10 Hella-Cute Life is Strange Gifts To Remind Us That Pricefield Is Forever

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For every partner in time, there’s a partner in crime. Chloe and Max’s relationship is the lynchpin for Life is Strange, even above finding out what happened to Rachel.

Shippers rejoice! DiscoverGeek has tracked down the best Pricefield-centric Life is Strange gifts to show why — logic be damned! — bae will always > bay.

Sorry ’bout it.

1. A Pricefield T-Shirt So Hella-Adorable, You Might Die

Max and Chloe Hella Pricefield ShitSource: teepublic.com
Only Chloe and Max could use the word hella in the noughties and have it catch on. Unlike fetch, it’s happening, has happened, and will continue to happen. Hella-yeah.

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2. Pricefield Sit On The Trash Of Other Ships As Seen On This Silk Print

Max and Chloe PosterSource: ebay.com
The Life is Strange visuals are beautiful and the game even beat Stranger Things to referencing Stand By Me, mere minutes after Pricefield had this heart-to-heart. More a Stranger Things kind of person? Check out this Stranger Things Merchandise Article.

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3. A Notebook For Your Partner In Crime

Partners in Crime NotebookSource: teepublic.com
Which are you? I’m an amalgamation of Chloe and Max, with Chloe at the forefront, so this’d be mine and the applications to fill the role of Girlfriend-Max will be available from an online printout, coming to a computer near you in never.

Get the Partners in Crime Notebook on teepublic.com

4. …And A Notebook For Your Partner In Time

Partners in Time NotebookSource: teepublic.com
Matching notebooks. Can you get any better for a couple of writers who love Chloe and Max?

Get the Partners in Time Notebook on teepublic.com

5. Ringer Me Your Loves With Max And Chloe On This Adorbs Shirt

Life is Strange ShirtSource: amazon.com
And yeah, that’s a St Vincent reference, in case you thought I couldn’t get any queerer. (Or geekier.) I could if I wore this Pricefield ringer and I totally would.

Get the Chloe and Max Shirt on amazon.com

6. Max And Chloe’s Butterfly Embrace On This Phone Case Will Basically Melt You

Chloe and Max PhonecaseSource: teepublic.com
As far as Life is Strange gifts go, I really really like to see what other fans come up with. The heart that goes into artwork like this is pretty much my favorite thing about this contraption we call the Internet.

Get the Pricefield Phone Case on teepublic.com

7. “The Secret Life Of Pricefield” Fabric Poster

Pricefield PosterSource: ebay.com
First St Vincent, now a punny Alicia Keys film reference. You know why? They listen to the first while watching the second… when they’re not kissing.

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8. A Life is Strange Phone Case That Might (Probably, Definitely) Warm Your Soul

max and choe phone caseSource: amazon.com
Wouldn’t it have been nice if Arcadia Bay hadn’t had to go f itselfie, and Chloe and Max still could have ended up together this way? I know, “Then there wouldn’t be a game” but you wouldn’t be a game. So.

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9. Stand By Pricefield With This Life is Strange Notebook

Life is Strange NotebookSource: teepublic.com
Pick up Kate’s call while you’re sketching your pictures in this! That way, Chloe won’t have a hissy fit when you do, because she’ll literally be in front of you the whole time.

Get the Life is Strange Notebook on teepublic.com

10. Pricefield Are Kismet, Rachel Says So

Max and Chloe ShirtSource: amazon.com
Were they destined to be together or destined never to be? With this shirt, the latter will never ever be true. And just like that, they lived happily ever after in the ruins and between all of the corpses of Arcadia Bay. Swoon.

Get the Max and Chloe Shirt on amazon.com

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