What’s This? Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments Everywhere!

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What’s this?

I told you, Jack Skellington, this is a post dedicated to Halloween Town (not to be confused with Halloweentown), Sandy Claws, and Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments.

Tim Burton is one of those directors that, if you grew up at a very specific time, you’re gonna have fond memories and a love for. (For old Tim. New, well…)

Here are 12 Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments to spruce spook up your tree.

1. Life’s No Fun Without a Scare or a Gorgeous Christmas Carousel

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments Rotating Musical Carousel Tim BurtonSource: Amazon

Mostly scares though, because I, like Jack and Sally, reside in Halloween Town. When Jack starts to doubt his position as the Pumpkin King, I always feel a little put out. I mean, you have a job like that and are more tempted by the beautiful, white snow of Christmas-- On second thought, I get it. This carousel is the best thing I've seen this whole season so far. When I travel, I always check out the music boxes. I always wanted one, but the ones my friends had when we were kids all had ballerinas or fairies on them. NOT THIS ONE. No, this has Jack, Sally, a Danny Elfman score, and everything good about the world. J'adore.

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2. Plush Up That Christmas Tree With the Help of the Pumpkin King

Jack Skellington Christmas ornamentsSource: Amazon

Bad memories have been forged with glass ornaments before, which is why I'm so thrilled for plush Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments. Ornaments that won't smash under your feet and give you an infection; ornaments that won't fall to the ground and accidentally smash if they fall the wrong way. This six pack o' Jacks are soft enough that a baby could juggle with them instead of knives.

  ...babies can juggle, right?

Get these plush Jack Skellington Christmas ornaments on amazon.com

3. Of Course These Crazy Kids Were Gonna Be on a Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament

Lock Stock Barrel Nightmare Before Christmas ornamentsSource: Amazon

Three is the magic number, a crowd, and the number of wrong password entries it takes me before getting locked out of my Amazon account. Seriously, the amount of times I've had to reset it when I've desperately needed a Wonder Woman mug or a Groot shirt is unreal. Sidekicks do always come in threes though, like the hyenas in the Lion King or the Animaniacs. South Park, even, if you discount Kenny 'cause he couldn't stay alive long enough to be counted. Lock, Stock, and Barrel are one of the film's biggest sources of laughs and entertainment. And, unsurprisingly, a huge part of the mayor's grief.

Get this Lock, Shock and Barrel globe ornament on amazon.com

4. Sandy Claws Needs to Know if You’ve Been Naughty or Nice

Jack Skellington Sandy Claws Sleigh OrnamentSource: Amazon

Unfortunately, we can't technically report our own findings to him. It would be too easy to lie and say you've been naughty when you've been nice, like me; a person who doesn't know the meaning of the word naughty or, indeed, nice. Hallmark makes the best holiday decorations for geeks, and it's really cool to see what they churn out year after year with their Star Wars and Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments. I do want to know how much is in Jack's sleigh here, though. And whether or not he has any fake blood or glow in the dark bats. I'd be asking for a friend.

Get Hallmark's 2013 Nightmare Before Christmas ornament on amazon.com

5. Dr. Finklestein Has a Leg Up on the Competition

Dr. Finklestein Nightmare Before Christmas ornamentsSource: Amazon

Part Howard the Duck, part Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Finklestein is Nightmare Before Christmas's antagonist. He's the Joker-slash-green goblin-slash-Darth Vader to Jack's Spiderbat Skywalker and he's hilariously evil, the way villains should be. Dr. Finklestein is the kind of guy Sally should feel happy to devote a chunk of her time to. I mean, he's smart, he's... somewhat attractive when you close your eyes, the lights are off and it's midnight. Yes, he paid me to say this. No, I don't regret it, but I do wish he'd paid me in more than arms and legs.

Get the Hallmark Dr. Finklestein ornament on amazon.com

6. Nothing is Spookier than Glowing in the Dark, Right Oogie?

Oogie Boogie Glow in the Dark Nightmare Before Christmas ornamentSource: Amazon

But guys, don't tell him that glowing in the dark actually makes you look like you just rolled out of a rave at three in the morning. I feel like he wouldn't like to know he resembles anything that involves electronic dance music. Still, you can't help but love him and because of that (okay, and the glow-in-the-dark thing) this is the perfect Nightmare Before Christmas ornament. Christmas isn't understated, so why should your tree be?

Get the glow in the dark Oogie Boogie on amazon.com

7. Ghost Dogs Are a Pumpkin King’s Best Friend (and Tim Burton’s)

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas ornamentSource: Amazon

Great dogs always turn up in his stories. Frankenweenie, for example, made me so upset at the same time as making me laugh which, I'd say, is another one of the director's talents. He should probably stop casting Johnny Depp as of ten years ago but he's still one of the most innovative, creative minds in the cinema world. Zero loves to watch Beetlejuice and he does at least twice a month after stealing a TV from the Christmas people, having exchanged it with some silly string.

Get the Zero Nightmare Before Christmas ornament on amazon.com

8. All I Want For Christmas is for There to Be a Mayor Ornament Here Too

pack of Nightmare before christmas ornamentsSource: Amazon

It's a lot to ask. When there are so many cool, awesome and fun characters in a franchise, it's hard to make something for everyone. Star Wars managed it a little (if these rare Star Wars pops are anything to go by) but with that being an even bigger world, I find it even more difficult to believe that they could make a toy, collectible, pop, or poster about absolutely everyone. With all of that taken into account, this pack of four Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments checks most of the boxes for most of the people. I can't argue with that for the mayor! (I also really want a PS4, Santa...)

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9. Do We Think Oogie Boogie Could Replace Mickey as a Mascot?

Oogie Boogie Disney Mickey ears Chrstmas ornamentSource: Amazon

Disney has the coolest ideas when it comes to toys and stuff, especially being able to mix a franchise with something that's related to the world's favorite mouse, Steamboat Willie. Er, I mean Mickey. This Oogie Boogie ornament is from a selection of ear hat-inspired Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments and to say I'm in love with all of them wouldn't be doing my gigantic (albeit dark) heart justice. Every one of them has customized character-based ears and Oogie's just happens to be the best of the bunch.

Get the Oogie Boogie Mickey ear hat ornament on amazon.com

10. All Dressed and Ready to Avoid Christmas in Style

new lock stock barrel hallmark ornamentSource: Amazon

Never before have I felt such kinship with anyone or anything, especially in a bathtub. Lock, Stock, and Barrel are my favorites. They were bound to show up again on the list and thanks to Hallmark, as recently as this holiday season, they got to. Maybe you identify with all of them, maybe none, but you'll be hard-pressed to argue with me about how awesome they are. They even -- don't quote me on this in front of them -- might be more fun than the super gay vampires and their parasols. (I said might).

Get the musical Lock, Shock and Barrel Christmas ornament on amazon.com

11. …and Just Like That, Sandy Claws Brought the Mayor

Nightmare Before Christmas ornamentsSource: Amazon

Clearly, Disney heard my whining upon a star and made these Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments happen because not only are they black, not only are there six but the mayor is there. Indeed, after all of the complaining about there not being many Halloween Town gifts dedicated to the guy running the joint (how could you miss that head?), I realize there actually are ornaments of him, and this one isn't the only one. Also? These will look awesome interspersed with some of the bigger ones.

Get this set of Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments on amazon.com

12. What’s This? What’s THIS? OH, it’s Jack and his Vampire Teddy

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas OrnamentsSource: Amazon

I don't remember which singer sang about saving the best 'til last, but whoever it was would be proud of me for finding this one. I'd seen it, but because it's one of the Hallmark ones from a previous year, I had to track down the Snow Miser to beg him to help me find it. Luckily, as petty as he can be, he's much warmer and friendlier than his brother, so he was more than open to helping me out. I'm glad he did, and I'm glad I found it. I also hope you like it too, 'cause it'll look great alongside all your other geeky ornaments. Just like my Star Wars one.

Get the Santa Jack Christmas ornament on amazon.com

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