12 Walking Dead Action Figures to Use as a Decoy During the Apocalypse

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It’s only a matter of time until Fallout 4 becomes a reality with the backdrop of Counterstrike and a side-serving of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Just… less Chernobyl-y.

Once Game of Thrones has gone, the cultural wasteland that is television between seasons of the Walking Dead will be filled with Netflix and, “I don’t know what I want to watch.”

At least we’ve got geeky gifts to get us by. There’s Fallout merchandise, Game of Thrones merchandise, and now, 12 of our favorite Walking Dead action figures.

(I suggest using Rick first. Give someone else a go at being leader).

1. Taking On Michonne PROBABLY isn’t a Good Idea, Walkers

Walking Dead Action Figures MichonneSource: Amazon

They clearly either didn't hear what she did to her pets or they're too far gone to care. My guess is the latter. If in zombie lore, they feast on brains, it can't exclusively be because of the melt-in-your-mouth squishiness. (I've never had brains. I'm a veggie with a direct line to the non-TV show Hannibal Lecter. But they look squishy). Maybe they eat brains to relinquish their own and what the virus took from them. The only way to really know is to have an interview with a walker that will start something like this:

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2. Eenie Meenie Minie Mo Ho Ho, Negan Sees How it Is

Negan action figureSource: Amazon

McFarlane's multiple series of affordable Walking Dead action figures are an absolute joy to fans, and so you'll be finding a lot of them on here. The attention to detail is so well done, with actual scans from the actors themselves, Here, Negan and his girlfriend Lucille stand before you, begging you to take them home as a pair, in 10 glorious inches of terror. No need to worry, though, there's no way you'll be Abrahamed or Glenned. We're all friends here, right?

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3. Carl Grimes is Still the Future, Okay? I Won’t Hear Otherwise

Carl Grimes action figure Walking Dead toysSource: Amazon

Somebody, please tell me there's a Pop vinyl of Carl eating pudding? That scene remains one of the most relatable in the entire series. I've often wondered what I'd miss the most in an apocalypse scenario. Tallahassee from Zombieland—a fantastically hilarious movie, if you, for some reason, haven't seen it—loved him some twinkies, Carl had a religious experience with that pudding. What would help me to get through those cold, lonely, and potentially deadly days? I mean, besides Walking Dead action figures and Star Wars puzzles... Huh...

I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.

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4. The Superior Brother has the Walking Dead Action Figure He Deserves

Merle Dixon action figureSource: Sideshow

I'd like to take this moment to share how wonderfully brilliant Michael Rooker is to the geekosphere. Whether you liked Merle or hated Merle and sobbed at Yondu's story or not, this guy is crazy talented at being able to pin down a little thing I like to call duality. Neither character is technically a good person. They're no Star Lords. They're drug dealers and arms dealers and more than kinda horrendous at times, and yet because of Rooker, both sides are showcased the way they ought to be, creating well-rounded characters who deserve their own beautiful Walking Dead action figures. Guardians geeks, check out these Baby Groot gifts and Groot shirts that are so freakin' cute, you might die.

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5. Carol, Armed with Cookies, Wants You to Look at the Flowers

Carol the Walking Dead bobbleheadSource: Entertainment Earth

Just look at the flowers. Trust us. Trust the delicious cookies from the hella demure church lady. Carol is my personal favorite character from the Walking Dead and while there are some badass Walking Dead action figures of her, there's also stuff like this bobblehead and the exclusive bloody Carol pop that I must have before I'm bitten and become the walker that... should be called a crawler since it no longer has any legs. This will look amazing and glorious in your station wagon, even during the zombie apocalypse. Imagine riding around and running over zombies while listening to Blue Oyster Cult, with Carol bobbing her head along to your awesomeness. I'll just leave you with that visual.

Get the Carol bobblehead on entertainmentearth.com

6. This Rick Grimes Action Figure is Ready to Rumble

Rick Grimes McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Action FigureSource: Amazon

What's better than a collectible figurine of the figurehead of the entire Walking Dead series? One with a removable arm and a change of gun, of course, what else could be as awesome? Looking exactly as if Andrew Lincoln's likeness was ripped off the screen and, somehow, turned into a plastic mold, this deluxe Rick figure is everything you could want and more. Heck, it looks so much like the guy, if you put it at the right perspective, there are a lot of walkers who would mistake it for Rick being in the distance and hence, they'll stay clear because the dude is indestructible.

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7. Michonne’s Pet Walkers are Having a Walk Off

Michonne's pet walkers action figuresSource: Sideshow

What's the saying, "Not all who wander are lost"? Michonne's walkers have a lot to get used to now they're out on their own. Leashless and loveless—unless you have the Michonne figure too—they're just trying to get by and need a new owner to take care of them and cherish them the way zombies should be cherished. If not that, then you can at least take them out to the park once or twice to relieve themselves. Hang on, do zombies pee? Quick. Someone get me a scientist (in a Neil deGrasse Tyson shirt).

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8. Promise Me You’ll Keep Him Away from Negan

Glenn Walking Dead action figureSource: Amazon

Yet another lifelike action figure from McFarlane, I just wish there was a Maggie to go with this Glenn, but for whatever reason, none of the Maggie figures I've found actually look like her. I suppose he did spend a couple of seasons on his own before developing his crush, so maybe having him on his own would be a good investment and he could easily bide his time for a rad Maggie to come along. I mean, you can't rush perfection and love doesn't come easily in The Walking Dead. Death, however...  


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9. For Every Awesome Action Figure, There’s an Awesome Exclusive Pop

Tyreese Walking Dead POP vinyl exclusiveSource: Amazon

Just how does this Tyreese Pop differ from the regular Tyreese? The bite in his arm is present and the attention to detail are just two of the things that makes him different. Seriously, Hot Topic's exclusive Pops are everything and I don't know if they even know it when they decide to go for them. Or no, maybe they do and they're more business savvy than the Governor ever was. (Still annoyed he got Andrea killed, even like 200 years after the fact). Tyreese is a pretty awesome character and if you love him, you'll definitely love this.

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10. Think About Where the Gang Would be if Not For Hershel

Hershel Greene action figureSource: Amazon

We can try to create a list if you like, but I have a feeling that every option would be either "dying" or "dead". All of the Greene family—yeah, even Beth—is vital to the survival of the group. From Maggie's badass introduction to Hershel's sad death that earned us the best Walking Dead pop of all time (that you can see amongst this Walking Dead stuff) to Beth's dealing with depressed and despicable Daryl at his worst. Their farm and their charity were warm and loving. That's why Hershel didn't really die and ran off to make chocolate kisses instead...

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11. Is Daryl Still a Fan Favorite? Here he is Regardless!

Daryl Dixon action figureSource: Amazon

As dirty and slow as he is, Daryl has come a long way since his introduction as Merle's idiot brother, and Norman Reedus plays him so well that he's arguably even more popular in the TV show than in the comic books. Because he's such a favorite, there are also a dozen different Daryl Dixon action figures out there, but true to the pattern of the majority of this article shining a light on how awesome McFarlane toys Walking Dead action figures are, this is one of a few of their Daryl ones, and he'd look amazing next to Merle.

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12. Two Rick Action Figures in One Article? Let me Explain…

Rick Grimes action figureSource: Sideshow

Assuming I need to? He's the leader! Sure, I think Carol should be and he wouldn't be alive if not for her, Michonne, Maggie, and even Carl, he's still the self-appointed leader of the survivors and he likes stuff as well as things. We can't blame him for that. Don't we like geeky stuff and thangs too? Is that not why we're here? Walking Dead action figures come under that title and if Rick can't enjoy them in the middle of the apocalypse, how can we?

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