12 Rick and Morty Shirts You’re Gonna Wubba Lub Dub-Dub

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One thing we do understand is how essential gross-out cartoons are to our well-being during the one season designed to mess with us.

Where would we be during the slowest moving month of the year if not for shows like Rick and Morty, Big Mouth, or South Park?

I don’t want to think about it. Let’s put it to the back of all of our minds instead and revel in these awesome Rick and Morty shirts.

You know, ’cause we’ve gotta wait a while to break out the Rick and Morty Christmas sweaters again.

1. You’re Only Realizing Things Are Weird NOW?

Mr. Meeseeks T-ShirtSource: TV Store Online

As Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice would say, life is weird. (Tim Burton fans, it may not be Christmas anymore but you never know what's on sale when it comes to Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments. I'm just saying). It's always weird to me when people don't realize that in advance. In Rick and Morty, Morty gets to go on bizarre adventures that we could only dream—or have nightmares about—of doing because they embrace the weird. So what is it we're waiting for? A Rick and Morty shirt to tell us to do it? Well, here it is!

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2. Eye Don’t Think He Can See Us

Rick and Morty ShirtsSource: TV Store Online

If he can, then it's not via the Rick and Morty shirt and rather through the webcam. That's how they do it these days, isn't it? I'm just kidding, they can't see anything, you can take your hand away from the webcam now. Not that... I know that's exactly... what you're doing or anything...  

Soooo, how about those Batman toys? Those Wonder Woman mugs? Avengers Infinity War? Still thinking about if I can see you, huh? Good. Keep that thought in your mind and at the end, all will be revealed.

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3. Beam Me Up Schwifty!

Rick and Morty teeSource: Amazon

Whenever Morty looks distressed, you know that what comes out of Mr. Poopy Butthole is about to go down. To be fair, he seems to be distressed more than half of the time he's onscreen, but that's because poop is always about to go down when you spend your time with the crazy Uncle who also happens to be somewhere between a sociopath and a genius. Like Sherlock Holmes with stomach acid, alcoholism, and no manners. (If you dig that, you can find Sherlock merchandise right here).

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4. Rick Only Poses For Pictures That Will End Up in Dan Brown Novels

Rick and Morty da Vinci merchandiseSource: Amazon

The same Dan Brown who, not unlike Rick himself, gets more negative comments than he deserves. Well, Rick deserves the negative comments, but all Dan ever did was write a series of books that inspired the imaginations of those who have one, and went on to bug those who read fiction for... facts... Makes sense...

(It doesn't). It really doesn't. BUT if you're into facts, these Neil deGrasse Tyson shirts and astronomy gifts are right up your Diagon Alley.

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5. Is Asskuna Fartata a Good Pun for This Rick and Morty Shirt?

Rick and Morty ShirtSource: TeePublic

Fun fact time that has nothing to do with these Rick and Morty shirts: I used to have a Lion King comforter and pillow that had the image of Simba and his friends walking across the log on it. It's such a classic scene that parody geek shirts coming from it, much like the cover of Super Mario Brothers or the Jurassic Park logo; even the entire game style of Limbo (which you can see exclusively in this Limbo shirts article). This is everything to me and, I have no doubt, a lot of Rick and Morty fans my age.

Get this Lion King Rick and Morty shirt on teepublic.com

6. Rick Likes to Paint the Town… Whatever Color He Wants

Rick Sanchez t-shirt Rick and MortySource: TeePublic

Sometimes, I do wonder if Rick is actually a good guy and the only reason he gets his nephew into danger is that he has fun going on adventures with him. What's the alternative? Continually turning himself into a pickle for no reason but boredom? Their relationship is symbiotic and while Rick should get better at showing it in the times when they're not on the verge of dying, that's not always how life works in any dimension. (He didn't pay me to say this but he did promise me he'd take me into space...)

Get this Morty painting shirt on teepublic.com

7. Morty Has a Microchip on his Shoulder

Rick and evil Morty shirtSource: Amazon

In just the same way as Discover Geek likes to work puns for all they're worth, Evil Morty's fetish for acting on his teen angst to make up for the main universe's Morty being a good guy is just what he's into. You know his bedroom is lined with books like Catcher in the Rye and every autobiography ever written by a professional wrestler. To each their own, is what I say, and as long as he's keeping his experiments focused on Evil Rick, we're all safe to sit back and enjoy.

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8. Who Gave Mr. Meeseeks The Metamorphosis? Own Up

Meeseeks Shirt FunnySource: Amazon

While curious over how Meeseeks could possibly have identified with the story of Gregor Samsa, given he's... not much more than an advanced cockroach himself, I do get how 48 hours can feel like a far-too-lengthy amount of time. Could it be that reason they picked up the book at all? Jerry always messes up, and literally, all of the Meeseeks' pain can be put down to him being useless. So much pain could have been avoided. Not to mention, life would have been way less creepy.

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9. The Only Rick and Morty Shirt More Metal Than Celine Dion

Rick and Morty death metal shirtSource: Amazon

If you want to shake up your Rick and Morty fandom, look no further than a t-shirt that reads, "That's cool, but I'm busy listening to death metal", look no further. For geek shirts, you want something different to what others have, and a lot of people are attracted to Pickle Rick shirts or shirts with Rick's quotes on them. And then there's this one, both badass and unique. And since the whole pop-bands-as-death-metal tees phase is a huge one right now, you can fit in while standing out. SCIENCE.

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10. If I Like Pickles and I Ate Pickle Rick, Would That Make Me a Cannibal?

Funko POP tee Pickle RickSource: Amazon

If I'm honest with myself, I'd watch an entire series dedicated to Pickle Rick. I already loved pickles, but seeing one as useless as Jerry turn into the man, myth, and the Pied Piper of rat corpses was truly one of the greatest sequences in the history of, like, a two week period when it was the greatest sequence on earth. Since we've had the Knights of Ren battle in The Last Jedi and the beast that puked rainbows in Guardians of the Galaxy, I'd say coming in third is a pretty good place to be.

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11. What Are They Running From?

Rick and Morty running shirtSource: TeePublic

Take your pick: Pickle Rick coming in behind anything involving Kylo Ren? Killer rats? Meeseeks that have been alive for three days? Obviously, you don't have to get this Rick and Morty shirt in pink, but I did and it suits me better than any other shirt I own. Be it because I like to run away from my feelings or I really like the color pink these days is for you to decide, and this is Rick and Morty world. There are no wrong answers. Also, if you like running, you'll definitely like these superhero compression shirts.

Get this Rick and Morty shirt on teepublic.com

12. This is Some Sage Advice That Won’t Expire for at Least a Week

Rick and Morty quotes t-shirtSource: Amazon

We all know how the entire TINY RICK!!! scenario turned out, and I guess that means sighing and admitting Summer was, maybe, actually kind of completely right, is something we all have to do. Eventually. That said, we could all learn a little from Morty's speech and if not us, the people we were this shirt around. If they say something that annoys you, no longer will you have to shut it out or point it out, just puff out your chest and roll your finger around each other, and tell them to put it in a Super Mario backpack.

Get your shit together and this Rick and Morty shirt on amazon.com

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You owe it to yourself for getting through the holidays unscathed.

Well, relatively unscathed.