Bazinga! These Big Bang Theory Shirts are Freakin’ Awesome

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I’d put my money on Tesla or Einstein wearing them if they were around. The Big Bang Theory is a TV show for nerds, by nerds, and it’s a TV show that gets an unfair rep for being… about what it says it’s about.

It makes no sense to us either!

We think it’s great and if you say there was a point in your life when you ever failed to howl at (future Nobel Prize winner) Sheldon Cooper popping out of a ball pit, you’re wrong. That’s like saying Friends isn’t funny because three of them couldn’t afford to live in New York or that the Dark Crystal wasn’t the most unintentionally disturbing film ever made. It’s madness!

To celebrate nerdiness, in relation to our recent list of Galaxy hoodies, we figured we’d keep up with the science theme by providing you with some Big Bang Theory shirts that’ll make you feel smarter.

1. Sheldon’s The Flash T-Shirt

The Flash Logo ShirtSource:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys from the Big Bang theory had actually used our website to find their favorite shirts. Sheldon is often seen in ones we’ve likely featured on the site, and so we chased him up to see if he’d want to model his collection for us. He blinked awkwardly, sipped his juice, and walked away. (As we all know, that’s the geek version of “no”). This shirt is exactly like the one he wore, so whether you want to be him, just want to pay tribute to him or heck, if you like the flash and aren’t the kind of person to wear superhero compression shirts, it’s a really cool one.

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2. Rock, Paper, Scissors…  Lizard, Spock!

The Big Bang Theory Paper Rock Scissors Lizard Spock ShirtSource:
This Big Bang Theory shirt is all about the game of chance that never really ends and there are four guys who are gonna pick Spock every time. I guess in ways, that actually takes chance out of the equation completely, and for four borderline geniuses, it’s kinda funny to C-grade high school graduates like yours truly. At the same time, you can’t blame them for picking Spock. Shouldn’t he beat everybody? I mean he’s a Vulcan, he has a Star Trek uniform bedding set. He’s SPOCK. I’m still waiting for somebody to come along and play the game with me. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock is way more adventurous than its forebearer.

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3. This Soft Kitty T-Shirt is Soft and Warm

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty ShirtSource:

So TIL, The Big Bang Theory was taken to court for copyright over the lyrics of the lullaby Sheldon’s mom sang to him when he was a little Sheldon, Soft Kitty. The Big Bang Theory won, but technically, also popularized the song enough for it to be not so much a big deal that the actual song is called Warm Kitty. Nobody knows who wrote Humpty Dumpty, and you don’t see the writer suing Shrek for defamation (after coming out of the grave to do so…) Songs like this get passed down through the years, and so Sheldon’s mom must have had it sung to her when she, too, was acting like an overgrown child every time she got sick. That… is in your DNA, right?

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4. Knock Knock, Penny– Er, Doctor

The Big Bang Theory Dr. Who ShirtSource:

Sheldon visiting the Doctor is an episode of Doctor Who I want to experience. Do you think that’s possible? I can imagine him explaining to the Doctor why all of these things are scientifically unsound while walking around the TARDIS knowing more than the Doctor himself. That might be why he won’t let him in, actually. What kind of Time Lord wants to be questioned by an actual Physicist? All he wants to tell him, despite the fact that his latest theory is all wrong and even if he looks like Peter Capaldi and that’s awesome right now, is that he maybe has a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver or two for him to sign while he tells him. I mean, you’ve gotta take the chances when they come to you.

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5. Forget X-Men, Have Sheldon Cooper’s C-Men

C-Men ShirtSource:

TI not only L’d that the Big Bang Theory was taken to court over a lullaby, but that Professor Xavier isn’t the reason why the X-Men are called the X-Men. Now, I either fail as a geek because of that or I’m just having an off day in which I’m locked on Pac-Man shirts and can’t take my mind off of the fact the ghosts have names. It’s been a long day of learning and geekery, my friends. As it so always is. Wear your C-Men Big Bang Theory shirt with pride and if you too didn’t know the Xavier thing (again: seriously???) you can use it as a segue in case people around you don’t know, and thusly turn your nerdery into an asset.

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6. All it Takes to be a Scientist is Molecules and Glasses

Bernadette ShirtSource:
Hey, maybe she’s onto something. Considering I’m of the Penny school of thought when it comes to science, her idea that buying thick-rimmed glasses makes her look like a scientist isn’t a bad one. Throw in a word like molecules and there you have it, you’re a scientist! This Big Bang shirt is an adorable tribute to Penny’s B- (that’s her grade on her paper, all hers, nobody else’s) and a surefire way of getting a belly laugh from the secret Big Bang Theory fan you’re in a room with. THERE ARE DOZENS OF US, as Tobias Funke would say, fittingly, as I suspect many of us are in the same tribe as the never nudes.

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7. Hey Cersei, That’s Sheldon’s Spot…

Sheldon Game of Thrones ShirtSource:
The Iron Throne is now Sheldon’s spot if this T-shirt is anything to go on and to be honest, I don’t see any of our Game of Thrones Pop vinyls rushing to reclaim it from him. The Sheldon’s spot joke is one of the longest running ones in the show, starting up in the first episode (you don’t want to google how long ago that was unless you wanna feel so old it’s got an e on it). It’s still funny and there can’t be a list of Big Bang Theory shirts without there being at least one about Sheldon’s spot. The fact it’s now on the Iron Throne doubles us up on geekery in the way our favorite things do, leading every single one of us to appreciate it to the extent of fellow comic book fans explaining to me, via Twitter, that the X in X-Men is not Xavier. Again, to which I say: but it could be.

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8. The Chillest Big Bang Theory Shirt EVER

Big Bang Theory Bazinga ShirtSource:
BAZINGA! Fooled ya. Bazinga is a word that’s best read aloud, ideally in a ball pit, but when it’s written it has a different effect that leads people to question their sanity. Bazinga is a word where the more you read it, the more confusing it becomes. Have you ever said your name one too many times until it became one of the weirdest words in the world? It’s like that, but with a word like Bazinga, it hits like a speeding train rather than a slow burn what-the-frickery. One reading will make people think of Sheldon. Two? Well, that’ll make them read again, and by the end of the commute, they’ll feel like they’ve memorized the entire Periodic Table.

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9. You Know What? It’s Fine. You Know Spock has Won Again

Rock Paper Scissor Spock T-shirtSource:

If you like Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock and don’t so much like having tiny people on your t-shirt, this mash-up of the science-y sign that’s got something to do with either Einstein or Da Vinci (they’re all going to come after me after this, aren’t they?) and the game we and the gang, all love. And if you don’t know the rules, the handy arrows on this design will help you to navigate a game that’s easy as Pi (oh, I just got that…) even if you don’t remember exactly why the paper is beating Spock. Spock wins by default anyhow, because we’re geeks and that’s… honestly, that’s just how it works.

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10. Sheldon’s Shirt Collection Makes Me Envious

Melting Rubik's Cube ShirtSource:
His melting Rubik’s Cube one is no exception. There may be a scientific reasoning behind the fact there’s a melting Rubik’s Cube (besides the fact they’re plastic and would melt in a fire) and it may be that I don’t know it, but a melting Rubik’s Cube also makes for pretty colors and I’m all about that life. This Big Bang Theory shirt is another of the kind the characters wear in shows (there’s some awesome Life is Strange shirts that do the exact same thing). It’s fun to have fandom shirts period, but wearing something that your favorite character does, just makes you feel invincible.

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11. Support the Wesley Crushers With Your Own Bowling Shirt

Wesley Crushers Bowling ShirtSource:

That’s CRUSHers. Wesley Crusher is a character from Star Trek. A character that happened to be played by everyone’s favorite nerd, Wil Wheaton. (As a side, if you haven’t listened to the Ready Player One audiobook that’s read by him, what are you waiting for?) It only makes sense the guys’ bowling team would be named after such an obscure character played by Our Geek King, and the fact you can get the actual bowling shirt just makes me happy.

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12. Remember the Green Lantern? Anyone?

Green Lantern Logo ShirtSource:

Sheldon does. We’ve talked about Lantern before and no doubt will again, but he’s one of those superhero characters that just seem to be waiting for the right time to hit it big. Sometimes, it’s never the right time (new Hellboy, I’m looking at you through slanted eyes). I’ve heard a rumor of there being a Green Lantern film in the past starring Ryan Reynolds but you know what? I feel like that’s a lie. It’s got to be a lie.

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13. What Would the Big Bang Theory as a Team Really Look Like?

Bazinga Group ShirtSource:

We’re talking about C-Men but in an actual comic universe. What would their symbols be? Or what colors they’d wear. What would their special powers be? How about their Kryptonite? “Bazinga!” might be Sheldon’s catchphrase, but what about the others? These are all questions this Big Bang Theory shirt will bring up, but I’m not gonna pretend like that doesn’t make it even cooler.

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14. Other People Are Stupid, According to Sheldon

Other People Are Stupid ShirtSource:

Everyone is stupid in comparison to him, even Sherlock Holmes. I don’t feel like that’s a fair statement for him to make. Not in the era of kids getting awarded for just showing up. (He’d get one of those too). Let’s be real for a second, don’t we all feel like this from time to time? Most days, it’s a case of when don’t I feel smarter than everyone else, even when the world goes out of its way to prove me wrong. It’s part of being human. We are smarter than everyone in our own ways. Sheldon Cooper is just… so much smarter than all of us.

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15. Guess Who’s Wearing What

The Big Bang Theory Clothing Group ShirtSource:
Like it’s hard, but it’s still a fun game you can play when you’re bored, wearing this Big Bang Theory shirt, and possibly see your reflection in the window across the way from you. All the boys and Penny are here, and it’s vague enough that the chance is it could be any group of nerds. Tag yourself, I’m clearly Leonard. This Big Bang Theory shirt is probably ideal for you if you’re a closet fan. Just in case you’re asked if it’s the IT Crowd. It might be! You don’t know! Well, you do. But still.

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16. Our Final Shirt is a Mash Up for the Books

Big Bang Theory Scooby-Doo ShirtSource:
Big Bang Theory meets… Scooby Doo, what? We’ll get you, you pesky scientists, and your little friend too. The paranormal may be outside of the realms of believability. For a group that’s intent on hoping to keep things as scientifically proven as possible, at least. That isn’t saying this Scooby gang isn’t prepared to prove some of the scientific studies wrong, however. Sure, one of the guys is dressed like a furry, but at least Scrappy isn’t involved?

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