Indulge in a Fancy Baratheon Cushion

Baratheon Shield PillowSource:
You’ve got the Stark blanket, you’ve got your Lannister wine glass and your Drogon plush if you’re to collect the whole set you might as well do it the Baratheon way and put your comfort at the top of your priorities. You can treat yourself sometimes! It’s hard to believe, especially when there are so many cool geeky gifts out there in the world but, I mean, that’s why we’re here, to bring you the best and Renly Baratheon was just that.

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14. A Stein for All Seasons!

House Stark SteinSource:
So, here’s my funny stein-related story, which is funny to me and likely not to anyone else. As I was going through all the Game of Thrones merchandise to pick out my favorites, it was the steins that stood out because yes, they’re cool, and yes, it would be cool to swill beer in them like Vikings, but I realized that really this is the size of mug I should have for my coffee. I should have a STEIN for my coffee. Then, I could technically cut down on cups consumed…

Get the House Stark Stein on

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15. Sean Bean’s Character’s Memory Lives On

Eddard Stark Mobile or iPad CaseSource:
We’ve said before, Sean Bean dies in, like, everything. Lord of the Rings, (sort of) Silent Hill, Game of Thrones. EVERYTHING. But that’s what you get for simply walking into Mordor. Ed Stark accomplished a lot in his short time on our screens, and with this iPad or iPhone cover, you can honor his memory in the best way you know how: By taking him with you everywhere! He may not have been able to save himself or his kingdom, but he sure can save your devices.

Get the Eddard Stark Mobile or iPad Case on