Use These Harry Potter Action Figures as Your Patronus

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Not sure about you, but whenever I see the name Harry Potter, I sing the theme.

This includes in passing myriad tourists lined up at Platform 9 3/4 when I want sushi. Something I hope they appreciate.

Harry Potter is basically our generation’s Narnia, making for amazing stories and even cooler toys.

These Harry Potter action figures are great gifts for every fan of the franchise – no matter their house!

1. Don’t Say This Dude’s Name

Deathly Hallows Voldemort Action FigureSource:
The other day when I was looking for the best Harry Potter action figures I could find, it was the first time I noticed that He Who Shall Not Be Named basically has no nose. Which made no sense, I thought, as he had one when he was Tom Riddle. You can tell I didn’t read the books, I know. In any event, it turns out that the eviler He Who Shall Not Be Named became, the more snakelike he got in his appearance. Since he is, as Kanye would put it, The Greatest Slytherin Of All Time. This action figure has a striking resemblance to no nose Ralph Fiennes and I love it.

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2. I Wand-er What Spell Harry is Casting Here

Goblet of Fire Harry Potter Action FigureSource:
Could it be a spell to bring him coffee first thing on a morning? Is Harry Potter actually the one who controls those moving stairs and pictures? Does he want to enact vengeance upon the family members that kept him under the stairs? (That alone would lead to them putting him under the stairs being his just desserts). Harry looks splendid in this Harry Potter action figure. Wait, wait, wait. Harry looks spell-endid.

You’re welcome.

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3. Pop! Goes the Dumbledore

Professor Dumbledore Pop VinylSource:
When that one book came out like a decade ago, the spoilers spread all over the internet. I thought it was hilarious at the time. Then I had some of my favorite shows spoiled for me and I took it on the nose because hi, karma is kind of a beach! Funko has made some really awesome Harry Potter pops but I only picked a couple of my favorites out here and Dumbledore will never be gone. Not if I can help it.

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4. You Know You Want These Cute Harry Potter Action Figures

Rock Candy Trio FiguresSource:
You can buy each separately or you can buy all three together here for much cheaper than if you did the former, even cheaper than if you bought just two. Bless you, Target. The Rock Candy figures are linked to Funko too, but I wouldn’t say they count as pops since, while cute, they look like they could take Draco Malfoy in a fight. That said, if I had to pick just one, I’d go with Ron.

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5. Are You Jealous of Malfoy’s Action Figure, POTTER?

Draco Malfoy Action FigureSource:
Nobody will hold it against you if you are. Draco comes from a long line of pureblood witches and wizards. His mother is a babe, his dad is a babe, and there’s no combination quite like blonde hair and a nice forest green to cause pain and suffering to those who are less than you. It’s somewhat akin to green and silver, a combo you can see on the Slytherin Harry Potter bracelets too. Actually, maybe the Malfoys are the greatest Slytherins…

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6. Some Old School (of Witchcraft and Wizardry) Action Figures

Retro Harry Potter Action FiguresSource:
Barbie meets G.I. Joe, these Harry Potter action figures are totally different to everything else out there. Like, everything except the next series of them. They’re the perfect toys for younger Harry Potter fans. You can get Ron to chill with Barbie or have Draco hang out with a Monster High doll. Anything is possible where geeky toys are concerned, and since we never grow up, I know what I want for my birthday!

I want a unicorn mug.

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7. Yer a Talking Hagrid, Harry!

Talking Hagrid Action FigureSource:
Yer a talking Hagrid figure that has all the accessories needed to be a collector of fantastic beasts! Hagrid is one of my favorite characters in the series, helped somewhat by the fact that the guy who plays him in the films was also a KGB agent in Goldeneye. (His likeness was also one of the unlockable characters for the N64 multiplayer game which was the last time I had a winning streak on anything). Hagrid is the loveliest, humblest, and the most protective guy around. Helps Harry and the gang that he’s like 10ft tall.

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8. Bellatrix Lestrange got Funky

Bellatrix Lestrange Pop VinylSource:
The crazy relative of Sirius Black is once again out of Azkaban and ready to cause havoc. One has to wonder if she’d get along with people like the Joker or if she’s even too crazy for him. Chances are she is, and chances are she’d love the fact if you told her. Even after what she did to Dobby, I still can’t help but love everything about her. She could plead insanity. That she didn’t mean to do it. That it just happened, was a rash judgment, I don’t know. What I do know is there should be more Bellatrix Harry Potter action figures. Maybe one day. #WheresRey

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9. The Prisoner of Azkaban Demasked

Prisoner of Azkaban Action FigureSource:
While Bellatrix is out once more, roaming Diagon Alley and all of the other places she wants to go — Oxford Street, Rodeo Drive, etc — Sirius is sadly still imprisoned. Remember that feeling at the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban? When you thought Sirius, the wolf, was out to get Harry and the others? That feeling when it turned out that he wasn’t? Azkaban was such a great movie and, I’m sure, book as well. This Sirius figure is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t get over the fabric.

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10. Look Out For Cornish Pixies

Talking Cornish PixieSource:
They’re a barrel of trouble, and they might not be bad the way a lot of the bad guys in Harry Potter are but, by God, do they bite. I’m not unconvinced it wasn’t them who bit Hoggle in Labyrinth. Another species of them at least, ones that swarm around David Bowie which I supposed makes me one. I have no shame. Pixie here is bendable, talks, and will be a great friend to you when you want to play pranks on your friends.

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Find other talking creatures in our Gremlin toys article!

11. Snape in a Cape!

Star Ace Snape FigureSource:
Cowl, probably, is a better way of describing the item of clothing Snape uses to annunciate all of his angered statements toward Harry. “POTTER!” Snape swirls his cowl flamboyantly. “I h8u!” It’s not hard to blame him. It gets annoying when there’s a “chosen one” who everybody loves and helps and whose mother you were totally in love with died because of him. STILL. Snape protected Harry regardless of that, and I still have Feelings about it.

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12. Silly Dobby, Thinking There Wouldn’t Be A Toy of Him

Dobby Action FigureSource:
Dobby’s mannerisms remind me of 2/3 of my country: apologizing for things he did, things he didn’t do, walking with a stoop because he’s been picking up trash from “kids today!” for so long (is that just me?). We all love Dobby the House Elf. If you don’t, you’re wrong, and you must go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

He will, however, not do your chores for you. Which kinda makes his “house elfiness” non-existent. I’ll take what I can get.

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