12 Harry Potter Wands For Casting Happiness This Christmas

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10 points to whichever house you’re in when you get one of these awesome official replicas for yourself of the Harry Potter fan in your life.

Harry Potter is timeless and if you’re not a Potterhead yourself, you definitely know at least two people who are.

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1. You Can Cast Your Spell to be the Boy Who Lived on This Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potter WandSource: Amazon

I'm not sure if I ever noticed how basic-looking Harry's wand is. I kind of like that because it means that just because he's the "Chosen One", doesn't mean he gets the best-looking wand. Sometimes -- and Harry Potter, in general, is good at this -- it's the least remarkable things that have the most power. Look at Neville Longbottom! I mean, he's clearly remarkable, but in the first few books/movies, you'd never have guessed. Then again, I'm sure to some people this is a Harry Potter wand that looks even nicer than my favorites. Everybody has different tastes, and that's something not even having only four houses can put a limit to.

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2. Or Cast One That Makes You Puke Slugs By Accident

Ron Weasley WandSource: Amazon

Thankfully, this Harry Potter wand isn't Ron's broken one. As true-to-type as that was for Ron Weasley (and I get it because, if I was a character in Harry Potter, I'd be him), he once did have a wand that was in one piece until he was able to get a replacement which he liked even more. (This could be an anecdote that helps people like me deal with loss, but alas, I was too grown when I saw the movies and -- gulp -- have yet to read the books). Since most people are more into Harry or Dumbledore, Ron's wand is pretty rare. Which makes it even cooler, no?

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3. Or One That Makes the Wrong Person Fall For You

Hermione Granger's WandSource: Amazon

It's Ollivan-DER, not Ollivan-DAR. Ironically, this is something I've had to teach myself while searching for these official Harry Potter Wands because, for whatever reason, his name trips up my brain the same way as gyoza, except he's not quite as delicious and I've never tasted wands. If you're a Hermione or know a Hermione, you should probably get or get them this. I'm sure there's some kind of special skill or material in her wand that ensures she knows all of the answers to the questions. Why wasn't she in Ravenclaw, again?

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4. OR Get Snape to Kill You (Spoiler Alert if it’s 2005)

Dumbledore The Elder Wand Harry PotterSource: Amazon

I have to admit, Dumbledore's wand is RAD to look at. Like the other officially licensed Harry Potter wands, this one also comes in a unique Ollivanders box. The majority of wands in this article do, so never fear, you won't get this in the mail covered in bubble wrap and a flimsy envelope. I assure you. Dumbledore's aide (and killer) would never allow that to happen, and if it did, there'd no longer be any kind of postal service.


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5. Speaking of Snape… You Could Easily Cast the Death Spell if You Wanted

snape's wandSource: Amazon

His wand is also as black as he'd prefer his soul to be seen as. I'm confused over how we're supposed to see Snape. Some people think what he did was selfish and he treated Harry the way he did because he reminded him of his father, but he also literally protected him because he was his mother's son. Now, correct me if I'm wrong (or don't, I'm weak and might cry), but that does mean he protected Harry more than he harmed him, right? Maybe the dude just listens to a lot of emo. YOU DON'T KNOW.

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6. But You’d Probably Only Do That on This Wand

Draco Malfoy Replica Harry Potter WandSource: Amazon

If there's anybody's wand that looks more metal than Snape's, it's gonna belong to one of the Malfoys, and that Malfoy, in this instance, is Draco. (I will say, Narcissa and Lucius' wands are really awesome-looking too). Draco Malfoy is sort of misunderstood. A lot of the characters in the story are if you think about it for long enough. Which you're not gonna have the time to do when you're busy staring at your beautiful wand in its beautiful box. You might as well think about it now, just so you know that if you want Malfoy's? It doesn't make you bad. Sssssimply elegant.

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7. If You’re Sirius About Spell Casting, There’s Always This One

Sirius Black Harry Potter Wand Replica OfficialSource: Amazon

Though, if you're a good Hogwarts student, you will be serious about it. To be serious about it is to be a good wizard or witch and to not, well, when was the last time you saw Bellatrix (that wasn't killing Dobby who IS NOT DEAD I REFUSE)? Keeping it in the family, Sirius's wand -- unlike his name -- is a dark brown that goes with the fact that when we were introduced to him, it was in his Padfoot form. And from then on, we never wanted to let him go.

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8. Or This One For… Less Good Magic Stuff…

Voldemort Tom Riddle Harry Potter Wand ReplicaSource: Think Gee

Still magic, of course, but not good magic. Voldemort's wand stands out more than any of the others and now, you can have it to keep him from rising from the grave (again) and getting power over it (again) and everything else he's gotten away with before and, were Harry Potter a Hollywood franchise, would do again and again until nobody can remember what number they're up to. Right, Fast and Furious? (I'm not above giving Vin Diesel these Groot shirts to convince him to spend more time on Groot than cars).

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9. Luna Lovegood’s Wand Will Channel Your Kindness

Luna Lovegood WandSource: Amazon

Sweet, precious Luna Lovegood might have been a latecomer to the series, but she had a connection with Harry that even Ron and Hermione lacked. That connection was loss. Loss never gets Luna down, and she manages to see the good in everyone, everything, and the beauty of the world so much better than any muggle or wizard. Maybe it's the sunglasses she wore that one time that help her to see the world through rose-tinted spectacles, or maybe she's just as awesome as her Harry Potter wand,

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10. Will Ginny’s Wand Choose You?

Ginny Weasley wandSource: Amazon

Ginny Weasley spent way too much time crushing on Harry in the movies that I didn't personally get a sense of who she was as a character. I'm told that it's way different in the books and that makes me like her a little bit more. (Although, after the addition of Erica in Stranger Things, it's more difficult than ever, for any younger sister to compare). There are Ginny fans out there though, so why not make them happy this Christmas while all their friends are getting Harry ones?

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11. Two For the Price of Wand!

Weasley Twins WandsSource: Amazon

You're welcome for that pun. No, really. I've been working on my game. These two Harry Potter ones come as a set because they're wands that belong to Fred and George Weasley; the prankster twins we all love. Mischief will be managed simply by displaying them on the stand that comes with them or if you want to use them to send imps after the neighbor that keeps parking in your spot... I mean, I'm not gonna tell if you won't. And it's not because Snape has sealed my mouth up either.

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12. Be Wan(d) With Dumbledore’s Army

Dumbledore's Army WandsSource: Amazon

Now for the most epic of all epic Harry Potter wands: all of them. Or, at the very least, a whole chunk of them that come together. These six wands are those used by Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville Longbottom, and Luna. So, if you can't choose which you like the most or are part of a group of friends who all love the Hogwarts world, there are no Harry Potter gifts better than this. The display rack even looks like a scroll, and with those six fledgling wizards, Dumbledore's Army has no other choice than to PWN Voldemort & Co.

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