12 Awesome Wonder Woman T-shirts for Wonderful Women

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Wonder Woman is one of our favorites at DGHQ. If the past articles we’ve run are anything to say about it — Wonder Woman mugs and Wonder Woman action figures — it’s gonna be exactly that.

We’re happy the world feels the same way. Patty Jenkins’ foray into the Wondy world made for the best DCU movie ever and we want MORE.

Here are 12 of the best Wonder Woman t-shirts out there in the geekosphere. After all, we need something to pass until it’s time for a sequel.

1. Just In Case You Feel Intimidated, Here’s a Reminder That You Should Be

Wonder Woman Tshirt DCSource: Superhero Stuff

This girl plays rough and then some. And did I mention she's the strongest, best, most powerful hero in the Justice League? No, seriously. Wondy's powers are purely due to her strength. Batman's gear is made because he has money, Superman is...

...The Flash is fast, and Aquaman is... er, isn't he a Dothraki? Uh, anyway. Wonder Woman is plainly and simply her and she could save them all. And beat them at the box office. [titter titter] By, like, a lot. I am just kidding about the Dothraki though, here's some Game of Thrones merchandise to make up for it.

Get this vintage look Wonder Woman tshirt on superherostuff.com

2. Wonder Woman is Awesome, Therefore Wonder Woman T-Shirts are Awesome

Wonder Woman Tshirt RaglanSource: Amazon

It's simple math. Even though I suck at math, I know that and I know Pi (and awesome Pi gifts) and I maybe know how to access the calculator app with one hand on my iPhone.

I know, Katniss. I'm a talent. As far as Wonder Women t-shirts go, I'd say you can't get better than this... except for the other eleven on this list. Its raglan style is uniquely different to a lot of superhero shirts out there and you know us geeks, we sure like being different. Like, I genuinely love this Wondy shirt. Like, cosplaying BloodRayne as a cosplayer love it.

Get this badass Wonder Woman raglan t-shirt on amazon.com

3. You Can’t Wash Away Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman tshirt profileSource: Superhero Stuff

The designs on a couple of these Wonder Woman t-shirts are done using the kind of ink that doesn't fade or wash off, which is kind of something I wish all shirts and sweaters had. I've lost so many band tees and geek tees both as victims of the big bad necessity that it is to launder. The last thing you need when you have a shirt you really freakin' love is to have it start to peel with every wash and then more and more until Spider-Man's face looks like Deadpool without the mask. We can say that. The trailer for the second movie looks not-so-good.

Get the new Wonder Woman profile tee on superherostuff.com

4. There Should Be a LEGO DC Bombshells Movie

Wonder Woman tshirts DC Bombshells shirtSource: Zavvi

You geeklets might have noticed that we've had a lot of LEGO Batman gifs in our articles as of late. That would be because one of us (me) finally saw it for the first time (I know) two weeks ago, and is now convinced (could write a dissertation on it) that it's the best Batman movie since the Nolan ones and does the best tribute to the comics without forgetting any of the movie or TV Batman incarnations. It's so clever and hilarious and I figure if DC were to put their faith in LEGO versions of their films instead of Ben Affleck, Marvel would have a strong contender. I'd just like a DC's Bombshells movie or series in general. I'm not picky.

Get DC's Bombshells Wonder Woman tshirt on zavvi.com

5. No, Seriously, Petition for a LEGO Wonder Woman Movie… or ALL the Comic Book Movies

Wonder Woman tshirts vintage retro comic book shirtsSource: Superhero Stuf

If you guy ever played the LEGO Avengers game, there's a gigantic chance you're gonna agree with me on anything I say on this topic. It was so fun even though, at the time, I didn't really know how good a LEGO movie would be. I mean, they were blocks. Turns out the movies are just as fun and good as that video game was and it's confusing to me why they'll think up a bunch of movies to make into a series (Dark Universe, anyone?) that don't even work on their own. LEGO movies would be a huge opportunity and maybe they're making them already, but if not, they should be. Oh, and this Wonder Woman t-shirt is also sublimated with the cool ink, meaning again, there'll be no washing off.

Get this comic book Wonder Woman tshirt on superherostuff.com

6. Wonder Woman: Reflecting a Girl’s Potential Since 1941

logo Wonder Woman tshirtsSource: Amazon

I love this Wonder Woman t-shirt. I also love everything she stands for as a symbol. Captain America may be a wartime vision of the country and a sign of the importance of patriotism to Americans, but Wonder Woman was everything to every little girl, whether they were into comics or not. It's important to have role models and people that look like you or you relate to. When I was a kid, I had She-Ra (obsessed), the girl Thundercats (DUDE) and the two girl Power Rangers (so much better than the guys), and kids now, again, have Wonder Woman. Heck, thanks to the movie, kids, and adults do. (PS, check out these Power Rangers pops while you're here).

Get the Wonder Woman shiny logo shirt on amazon.com

7. Why Would You Wanna Fight Like Anything Else?

Wonder Woman tshirts comic book teesSource: Teepublic

You know how when, in movies -- not sure if it happens in real life anymore, but it wouldn't surprise me -- some dude gets in a fight with another dude and one remarks that the other "fights like a girl"? What does that even mean? The way I see it, if you fight like some girls, it'll mean a long, logical conversation to work things out. Maybe it'll be some cattiness. Maybe, even, it'll be them kicking the asses of an entire army while Chris Pine watches in awe. You just don't know, do you?

Get this long-sleeved Wonder Woman tee on teepublic.com

8. Pretty Sure You’re Not Gonna Argue with Wondy, Batgirl and Supergirl

Girls Rule Wonder Woman tshirts Batgirl shirtsSource: Superhero Stuff

I admit it, I put this Wonder Woman tee (and Batgirl and Supergirl, I didn't forget them but this is about Wonder Woman t-shirts and the world's love of Diana Prince) on here right after the fighting like a girl one to make a few statements. (Funnily enough, that's exactly what both of them will do). We used to say this in school all the time, so I'm gonna put money on Batgirl coming up with this. Mostly because she was in the LEGO Batman movie and, well, see #5...

Get this Women of DC t-shirt on superherostuff.com

9. You’ll Be a Star in This Wonder Woman T-Shirt

Wonder Woman tshirts wondy logo shirtSource: Amazon.com

And once again, Bioworld comes top of the pile in "t-shirts I want for Christmas, family, and friends and Amazon wishlist, please and thanks". I love their Wonder Woman t-shirts, literally all of them, but this one stood out to me for its design. There are so many Wonder Woman shirts out there on the market that have one single logo. Even if they're designed differently, it's always just the one logo. This one is just different enough to appeal to my "standing out from the crowd when I like something other people like sensibilities". Because that's a thing.

Get this starry Wonder Woman tshirt on amazon.com

10. Number One Rule of Being an Effective Superhero is to Wear Your Costume Underneath Your Clothes

Wonder Woman costume shirtSource: Superhero Stuff

I know that it's kind of one of those things that's associated with Superman, but we don't talk about him here since he cough-died-cough. Discover Geek is a spoiler-free zone, which is more that can be said for the trailers that are around these days. I love this Wonder Woman t-shirt, even if it's kind of a novelty design. It's so fun and different that it'd be a crime not to own it or wear it. I mean, what's better than a shirt that can actually make you feel like Wonder Woman?

Get this Wonder Woman costume shirt on superherostuff.com

11. Logos Fade, but Wonder Woman is Forever

retro Wonder Woman tshirtsSource: Amazon

The trend of 70's style ringer tees and summer tees that's been a thing the last couple of years is not something you'll ever hear me complaining about. It's nice to have a little color in your wardrobe. Just look at Batman! He has costumes that are every shade of black and even a bit of grey. Such a colorful character. Jokes aside (he doesn't have any grey), but this Wonder Woman t-shirt makes me think of summer and, at this time of year, all that glitters isn't gold, but a complaint about the cold. Or dark (k)nights.

Get this cute retro Wonder Woman tshirt on amazon.com

12. Being a Hit at the Gym Will Be Easy in This

Wonder Woman tank topSource: Superhero Stuff

This tank is the freakin' bomb, and you're gonna die of awe when you see the open back. This is a tank top worthy of the Amazons and the catwalks of Themyscira and it's one that I'd like to wear 27/7. What was it I said about laundry? Does it count if I shower twice a day between Paladins matches? Wondy looks amazing on it and I don't think it's wrong to say she'd wear it herself. Just... she'd look so much better than the rest of us, so she can't have it.

Get this awesome Wonder Woman tank top on superherostuff.com

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