Harry Potter Jewelry, Direct From Diagon Alley

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When you’re in an elevated position such as being a Gryffindor that doesn’t have to attend Hogwarts and can watch the tourists pose in front of Platform 9 3/4, you have the time to scour for more Harry Potter bracelets.

Where better than Diagon Alley? School is back in season, so it’s only me, the Malfoys, and their secret meetings. The Harry Potter jewelry is all mine…

…and I’m sharing my finds with you, fellow muggles.

1. Don’t Go Anywhere Without Some Liquid Luck

Harry Potter Vial NecklaceSource: thinkgeek.com
Okay, we don’t have any potion because it takes longer to make than a bottle of Chanel, but we have the bottle, which could be enough to work as a placebo effect? Remember how Ron played Quidditch when he thought he had Liquid Luck in his system but, like, didn’t? Same thing goes here. The vial that hangs as the pendant on this Harry Potter jewelry could still open your world. (And it’s way cheaper than perfume).

Get this Harry Potter Vial Necklace on thinkgeek.com

2. Catch the Golden Snitch Necklace and Earrings

Golden Snitch Necklace and EarringsSource: amazon.com
No need to play Quidditch to do so, not here. This necklace and matching earrings come to you without the need to earn them. There’s no need to risk your life in the air against Draco and his cronies just to be able to catch the snitch. With this Harry Potter jewelry set, you’ll have three for the price of one, and while your classmates are busy trying to be the John Cena of Quidditch, you can read up on some Defense Against the Dark Arts spells and chill.

Get a Golden Snitch Necklace and Earrings on amazon.com

3. I Actually Love This Sssssslytherin Pendant

Slytherin PendantSource: amazon.com
Did I speak Parseltongue there or no? Do you think I need more practice before I can get my Harry Potter action figures — notably Harry and Draco — to speak back to me? Ugh, but that’s so much work. Crazy idea, but how about we all get this Slytherin pendant and wear it without speaking anything other than our native language?? It’s so pretty, I feel like we owe it to ourselves to.

Get this Slytherin Pendant on amazon.com

4. This Replica of Tina’s Locket from Fantastic Beasts is So Good

Replica Fantastic Beasts LocketSource: thinkgeek.com
Great for any of your muggle friends that need the encouragement to remain who they are and to follow their dreams, you can fit just about any (small) items inside of this locket. I did argue with myself over whether or not Fantastic Beasts stuff should be included in an article about Harry Potter jewelry but eventually figured they were the same universe and there were too many cute pieces to pass up!

Get the Replica Fantastic Beasts Locket on thinkgeek.com

5. Time to Watch the Deathly Hallows

Deathly Hallows WristwatchSource: amazon.com

OR, with a bit of wordplay like the clever Muggle I am, get a Deathly Hallows watch so you can tell the /time/. We love watches. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it or how many times I’m going to say it, but there is no replacement for a good watch.

For other options, see these Batman watches or Captain America watches.

Get the Deathly Hallows Wristwatch on amazon.com

6. More Harry Potter Jewelry in the Form of Earrings!

Harry Potter Earrings PackSource: amazon.com
The best earrings are the kind that comes in packs. You mix, match, have different options rather than just the one to get you by, and in general, they’re a really fun accessory to have. We featured an interchangeable necklace in our Harley Quinn accessories article and these are along the same lines. Why decide when you don’t have to decide? That’s what I wanna know.

Get a Harry Potter Earrings Pack on amazon.com

7. Ravenclaw Bracelets for All You Brainboxes

Ravenclaw BraceletsSource: amazon.com
As featured in the aforementioned Harry Potter bracelets article, you can get these party bracelets for all four of the houses. We chose Ravenclaw for this Harry Potter jewelry article just to showcase the different kind of stuff you can get for all the houses. (And they just look so damn pretty in blue!) With these, they’re awesome because you can wear as many or as little as you want, and on whichever wrist you like.

Get these Ravenclaw Bracelets on amazon.com

8. Tom Riddle’s Diary is a Charm

Tom Riddle's Diary CharmSource: thinkgeek.com
…one for your necklace or bracelet, but a charm all the same. It’s a charming charm and my favorite of the Lumos charms you can get. There is, you might say, quite a few to collect.

Get this Tom Riddle’s Diary Charm on thinkgeek.com

9. Pick Your Fantastic Beasts Wand Necklace

Fantastic Beasts Wand NecklaceSource: thinkgeek.com
You get to choose between one of four; each different colors and styles. You get to choose which you want due to your favorite Fantastic Beasts character or just which you think looks the coolest. (I’m a fan of Newt’s, but I think that’s because it’s kind of gold and the Gryffindor is strong in me). They look really cool when they’re on and if you prefer longer chains, you can easily replace it with one then switch between the two.

Get a Fantastic Beasts Wand Necklace on thinkgeek.com

10. Hufflepuff Pride!

Hufflepuff EarringsSource: amazon.com

Show yours in these cute Hufflepuff earrings; wear your house with pride and joy that you get to be one and not one of those awful bossy Gryffs, brainbox Claws, or poop-shoot Slytherins. You’re a Hufflepuff dammit and you aren’t to be overlooked! Not when Cedric Diggory was one of your own (RIP). Why are the yellow teams always seen as lesser? Is it because the reds and blues are jealous? That’s gotta be what it is.

Get these Hufflepuff Earrings on amazon.com

Hufflepuffs and Instincts bond together! Take a look at these Pokemon pins!

11. Check Out This Horcrux Ring Replica

Replica of the Horcrux RingSource: amazon.com
It’s got everything from distinct likeness to a badass collector’s case that will look amazing on basically any surface, whether the ring’s in it or not. Jewelry should always be extravagant to some degree and Harry Potter jewelry because it’s magic, even more than that. Bear in mind, it only comes in one size. All the better to display in your collector’s cabinet, though, my dear.

Get the Replica of the Horcrux Ring on amazon.com

12. Put The Golden Snitch on Your Wrist

Quidditch Snitch BraceletSource: amazon.com
If you don’t like necklaces or don’t have your ears pierced, fear not, Quidditch fans. We stole the snitch right out of its case and, surprisingly, it had no qualms against being attached to a bracelet. You see? All a snitch needs is a little love and a little care to make it feel like it exists for more than just its job. We can give it that in exchange to wear it, can’t we?

Get the Quidditch Snitch Bracelet on amazon.com

13. More Earrings For More Wizards

Harry Potter EarringsSource: thinkgeek.com
Make your ears sparkle and look magically pretty! Why not? We were given lobes for a reason and it sure wasn’t “hearing”. Pick one of three designs — Dobby, the sorting hat, or the Ministry of Magic seal — or just take the plunge and get a pair of each because nothing is more magic than an odd pair of dangly earrings. Except for odd socks, but hey, that’s what these Superhero socks are for.

Get these Harry Potter Earrings on thinkgeek.com

14. Just Gryffin’ It

Gryffindor Lapel PinSource: amazon.com
Lapel pins are amazingly undervalued. It’s about time they exploded back onto the scene and onto our jackets, which is why it’s always good to see different pin designs. ESPECIALLY geeky pin designs. I feel like this Gryffindor pin is a piece of Harry Potter jewelry that would greatly supplement my growing pin collection. How well do you think it’d look next to my X-Files one?

Get a Gryffindor Lapel Pin on amazon.com

15. The Marauder’s Map Pocket Watch is Steampunk Chic

Marauder's Map Pocket WatchSource: amazon.com
Lapel pins, pocket watches; next they’ll bring back goggles to put over your glasses and motorcycle gloves and when both are here, you’ll find me camped out by The First Lady ready to embark on the adventure to take down Comstock. You’d think I’m getting my references mixed up, but mostly I’m just desperate to see how Potter would fare in Columbia.

Get the Marauder’s Map Pocket Watch on amazon.com

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