9 Halo Action Figures to Bring Down the Covenant With

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Beyonce can see halos, but the jury is still out on whether she was talking about the game series or not. Because of the variety of killer Halo action figures out there, I’m gonna say she was.

I mean, what other halos are there?

It takes a certain kind of gamer to be bomb (no pun intended) at Halo, but that doesn’t mean I don’t totally love the series or that I wouldn’t own every single one of these Halo action figures…

1. I Don’t Think You Want to Mess With the Master

anniversary halo action figureSource: Amazon

I know I don't. I also know that I want his weapon in "human" size, but I feel like he might have a massive problem with that and it's best to let him be. Master Chief's design was based on the kind of character that Clint Eastwood used to play back in the day. Before he was a director, you know. Like Booker DeWitt in the BioShock franchise, Chief's a super-soldier of not many words. But honestly, words aren't massively needed when you look this good. Just ask Groot (and these Groot shirts).

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2. Spartan Buck’s Entrance Theme is Beyonce (That Doesn’t Make Him Less Hardcore)

spartan buck halo action figureSource: Amazon

Beyonce keeps coming up because as well as being a great singer with killer songs, angels are now outnumbered when it comes to the word halo. If it's not about her or the Halo video game franchise, I suppose it'll be about those glowing, gold circle things they wear. (Although Mercy from Overwatch still looks pretty awesome in hers, and if you're an Overwatch fan, you might wanna check out these Overwatch shirts or Overwatch phone cases). Anyway, who can hold it against Buck if he wants to dance?

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3. GOLD (Halo Action Figures) Always Believe in Your Soul

custom gold mcfarlane toys halo action figureSource: Amazon

Smaug isn't the only creature in the geekosphere who loves gold. In fact, there are more who love it than don't, and C3-PO is a prime example of how much of an improvement it can make on your personality. (I'm kidding, Threepio is one of my favorites, as I've mentioned a bunch in our Star Wars articles like Star Wars posters and Star Wars pops). Everyone loves gold a little bit, so this Halo action figure should be prime for the choosing.

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4. The Master Chief is Modeling for Halo Fashion Week’s Latest Brand

master chief halo action figure removable cloakSource: Amazon

When one is the main protagonist in a video game, one must ask themselves, "How can I disguise myself so I can go to Best Buy without being spotted?" A cloak is generally a good idea if you ask Harry Potter (or one of these Harry Potter wands), although I'm not too sure if one this size is gonna work in hiding who Chief is. The guy is huge and cloak is huger. I don't think he thought this through. Good thing it's removable for when he comes to his senses, hey?

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5. You Never Know Who (or What) is Watching

watcher halo action figureSource: Amazon

Would you prefer it to be this guy or Giles from Buffy? ...when you put it that way, I actually can't decide. This Halo action figure comes with a clear base so it can look like it's hovering, as watchers, like drones, tend to do. Obnoxiously. These dudes are exactly the stuff both Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are warning us about when they mention the dangers of AI. Luckily, we have the Terminator from T2 because there was never any other Terminator movie made after that. You got this one, T?  

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6. A Case of Halo Action Figures is My Favorite Joni Mitchell Song

case halo action figures 12"Source: Entertainment Earth

What do you mean, "That's not what it's called"? I don't point out your shortcomings. I mean, that's mostly because you don't have any and, like Siri, I was created to fluff your egos before my own. I'm also here for encouragement and geekery, which is something I feel like, as my fellow geeklets, you understand. Why stop at just one when you can get a host of Halo action figures altogether in one pack? It's a question I'll ask myself all the way to checkout.

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7. Sometimes, it’s the Size That Counts…

master chief 31" halo action figureSource: Entertainment Earth

Sometimes, I stress. Not all the time. As far as Halo action figures go, they're all so neat that each one of them has to have some sort of standout thing to put them at the top of the pile and making one that's 31" is blatantly the number one way to do it. Physically making the biggest Halo action figure? I mean, geez. How didn't anybody think to do this before? Finally, Master Chief gets to stand out amongst the crowd. (Is that sarcasm, you ask? Yes, I do say that it very much is).

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8. Linda Has Something to Say to Anyone That Thinks Girls Can’t Be Gamers

spartan linda halo action figureSource: Amazon

The reveal of Max being MADMAX in Stranger Things and how little the guys believed that a girl could be beating them at an arcade game was far too real. Real enough to warrant the hashtag #2real, girl gamers have always gotten a crappy hand and rep, and most of the time, video games have only one female character to every three guys. (I made up that statistic based on the Left 4 Dead franchise, but... well, all you need do is look). That's why Linda gets a spot on this list. That, and because she's fricken' awesome even as a Halo action figure. Look at those guns. (Oh and PS, Max now has a pop. Take a look at our Stranger Things pops page).

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9. If Carter isn’t Your Favorite, You’re Wrong

commander carter halo action figure halo 3Source: Amazon

That's okay. You can recover from being wrong faster than you can say, "badass Fallout bobbleheads", and that just comes down to personal skill. Carter is one of the oldest characters in the franchise and it shows. His depth way surpasses most human beings outside of the gaming world, which made him the perfect commander for Nobile. Because he is. Carter is a guy who would and does sacrifice himself for the good of the team and leaves you thinking about what would have happened if he was just a tad bit more selfish...

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