Wear These Star Trek Shirts and Prosper

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You can still live long, too.

Deeply embedded in geek culture, Star Trek is one of the founders. It’s the source of jokes, quotes, diehard fans; even the OG geek-fandom rivalry (against Star Wars).

It’s had a ton of movies, a TV show that’s lasted as long as Batman, and everybody knows a Trekkie.

Here are some neat Star Trek shirts from around the web.

1. MC Vulcan of the Enter Prize

Spock Swagger Tank TopSource: tvstoreonline.com

Vulcans are everything that humans should be and a few things they shouldn’t. That’s why they’re a race of their own and vital to the prosperity of others in space– especially the kind of human that has a girlfriend on every starport. One thing that might surprise you is that Spock has a secret talent. That talent, my friends, is rapping. (Which, thanks to YouTube, I can prove).

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2. Beam Us Up, Scotty (Please?)

Beam Me Up Scotty TeeSource: amazon.com
Save us from ourselves. My Uncle told me that aliens were once like us but then had to ditch their home planet because they ruined it like we’re doing now. It’s a shame we didn’t learn from their mistakes as Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been telling us forever. There are many secrets in that hair. I’m not entirely in disagreement with his theory either. (And I guess that’s my supergeeko origin story if anyone wants to hand that over to Stan Lee…)

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3. Vulcan Massage Company

Vulcan Massage Spock ShirtSource: amazon.com
Spock is great at rapping. He’s not that good at massages, but since Kirk successfully annoyed all of the women and McCoy that day, Spock was his only option. You think with all the logic in his mind, he’d be able to successfully deliver the perfect massage. I assume he even knows what knots are? Kirk in this Star Trek shirt seems to be enjoying it anyway though. Either he’s easily pleased, or Spock is a Vulcan of all trades.

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4. I Had to Sneak a Galaxy Quest Shirt in Here…

Never Give Up Never Surrender TopSource: teepublic.com
So, technically, this shirt is a Galaxy Quest shirt, but for anybody that’s seen it — if you haven’t, you need to watch it right now and a thousand times over — it belongs here. Galaxy Quest is a cult classic that’s based around a science fiction TV show like Star Trek. The actors then have to be their characters for real because aliens are us and like to binge on Netflix. Why wouldn’t people in a spaceship be actually in a spaceship?

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5. The Pinnacle of All Star Trek Shirts

Dr. McCoy ShirtSource: amazon.com

Dammit, Jim. I’m a writer, not a scientist. This Star Trek shirt is the perfect gift for any mega fan of the franchise. Full of quotes about what Bones is not — it even gave me a giggle and I am, dare I say, more of a Star Wars girl. While Bones in the JJ Abrams movies is pretty good, you can’t beat DeForest Kelley.

(Fellow Star Wars/Abrams fans, come over and see these Star Wars pops!)

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6. Live Long and… Wait a Minute

Science Star Trek TeeSource: teepublic.com
This Star Trek shirt is scientific proof that we’re all geeks here. I never actually learned the periodic table but I a) know of it and b) have seen Big Bang theory shirts that help me understand more about science besides what happened to the dinosaurs. (She says like she actually knows). If you’re a fan of puns, science, Star Trek or all three at the same time, I don’t think it’s a stretch for me to say this one is for you.

Get this Science Star Trek Tee on teepublic.com

7. Who’d Win? Starfleet or NASA?

Star Trek Fleet TankSource: teepublic.com
It’s no surprise that we’re all gigantic space nerds here at DGHQ. You just have to take a gander at these galaxy hoodies or our joint fascination with the Guardians of it (Groot shirts! Star Wars pops!) This Star Trek shirt is a nice little gem that doesn’t tick the geek boxes openly and could probably be worn with pretty much anything. Deadpool shoes included. Look, just try it!

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8. You’re a Beautiful Space Model!

Phasers Funny Star Trek ShirtSource: teepublic.com
You deserve a Star Trek shirt that makes you feel like Linda Evangelista. Setting one’s phaser to stunning sounds like a line Kirk would come up with if he met a new girl on a new planet, but since he hasn’t yet (to my knowledge) you might as well get ahead of the curve and do it for him. What can it hurt? Be the narcissist we’re all born to be but, as geeks, so rarely get to. Unless we’re streaming our video games, that is. Then all bets are off.

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9. If You Want to Annoy Basically ANYONE…

Star Wars Star Trek ShirtSource: amazon.com
This design is a joke if you’re in on it, and I 100% recommend acting like you believe they’re the same thing if/when anybody contests you on it. Because it’s funny to see their blood pressure rise while sensing a “ree” from their throats in the very near future. “You don’t understand!” They’ll say. And in that moment, I swear you’ll feel infinite.

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10. This Star Trek Shirt Might Kling On… To You

Klingon Spaceship TeeSource: thinkgeek.com
I’m gonna speak for you right now and say you wouldn’t mind it because this shirt is so cool looking that I feel like we can only hope to have something like this in our wardrobe. With the backdrop of stars and the Klingon ship secretly hiding away in it, it reminds me of a magic eye puzzle, if the puzzle was set up in space. There’s nothing that shouldn’t appeal to any geek!

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11. I Like My Geek Shirts Like I Like My Wine

Vintage Star Trek ShirtSource: amazon.com
And my clothes, actually. I like them vintage. That’s what this Star Trek shirt has that the others haven’t, it’s got that vintage feel you can sling on over a pair of skinny jeans and biker boots before you hit the town. It’s geek chic and it looks amazing on, just trust me on this. Have I ever lied to you?? Would I lie to you?? As much as I’d like to be Rocket Raccoon, I’m not and have not. Seriously, this shirt is awesome.

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12. Jean-Luc Picard Sums Up the State of the World

Picard Facepalm T-ShirtSource: 80stees.com
Good thing you’re not on earth anymore! Picard can facepalm all he wants, but at least with the help of Starfleet he got to leave the planet that his people are slowly killing with their disbelief in climate change and lack of awesome Jurassic Park toys? He just doesn’t know how lucky he is! That said, the Picard facepalm meme is Rick Roll levels of well-known these days and sometimes, it’s just one of those days. No matter how lucky you are, you still get to have a moment of shaking your head.

Or, as the kids say, *smh*… but your.

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