10 Overwatch Phone Cases to Watch Over Us

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Overwatch is one of those games you either love or really love. It’s got a bunch of heroes for every different playstyle, meaning there’s someone for everyone.

I’m a tank, mostly because I have to be.

Here are some badass Overwatch phone cases to gussy up your phone with. Just like the heroes in the game, there’s something for everyone!

1. Everyone Loves Hanzo, Right?

Hanzo Phone CaseSource: designbyhumans.com
I hope his namesake is Hattori Hanzo from Kill Bill. Whether it is or not, I’m going to continue telling myself it is. He’s a good character to use if you do well with snipers that are fast and stealthy. His arrows might not be able to reach the distances that, say, Widowmaker can, but what he loses in distance, he makes up for in speed and agility. You can get these arty Overwatch phone cases for a few of the characters by the same designer. I just had to give the props to Hanzo by… bowing down.

Get the Hanzo Phone Case on designbyhumans.com

2. Go Back to the Future with Tracer

Overwatch Tracer Phone caseSource: teepublic.com
This design plays with Marty McFly’s legacy, giving us the one person cooler than him that isn’t Ferris Bueller: Tracer. (If you liked those references, you’re probably my age — sorry — and will appreciate these Gremlin toys!) Tracer’s my favorite of the heroes that I’m not very good at and, definitely, the one to use if you’re gonna do a Back to the Future call-back, so well played on this. Well played. Tracer is pretty much if Holtzmann from Ghostbusters could time travel. Doctor who?

Get Back to the Past Tracer Phone Case on teepublic.com

3. A Junkyard of Overwatchers

All Overwatch Characters Phone CaseSource: rageon.com
There have to be one or two pieces of artwork in a fandom that have most — if not all — of the characters, and I’m glad that this is one of them that’s out there for Overwatch. The unique junkyard pile up of Overwatch agents appeals to more sensitivities than I know what to do with. It almost makes me wish that it was a loading screen. This is one phone case that can come in helpful when your battery drains: Try and see what characters you can spot. Try and spot Junkrat…

Get the All Characters Phone Case on rageon.com

4. Tell People You Bought This at the Rikimaru Ramen Shop

Rikimaru Ramen Phone CaseSource: teepublic.com
And also that they have to personally go and find it in Hanamura to buy one for themselves. Alternatively, you could be a good friend and tell them about this list of Overwatch phone cases. Since everybody likes something different, it’s not always a given that you’re both gonna turn up to the Spring Fling with the same phone case. Then you can go and eat ramen afterward together. There! Everyone’s happy and hip!

Get this Rikimaru Ramen Phone Case on teepublic.com

5. Reaper is Allergic to Kittens

Reaper and Kitty Phone CaseSource: rageon.com
One day I’ll share my favorite non-geek related video on youtube that involves a kitten so excited to be nomming its food, it’s meowing. I get that Reaper has a reputation to uphold, but how can you not be charmed by a cat? The Internet should, by and large, dislike him on behalf of this, but considering he’s a pretty deadly flanker that I’d say we’re all a bit afraid of him. Maybe if we all held adorable kitties, then we’d come out on top. Just maybe.

Get the Reaper and Kitty Case on rageon.com

6. Hippity Hoppity Get off My Property

Hippity Hoppity Lucio Phone CaseSource: teepublic.com
I mean, I’ve got Find My iPhone enabled, so HA. I’ve never had to use it so who knows if it’ll work or not. If you try to unlock it, you won’t be able to unless you cut off my fingertips. Which, don’t. I’m a writer, gamer, and a guitar player. I need those as much as my phone. A lot of people are kinda sick of this phrase if you listen to the fandom. I don’t, so I’m not, and Lucio is another one of those heroes I wish I was good at. Out of all the Overwatch phone cases, if you’re looking for one that annoys the too-serious-gamer types, here you have it.

Get this Hippity Hoppity Lucio Phone Case on teepublic.com

7. Lord Have Mercy…

Mercy Number One Doctor CaseSource: rageon.com
Being a support hero is a thankless job. All you do is get yelled at while you’re doing your job to the best of your own abilities. Of all the supports, Mercy is a field medic who’s job is to patch up the team where and when needed. She can not, however, work miracles. If you’re going to run off on your own then complain, it’s not them, it’s you. Mercy deserves this mug and this face is also the exact one I make when I’m playing support.

Get Mercy Number One Doctor Case on rageon.com

8. Get Rekt By D. Va

D. Va Get Wrecked CaseSource: teepublic.com
Before becoming D. Va, she was a gamer like you are and I am and spent her nights beating people from all over the globe at games. I know those feels (sometimes, others I know those losses). The funniest part of this Overwatch phone case is that I actually do lie like this to game. My back may ache, my muscles may be sore, but I can sure pack a punch when I’ve got bubble gum and some pretzels.

Get this D. Va Get Wrecked Case on teepublic.com

9. Free Your Mind With Zenyatta

Zenyatta Phone CaseSource: designbyhumans.com
Zenyatta is a monk who believes in peace and harmony over pieces and armory. I can get down with that. His transcendent ways lead his team mates to be healed by the forces of the universe, which is kinda cool when you consider how heavily Machinal the Overwatch universe is. It’s nice to see tranquility coming in useful in the game world. Some might say Zenyatta is one with the Force…

Get the Zenyatta Phone Case on designbyhumans.com

10. Cheers, Love, This Tracer Case is Excellent

Cheers Love Tracer Phone CaseSource: teepublic.com
One of Tracer’s most refined characteristics — other than her goggles and general badassery — is her accent. She hails from London (represent!) and her manner is super Millennial-English. To continue on the English thing, it’s proper cheeky for me to stick more than one Tracer design in an OVERWATCH phone cases article, but there’s also so many to choose from, and she’s almost always picked at the start. She can’t help being popular!

Get the Cheers Love Tracer Phone Case on teepublic.com

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