18 Mario Kart Gifts that Are Spiny Shell Levels of Awesome

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I have two words scarier than any horror movie. Ready? You sure? Alright, let’s do it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. They are — bum bum buuuum — Rainbow Road. They’re words that have been known to incite fear and rage into everyone that’s ever picked up a Nintendo controller.

Whatever your age, most of us geeks have experience with Mario Kart and so we here at Discover Geek have found a bunch of Mario Kart gifts that will make you go, “Wa-hoo!” (Maybe in an Italian accent, maybe not.)

1. “They See Toad Rollin’, They Hatin'” 8-bit Pixel Print

8-bit Pixel Mario Kart Art PrintSource: society6.com
Pixel sprites transposed into a photograph makes one of the coolest Super Mario Gifts for art lovers. The best part being that Mario himself has it on his wall to relive the time he threw a banana peel in front of Bowser. I’d call that cheating.

Get the Mario Kart 8-Bit Pixel Art Print on society6.com

2. Super Mario Driving School Test License Tee

Super Mario Driving School Test ShirtSource: teepublic.com
What do you do when a mushroom cuts you off? Be warned that if you use the green shell on me, I’m hoarding a blue one to knock ya ass out. I don’t care where you learned to drive.

Get the Mario Kart Driving School Shirt on teepublic.com

3. I’m Sorry, Mario, but Your Princess is in Another Poster

Mario Kart Peach PosterSource: www.etsy.com
Looking delectable, I might add. Peach was always my go-to pick for battles on the ’64. In later years, I switched to Wario to match my soul, but my heart’s still got a Princess shape in it. This video game wall art would upgrade any wall.

Get the Mario Kart Princess Peach Poster on etsy.com

4. Mario Kart Cast Tee (and Full Body Design, You Say??)

Mario Kart Characters ShirtSource: rageon.com
As per, Mario’s in front, but I’ll let it slide (and him on a banana) because of just how awesome a print this is.

Get the Mario Kart Characters All-Over Print on rageon.com

5. Blue Shell Tee: Catastrophically Destroying Friendships Since the 80’s

Mario Kart Blue Shell ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Lord Hail Spiny Shell: tool of champions and champion of tools. Used well, there’s no way they’ll catch up to you. BFF way ahead of you? Take a deep breath and let it go (right into the back of their dumb green kart.)

Get the Blue Shell Shirt on teepublic.com

6. Mario SNES Pixel Shadow Rendered 3D Box Art

Mario Kart Shadow Box ArtSource: www.etsy.com
I can see that measly whateverasaur from here and he is triggering me. (I’m not bitter, you’re bitter.) Least it comes with a badass frame to protect him from my wrath. And thank God ’cause it’s beautiful.

Get the Super Mario Kart 3D Shadow Box Diorama on etsy.com

7. Super Mario Kart Character Selection Tee

Super Mario Kart Character Selection ShirtSource: www.fifthsun.com
To this day — even with google, of which I have clearly not done — I find myself wondering if each character is different to control. It feels that way but the power of suggestion is a thing and maybe DK just looks like he’d be too heavy for 180° turns.

Get the Mario Kart Character Selection Shirt on fifthsun.com

8. Mario vs the Thwomps K’NEX Building Set

Mario Kart K'Nex ToySource: www.amazon.com
I’m torn between really, really wanting this set and really, really needing it. It is the COOLEST. Could I crush Mario once and for all?

Get the Mario Kart K’NEX Kit on amazon.com

9. Watercolor Your World with This Mario Kart Parody Art

Mario Kart Parody ArtSource: www.etsy.com
It’s a print that looks like it could fit perfectly on the walls of the Musée d’Orsay or the Tate, except it’s got Mario and his cronies on it. Vincent Van Who?

Get the Mario Kart Parody Art on etsy.com

10. Sculpted Mario Go!!! Zoom Zoom Car

Mario Kart Carrera GoSource: www.amazon.com
Spice up your Carrera slot car tracks with the cast of Mario Kart. Why wouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you? I accept all answers as 1000 word essays because if you wouldn’t, you’re wrong!!!

Get Mario Kart for Carrera Go on amazon.com

11. Mario Kart “Dark Side of the Box” T-Shirt

Mario Kart Box ShirtSource: teepublic.com
I don’t want to be the one to tell you this (I don’t want to be held accountable by your mother/bae), but if you play Peach Floyd’s Dark Side of the Box with your last replay of Rainbow Road, you will summon Satan.

Get the Mario Kart Box Shirt on teepublic.com

12. Blue Meanie Seeks to Destroy You Notebook

Blue Shell NotebookSource: teepublic.com
Or just the hands that hold it. This notebook unleashes a spiny shell when opened by anyone else. #justsayin

Get the Blue Shell Notebook on teepublic.com

13. A Mario Kart Tee Whose Design you DON’T Want to See on Your Twitter Feed

Blue Shell Tweet ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Or, if you’re like me and enjoy chaos and key smashes, maybe you do. This tee is probably my favorite so far. It tingled me.

Get the Blue Shell Twitter Shirt on teepublic.com

14. This Mario Kart Kooper Trooper Shirt Be Kool

Mario Kart Kooper Trooper ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com
Yaaaaaaaas, as the kids say. I mean, what can I, other than #squadgoals?

Get the Mario Kart Villains Shirt on teepublic.com

15. Mario Road Rage Laptop Case

Mario Kart Laptop CaseSource: teepublic.com
The least a girl can do is honk their horn before racing past you to blow up the person at the front of the line. Manners, HELLO.

Get the Mario Kart Laptop Case on teepublic.com

16. Distressed 8-bit Pixel Mario Vintage-feel Tee

Mario Kart Pixel ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Once upon a time, Mario had only two dimensions. Is it one dimension? I don’t know dimensions. Fan of the retro style? Then you’ll love this Mega Man Merchandise. I know I think of him like this when I dream of him at night.

Get the Pixel Mario Kart Shirt on teepublic.com

17. Mad Mario: Fury Road Fandom Mash-Up Mug

Mario Kart Mad Max MugSource: teepublic.com
This is  Geek-ception and I am living. It’s-a-Mad Max! What we all really want to know is, Peach is Furiosa, right??

Get the Mario Mad Max Mug on teepublic.com

18. Retro Mario Kart Tee with “Rainbow Road” Neon Design

Mario Kart Rainbow Road ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Fffffffffff. A tribute to — as previously mentioned — the only thing eviler than spiny shells, this hella-amaze design combines our fave Mario characters with their signature colours and makes for the best companion piece to a blazer and/or overalls. Trust.

Get the Rainbow Road Shirt on teepublic.com