The Best Fallout Merchandise On The Web

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Fallout Shelter came out not too long ago and I keep seeing it pop up on Steam, which tempts me until I remember the best part about the Fallout games for me is the gun fights…

It is a great series of games though. Cooler still is the amount of merchandise that’s out there. Take a peek at these Fallout Bobbleheads you wouldn’t want to miss, then have a look and see what other Fallout merchandise we’ve found to help you spread your love to the unanointed?

1. Fallout Monopoly: Finance For The Whole Family!!

Fallout MonopolySource:
I mean, I say fun. All really depends on the type of family yours is and whether or not you collect cash when you land on free parking. (Why wouldn’t you?)

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2. Pack Up Your Lunchables In A Fallout Tin Tote

Fallout LunchboxSource:
It’s just like the ones that can be found in the game, but with food in it, you can actually eat if you’ve put it in there before you open it.

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3. Stay Haute Couture Next Winter In This Vault 111  Hoodie

Fallout HoodieSource:
Or if you’re cold blooded like I am, why wait until then? Turn around and look in the mirror; it looks amazing on you.

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4. Keep Your Coins Close In This Power Armor Helmet Piggybank

Fallout CoinbankSource:
And your notes closer, in the previously mentioned tin tote. All bases are covered and it’s safer than it’d be in the bank these days.

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5. Cuddly Fallout Merchandise: A Dogmeat Plush To Be Your Companion For Life

Fallout Dog PlushSource:
Did you really expect me to trade a cute, obedient dog in for a robot with dad jokes? Hell to the no. Dogmeat is all that matters to me. Above any of your settlements. WE WILL DIE AS ONE. (And I shall cuddle him.)

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6. This Fallout T-Shirt Shows Just What Us Girls Are Capable Of

The guns will actually work when unwarranted cat calls are thrown our way as well. You think that’d end in a post-apocalyptic world…

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7. Take Your Thermos To Work In A Vault 111 Backpack

Fallout BackpackSource:
Roomy enough for that and your notebook, strapping it on could have you playing make believe with yourself within seconds. Until you’re given the side eye on your commute. Spoilsports.

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8. Deadpool?? I Think You’re On The Wrong Garment, This Is A Fallout Shirt

Fallout Deadpool ShirtSource:
But I have to admit, you do look mighty fine for an obnoxious troll. Way better than Wolverine. No matter what you mix with Deadpool, you just can’t go wrong with Deadpool stuff.

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9. Store Your Cards In A Fallout Wallet

Fallout WalletSource:
Just consider it a contingency plan. When the banks shut down (already happened) and the market crashes (…also happened) you’ll have three whole bucks, an old receipt, and a Starbucks loyalty card to barter with.

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10. Why Not Nom Your Breakfast From This Fallout 4 Cereal Bowl?

Fallout Cereal BowlSource:
The idea of Sugar Bombs tingles me and it’s 5.30 in the afternoon. That’s how good cereal is, and for some reason, when eaten from this bowl it tastes soo much better.

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11. Eat, Sleep And Science With Your Notebook In This Fallout Laptop Case

Fallout Laptop CaseSource:
Any combination of the three will do, really. I hear Newton discovered gravity not with an apple, but in the middle of a dream about cake.

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12. Take A Quantum Leap In This All-Over-Print Fallout T-Shirt

Fallout Allover PrintSource:
And do it in style, flexing your pecs (and/or your boobs) to make her face move in a variety of different ways. Fun for most of the family.

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13. Love The Music Of Fallout? The Official Fallout Soundtrack Should Do The Trick For You

Fallout Vinyl SoundtrackSource:
The question isn’t only what collection is cooler: Fallout Merchandise or BioShock merchandise? I’m also not too sure which game would win in a battle of soundtracks between Fallout and Bioshock, but I do know whenever a big band song comes on, I’m in heaven.

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14. Tuck Yourself In With A Fallout Blanket

Fallout BeddingSource:
Your mom thinks you’re special because you are, honey. Because nobody has a blanket quite like this yet and we all want to be the first.

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15. Forget Netflix When A Mentats Tee Is In Town

Fallout ShirtSource:
Fallout merchandise that also brings you a nice, drug-pushing message? If I said yes, would you hold the Mentats against me (my mouth)?

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16. This Personal Pip-Boy Replica LEGIT Works

Fallout Pip-Boy ReplicaSource:
That’s right, friends and vault-neighbors. You can get your hands on your own Pip-Boy. For her pleasure. You can play music on it, take calls, or teleport. (Well you can!)

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17. Get Some Fizz On Your Body By Wearing A Nuka-Cola Shirt

Nuka Cola ShirtSource:
Officially licensed Fallout Merchandise, I’m pretty sure you won’t find as neat a vintage-look Fallout top as this one. Red, Sir, is definitely your color.

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18. Dress Up Your Walls With This Nuka-Cola Blaster And Mount

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Blaster Source:
This blaster could an awesome addition to your zombie survival kit. Its design is taken from the actual ads from the video game, which makes it a replica you sincerely don’t want to miss out on.

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19. Monopoly Not Your Thing? How About A Game Of Fallout Yahtzee?

Fallout YahtzeeSource:
The dice holder could even come in handy on a spike outside your house. You know, just to show the neighbors what you’re capable of when you’re really inside playing games.

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20. Fallout 4’s Pulp Fiction Collection Now Exists As A Poster

Fallout PosterSource:
The book covers are a barrel of laughs a second. While the Tesla one was my favorite of them all, Coiffe massively appealed to my narcissistic sensibilities. You can’t go wrong with some cool video game wall art.

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21. Back To The Fallout Tote Bag

Fallout Back to the Future ToteSource:
Marty McFly was the voice of a generation, and now he gets to be the voice of a generation 320 years into the future. Man, doesn’t it make you just want to cry with joy?

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