This Walking Dead Stuff Might Just Save Your Life

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If the Walking Dead merchandise we supplied you with earlier in the year didn’t help ward off the walkers, never fear: We have a backup plan.

Granted, our backup plan is a little less “let’s survive” and more, “if we die, at least we’ll have cool Walking Dead stuff to accompany our descent into walkerdom.” But, I mean, can beggars really be choosers in the zombie apocalypse?

Get your crossbows, we’re in for a bumpy night…

1. Okay, So This Daryl Dixon Action Figure COULD Save You

lifelike Daryl Dixon action figureSource: Sideshow Toy

When it comes to fighting friends and foes, Daryl Dixon is the guy we can count on if we're on his side. He's a fan favorite! Rightfully. The episode where he and Beth were in the house together and he opened up about his past and why he is the way he is was legen-- wait for it --daryl. (I'm not sorry). It's led to a whole bunch of "if Daryl dies, we riot" gear, which is pretty funny. I wouldn't care too much. If CAROL dies, on the other hand... Well, then we's gonna needs to have some wordses.

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2. It’s Walking Dead Time! (Almost, but it IS October)

The Walking Dead vinyl clockSource: Amazon

Who knows what time it is when you're spending your life-fighting zombies. What matters is where the food is coming from and making sure you've got a good base (preferably full of Walking Dead stuff) to go back to when it gets dark. Keep track with this awesome Walking Dead clock! You don't wanna be roaming the streets at night with so many walkers around. I don't care how brave you are. Don't be stupid! Take shelter and go walker hunting in the morning. Also, make sure to get tampons. They'll be the most valuable trade item. TRUST ME, I'm a woman.

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3. Carl Ate Straight From the Pudding Can, So Why Shouldn’t You?

Walking Dead novelty lunch toteSource: Amazon

Carl Grimes and his pudding supplies us with the feels and all of the laughs. In that moment, Carl Grimes was All Of Us. That collection of scenes has also inspired a countless number of hilarious viral videos literally dedicated to Carl and his love of pudding. That's why this brilliant Walking Dead-inspired lunch bag exists. Take your lunch to school, work or even to picnics in a can that'll make your fellow Walking Dead fans who are friends yell CORAL at you. Priceless.

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4. This Walker’s Favorite Talking Heads Song is Clearly Burning Down the House

Funko Pop The Walking Dead Burning walkerSource: Amazon

To tell the truth, there are enough cool Walking Dead pops out there to feature in their own article, and maybe we'll get around to that at some point. The exclusive figures are some of Funkos BEST, right up there with these Star Wars pops. You might think I'm embellishing here, but just look at this one and then wait for the next surprise further on down the page. Both are pops that rival the bloody Carol for ones that I want and you can't be a connoisseur of Walking Dead stuff without a few pop vinyls now, can you?

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5. If You Can’t Wait For the Next Season, Just Start Reading the Graphic Novels!

The Walking Dead compendium one graphic novelsSource: Amazon

Can't have Walking Dead stuff without the actual novels, can we? Now I'm gonna have to own up to the fact that I haven't read any of The Walking Dead graphic novels, but also that I really, really want to. These compendiums are a great place to start. This one, for example, supplies us with the first eight comics in the series, so you can really pull a 20th century Netflix and binge read the entire series in segments. While I haven't read, I know that the novels and the TV show, even though they do follow similar timelines sometimes, are different. The novels are even darker. So, wait, why haven't I read them yet??

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6. Here’s Terminus!Carol to Basically Save the Day (Again)

Terminus Carol Peletier action figureSource: Amazon

Saving the day is Carol Peletier's lot in life. Ousted by Rick for doing what was best for the group as a whole and generally constantly saving everybody else's ass when it comes down to it makes Carol (and this Carol action figure) my hero. There's no character that's gone on a journey quite like hers. The problem with having a gigantic cast and group of characters is that they don't get the time deserved. The Walking Dead provides us with episodes exclusively for the main characters sometimes though, and I challenge anybody who says that the episode with the kid looking at the flowers is one of the best episodes of TV. OF ALL TIME.

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7. CORAAAAAAAAAAL, It’s Time to Do Stuff and Thangs

Coral funny Rick Grimes shirtSource: Teepublic

You're probably supposed to be off doing stuff and thangs as we speak, or maybe you, like me, don't know what stuff is or what things are. Can't Rick ever be more specific? He's the leader, for crying out loud! The least he can do is tell us what he wants to be done if he wants us all to survive. Maybe he means Walking Dead stuff? Walking Dead thangs? Does he mean Game of Thrones merchandise? Wonder Woman mugs? Be. Specific. Rick. Grimes. God, you're such an amateur with great facial hair.

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8. Say, This Walking Dead Stuff Sure Can Help You Get… Ahead

Zombie cereal bowlSource: Think Geek

Get it? A head. Hershel does, so whatever. Anyhoo, this bowl was fashioned for Hannibal Lecter in mind. I'm just making that up, but if it was, it could've saved Ray Liotta's character from going through a heck of a lot of trauma in the Hannibal film. (Not that he remembers since he was a drooling, catatonic mess by that point). I'd love to eat my cereal and soup out of this bowl. I'd do it every day. I'd eat pizza out of it, that's how cool it is.

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9. Sock it to Those Walkers! Show ’em Who’s Best!

The Walking Dead sneaker socksSource: Amazon

As I stated in this Superhero socks article (a lot of them have capes, by the way) I love a good sock. Socks, PJs, and underwear. Gift me those (especially of the geek variety) and I'll be happy for the rest of the year. These Walking Dead socks have Daryl and walker fans in mind, and the fact that socks have walkers on them appeals heavily to my obsession with puns. SOCKS. WALKERS. This Walking Dead stuff is good times all 'round.

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10. Hershel is Looking a Bit Worse For Wear

Headless Hershel Walking Dead rare popSource: Popinabox

I feel like Hershel's death was definitely one of the non-Carol-related points in the TV series where I felt so many emotions, but that's not to say I don't love a good exclusive pop that's gory enough that his head literally comes off, just like in the show. It was sad to see his head half-alive on screen, but with this Pop, you can put him back together again when you want and keep him apart when you don't. Just... don't let Maggie see.

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11. At Least TRY to Track the Days During the Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead 2018 CalendarSource: Amazon

So, your life has come down to figuring out the time of year by the time the sun sets and the temperature (if you're outside of Louisiana) and a tally carved into the wall or tree of wherever you're lucky enough to be staying for a bit. Indulge in some Walking Dead stuff that will at least make it so you can remind people that it's your birthday... every month... because people have birthdays every month. You just don't remember what it was like Before.

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12. See No Walker, Hear No Walker, Speak No Walker!

Walking Dead Zombie shelf sittersSource: Amazon

Fence sitters are not gonna get anywhere in a society where groups rely on a self-appointed leader to survive, but shelf sitters? Well, that's a whole other thing. This is Walking Dead stuff that will survive even after the virus has taken over 98% of the population. They'll sit nicely on top of your computer that doesn't work anymore, reflecting on what life was like for a zombie before they couldn't walk out of the door without being hit in the head with a baseball bat.

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13. Beautiful Lucille is Now a Beautiful Mug

The Walking Dead Lucille mugSource: Amazon

Speaking of baseball bats, doesn't Lucille make for a beautiful mug? Now, Negan hasn't been known to take a coffee break ever, so Simon had to do some thinking to figure out how to get him to chill the frick out for a while. See, Simon might be a callous, cruel individual, but he cares deeply for the guy who's kept him alive and could beat Glenn's head until he looked like a watermelon. This was the only way to get Negan to drink coffee and it's so cool that other Walking Dead coffee mugs have some intense competition.

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14. Since We’re All Infected, We Might as Well Party

Walking Dead infected t-shirtSource: IWOOT

The great reveal of us all being infected already and it's only when we die that we turn into walkers screwed up our minds. Because what IF? What if we have these diseases we're so afraid of and they just haven't turned into one that can make us the walking dead yet? Like, what if it's only a matter of time? Well, clearly the answer is we need to stop doomsday prepping and have a party.

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15. I’m Not Saying They Should Have Blu-ray Players During the Apocalypse, But it Wouldn’t Hurt…

Walking Dead the complete fourth season blu-raySource: Zavvi

Your logic of, "Okay but there's no electric" means nothing to me after seeing these exclusive cases from Zavvi. Every season box set has a different character on the tin and if I don't have all of them by the time I die (which I'm never going to do because, as mentioned above, we are all infected and I'm gonna wear a helmet), my life is going to be so much less rad. These box sets are perfect for Walking Dead super fans to collect.

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