Ooo! These Adventure Time Shirts Are Acceptable!

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It took me a while to get on the Adventure Time train. As soon as I was on it — just to see what it was like, and sober, I might add — I couldn’t seem to bring myself to jump back off.

Grab your friends! These Adventure Time shirts are sure to take you from just Regular Old Human to Finn the Human.

(Or Jake the Dog, if you’d prefer. His face is the moon, after all.)

1. Except This Lemongrab T-Shirt Which is Simply UNACCEPTABLE

UNACCEPTABLE Lemongrab ShirtSource:
Have you ever had one of those days where all you can do is get so worked up that you scream? Alternatively, if you have trouble with screaming, one of those days where all you can do is scream internally and deliver the world’s next best greatest side eye? Same. That’s why the Earl of Lemongrab is so freakin’ relatable. Next time your team loses in Overwatch, scream and flop onto the ground just like him. You’ll be better for it!

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2. Marceline <3 Princess Bubblegum 5eva

Bubblegum & Marceline T-ShirtSource:

I’ve heard people whine about relationships in game fandom, but what about cartoon and comic fandom that’s basically canon. On the same level as Pricefield and Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, one of the writers of the show even admitted that Bubblegum and Marceline had dated. (They then recanted it, lamely, which is, to quote Lemongrab, “UNACCEPTABLE!!!!) This Adventure Time shirt is a great take on light vs dark and, obvi, love.

(You can find Pricefield in these Life is Strange gifts and Life is Strange shirts articles. Before the Storm will be out soon!)

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3. You’ll Lumping LOVE This LSP Adventure Time Shirt

Lumpy Space Princess Muscle TankSource:
As I mentioned earlier, I was a late adopter to Adventure Time. It was actually Lumpy Space Princess’s introduction that brought out the first belly laugh. Not only was I not expecting LSP to sound the way she does, but her Clueless Cher Horowitz way of speaking is, like, totally buggin’. Throw on your LSP tank top and hit the gym/street/stores. You can’t mess with perfection, so how will anyone mess with you in this??

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4. Finn and Jake are in Hibernation Mode

Winter Fur Adventure Time ShirtSource:
Thick layers of fur sure look better than that time they went all lumpy. Picture Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Jim Carey and Kate Winslet. They’ve erased each other but he ends up not wanting to and, by the time he realizes this, they’re lying on a sheet of ice, not too unlike Jake and Finn here. The only difference between that film and this Adventure Time shirt is that Finn and Jake would rather not forget each other. Is that not why we keep dogs as pets?

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5. This Hawaiian-Style Adventure Time Shirt Will Get You Leid

Hawaiian Adventure Time ShirtSource:


No, but seriously! Puns and multicolored floral scarves aside, this is one of the Adventure Time shirts on the web that is literally like no other. Hawaiian shirts are always going in and out of fashion. The funniest part is that even when they’re in fashion they’re not and vice versa. Jake is even the type of individual that wears them. Don’t you want to be like Jake? Don’t you want to do the Hula?

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6. This Flame Princess Shirt is Glowing

Glow in the Dark Flame Princess ShirtSource:
As in, it literally glows in the dark. Click the link and you’ll get to see it in action! You know I love playing Comically Death Match (I just made that up, doesn’t it have a ring to it?), so I’d like to take this opportunity to pit Flame Princess against Princess Bubblegum to see what comes out on top: Anger or Logic. Cinnamon Bun would say Flame. I’d say Bubblegum. What about you? (As far as Adventure Time shirts go: FP has this one won).

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7. Homies Always Help Homies

Homies Help Homies TeeSource:

And yes, that does include when it comes to expanding one’s geeky wardrobe to most accurately awe and silence people whose shirts may not be as cool. That’s why I’m here, geeklets. I’m here for you and you’re welcome. This statement is one that should be taken through life no matter who you are. Helping your homies should be as natural as breathing. Sometimes they’ll annoy you, but if you give them the Adventure Time shirt off your back, they’ll do the same for you.


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8. Princess Bubblegum was Walter White’s Professor

Princess Bubblegum Science ShirtSource:

You didn’t know that before. Now you do. Just, uh, don’t check on any of those TV insider websites or anything because they just clearly haven’t cottoned on yet. Science comes out on top of everything but fire. That said, science can create fire, so if we get to the bare bones level of Bubblegum vs Flame, maybe they’re as powerful as each other…


(Science geek? Have a look at these Big Bang Theory shirts!)

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9. This Should Be Renamed to “Aka Every Day”

Coffee Time ShirtSource:
Because every day is coffee time and, this morning, it was three coffees time. I connect with this Adventure Time shirt design on a multi-molecular level. (Science!) Caffeine is basically my blood. That also means I’m hyperactive and dehydrated 90% of the time but at least I’m productive in my adventures. I already loved them but, I gotta say, Finn and Jake as coffee vessels are so much better.

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10. Get You a Pet Dog Who Can COOK

Jake's Original Pancakes ShirtSource:
Better yet, get you a dog who can cook and sing at the same time. All my dog knows how to do is be cute, run around, wag his tail, eat and sleep. He doesn’t bring me the paper or a tray, and he certainly doesn’t cook me bacon pancakes for breakfast. Even as a vegetarian, I’m hurt. Jake can do it. I wonder if he sells prepackaged mixes…

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11. Keep the Vampire Queen in Your Heart

Pocket Vampire Queen TeeSource:
I’m holding out hope for her and Bubblegum to get together and stay together for real, but until that happens, why not keep her in your breast pocket to save her from harm? Emo music will never be over and I’m sure she can fit her bass in there with her. Plus, look how cute she is after she’s sunk her teeth into your chest for a drink! This Marceline Adventure Time shirt is ADORABLE!

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12. Finn the Human vs. the Land of Ooo

Adventure Time ShirtSource:
Scott Pilgrim is a fantastic series of graphic novels/comics and a really great film to go along with it. You don’t see nearly enough Scott Pilgrim crossovers to see our favorite Adventure Time characters take the place of Scott, Ramona, and Kim is kind of the best thing ever. Like Ready Player One, it’s a story that’s based on everything us geeklets love: Video games, pop culture references, and music. Ah, to be young and geeky.

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