9 Green Arrow Hoodies That Won’t Fail this City

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I saw a funny comic strip the other day of Batman moping over something (probably his parents – again) and the Green Arrow popping in from the back seat to rag on him.

It was awesome.

We’ve covered Oliver Queen before in our Green Arrow action figures article, so we thought we’d give some more love to one of DC’s most underrated superheroes with some cool Green Arrow hoodies.

Check them out!

1. This Paint Splatted Hoodie Looks Awesome

Paint Splatter Green Arrow HoodieSource: rageon.com
The designs on Rage On! are brilliant, since they subscribe to having an almost fully “all over print” cache of stuff. That makes them really good for if you’re looking to be super unique. (Or just super). This one is really cool because unless you either know or actively tell someone that this is from a collection of Green Arrow hoodies, they won’t necessarily realize. You’ve gotta love making people think.

Get Paint Splatter Green Arrow Hoodie on rageon.com

2. Starling City Archery Club “Official” Hoodie

Arrow Archery Club HoodieSource: teepublic.com
In our Everyone’s A Winner society, you don’t have to be all that good at archery to attend this place to get the hoodie. You just have to join and then buy it. Because them’s the breaks, geeklets, and there’s got to be some explanation as to why Aqualad exists. You could, of course, skip activities altogether and get it straight from the source. I have a NASA bomber jacket that I simply adore.

I mean what, no, I’m an astronaut…

Get the Arrow Archery Club Hoodie on teepublic.com

3. Green Arrow Costume Hoodie

Green Arrow Costume HoodieSource: rageon.com
While this isn’t fully a costume hoodie the way one of the others we’ve picked out for this is, it does give you the feeling of it being one. The Green Arrow has a distinctive style, whatever color he’s repping that day, and of all the Green Arrow hoodies that are blatantly just that, this is one of the coolest ones. Come to think of it, if you wore this, you could just turn up to see the Flash and he wouldn’t notice you weren’t him. Maybe the kid needs Adderall?

Get this Be the Green Arrow Hoodie on rageon.com

4. This Green Arrow Hoodie has a Cool Yin/Yang Design

Yin Yang Green Arrow HoodieSource: teepublic.com
The point of the yin yang is balance. That’s what it comes down to. You find with superheroes sometimes, them and the supervillain balance each other out. Batman and the Joker: The Knight who works with the cops and the psychopathic madman. There’s even balance to the Force in Star Wars. A person is neither light nor dark. Rather, it’s the path they choose. Deathstroke is that for the Green Arrow, and this hoodie design plays on that well.

Get the Yin Yang Arrow Hoodie on teepublic.com

5. And this One Just Has the Arrow

Archer Green Arrow HoodieSource: amazon.com
…because sometimes, he’s all you need. Outside of the X-Men, there’s really only a few colors that heroes wear. If it’s not black, it’s either primary or secondary or some mixture of the two. I’ve mentioned it before but I love the color green and think it’s totally underused. It looks so good on black, which makes this design stand out for miles. It’s also got a zipper on it. You know, in case you don’t want to mess up your hair before you kick ass.

Get the Archer Green Arrow Hoodie on amazon.com

6. You Failed this City on Rock and Roll

Green Arow Failed this City HoodieSource: rageon.com
Is that not how the Jefferson Starship song goes? No? When it comes to catchphrases, “You have failed this city” is the closest thing Arrow has. It’s pretty funny though. There should be a drinking game where, whenever it’s mentioned in a game or TV series, you do a shot. Especially if you’re one of the bad guys Oliver Queen has said it to and are now sitting around together with popcorn. Damn, there must be a lot of you now.

Get Green Arrow Failed this City Hoodie on rageon.com

7. That’s Not a Moon! It’s a– Oh, it’s Deathstroke

Green Arrow Vigilante HoodieSource: teepublic.com
I loved the design on this Green Arrow hoodie the first time I saw it, mostly because of the sneakily hidden Deathstroke mask in the sky behind the Green Arrow and Star City. Does that mean, this time, that he’s the one who’s failed the city? If there’s a giant face in the sky, I’d imagine everything isn’t all peaches and cream. Right, jellybeans?

Get the Green Arrow Vigilante Hoodie on teepublic.com

8. Deathstroke Even Has His Own Hoodie

Deathstroke HoodieSource: teepublic.com

So, you know, if you’re a massive fan of Arrow but not that massively into him as a superhero, you’re probably gonna be an intense Deathstroke fan when the next season comes out. If you’re not already, that is. You can also get this one in different colors, so you don’t have to be married to the blue. As a villain-lover, you don’t have to be married to anything. That’s why the Suicide Squad exists. For us.

Shame about the movie, though…

Get this Deathstroke Hoodie on teepublic.com

9. The Aforementioned Green Arrow Hoodie

Green Arrow Leather Costume HoodieSource: amazon.com

The costume one! Saving the best ’til last, like Vanessa Williams said at some point in the 80’s-slash-early 90’s. I think it was 80’s, but what do I know without looking at google (wrong in pop quizzes, wrong when tangentially discussing how much I like the Green Arrow’s outfits and how much I want them). While not technically a hoodie, this costume one ticks all the boxes. It’s leather, it’s the Green Arrow’s actual color palette, and most importantly, it looks like it was plucked from the shelves at Acne. I hear that’s a brand.

As a side, you can get four differently designed Green Arrow hoodies/jackets. Check out these geek hoodies to see a couple more!

Get the Green Arrow Leather Costume Hoodie on amazon.com