Flashy The Flash Action Figures For Your Collection

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The Justice League movie’s release is a month away. Time flies when you’re having fun and rewatching Wonder Woman for the 60th time.

One of the most exciting parts of it is Ezra Miller’s The Flash. It took fans a while to embrace the multiverse idea, but time has passed and there are some The Flash action figures that prove what a great fit he is.

And we’re gonna share them right now!

1. The Flash is Just Apeing Around

The Flash VS Gorilla StatueSource: amazon.com
This statue pits The Flash against one of his all-time greatest foes, Grodd. Grodd looks like King Kong but that’d be… because he, too, is a gorilla. They’re not linked beyond that, much fun as it’d be to see Grodd scaling the Wayne Tower on a Tuesday evening. Maybe all Barry Allen needs to do is give him a banana to settle him down. I know he’s super intelligent and borderline impenetrable, but aren’t humans apes too?

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2. This Reverse Flash Action Figure is Killer

Reverse The Flash Action FigureSource: amazon.com
Am I wrong to find the Reverse Flash’s costume being yellow a funny parallel to the yellow Wario in the Super Mario game series? He is the Wario to Barry Allen’s Mario. I also can’t help loving the costume more than the red, but less than the one from the Justice League movie that looks so smart and sleek that I want it for my next night out. Decisions, decisions. In the meantime, there’s nobody who can tell me I can’t look at these The Flash action figures for fashion inspiration. Sure there’s a word for that.

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3. Everyone Can Exist in the Multiverse

Multiverse Flash Action FiguresSource: target.com
In comic books, if a hero dies in one universe, they’re not necessarily dead in the other. It’s awesome. Although fans of the TV Flash got a little angry over Grant Gustin not being cast in the Justice League movie, it doesn’t mean because he’s not in the movie that he’s not The Flash. There’s room for all of us to be The Flash if we want to be. I’ll… step back. Mostly because I’m lazy. But you can be! These two The Flash action figures come in one pack so the last thing you need to do is have to choose.

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4. It’s Obvious How Much I Dig Reverse Flash, Huh?

Reverse Flash Pop VinylSource: amazon.com
Doesn’t matter, when you see this Funko pop of him, all you can really do is go, “Oh yeah. You know what? You’re kind of right.” Yes, I am, and that’s okay. He’s the Joker to the Flash’s Batman but he looks even cooler as a Pop than he does as a comic book character. And furious, come to think of it, which you can’t really blame him for when Barry gets to stand next to Wonder Woman in a few Justice League posters.

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5. Some The Flash Action Figures Are INSANELY Lifelike

Flash The New 52 FigureSource: amazon.com
Like this one, imported straight from Japan. Konnichiwa, Barry. You have finally been given the wardrobe upgrade you deserve. My guess is that they’re trying to get him to look as cool as the Reverse Flash-slash-Zoom and I hesitate to say this for want of my life, but they manage it. This The Flash action figure looks awesome and like he’d make a brilliant companion to any one of the Green Arrow action figures in one of our older articles. Or Super Girl, who should have a bunch of them.

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6. Alfred E. Neuman is All Dressed for Comic-Con

Funny Flash Action FigureSource: amazon.com

Whether it’s due to the amount of money he’s made in his likeness being sued or money he’s saved in avoiding dental and optical appointments over the years, Alfred looks hilariously terrifying in a The Flash action figure that’s more than just a novelty. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mad, Alfred gets dressed up as a whole host of different superheroes so you can add a smile or a chuckle to your collection.

Because yes, those are oven mitts.

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7. The Justice League The Flash Action Figure Looks Awesome

Justice League Movie The Flash StatueSource: amazon.com
With a huge movie franchise, you’re gonna get a lot of figures. We’ve covered a lot of the big ones like Star Wars action figures and Harry Potter action figures, and so the release of the Justice League movie is gonna amp up the releases of Flash, Batman, Wondy and their buddies like they’re Superman before he was “dead”. You can see Ezra Miller’s likeness in the face and he has the costume that should be my stage outfit were I in One Direction (are they still a thing?)

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8. Kid Flash Knows Where It’s At, and He’s So Fast He Can Get It For You!

Kid Flash Action FigureSource: amazon.com
You know, so you don’t have to. This Kid Flash action figure is the Wally West from the TV series and, comic-wise, the third incarnation of him. I like the figure a lot. It’s always nice to see diversity in superheroes too (I mean, Black Panther looks amazing and we might be lucky and get our bisexual Wonder Woman after all!) and he is the current Kid Flash in two out of three forms of DC media. One must embrace change when it comes to comics or we’d never be happy.

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9. The Flash is Running Parallel On Earth #2

The Flash Parallel Earth FigureSource: amazon.com
Jay Garrick was the first version of the Flash who used to run around in the 40s, which I guess explains his badass helmet. He also exists on Earth #1 as being a comic book hero to Barry Allen, so when they first met up, it made for a great comic. If you have this The Flash action figure, it’ll stand out from all the others even if you’re a collector of purely Flash-related items. There’s just something about him and I’m totally buying what he’s selling. (How much is that in today’s money?)

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10. Grant Gustin’s Flash IS Pretty Iconic

CW's The Flash Action FigureSource: amazon.com
When he was first announced as The Flash, he was on Glee — a show of which I watched all but two seasons of, it was just another kind of geeky! — as the guy trying to get it on with a taken man. Who knew he’d be the perfect fit for Barry Allen? Season 4 is rumored that he’s gonna get more like the comic book version and the overall season is gonna be lighter too. What can any of us say other than, “We are SO ready”?

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11. This Reverse Flash Statue has Joined the Dark Side

Reverse Flash StatueSource: amazon.com
This is the last Eobard Thawne-related item on the list, I promise you. It’s based on his look from the TV series. Sculpted after one of the White Walkers franchise hopped and froze him long enough for him to pose for this super Rodin-accurate collectible figure. Grodd bless you, ArtFX.

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12. Square Enix Has a Badass Variant

The Flash Variant Action FigureSource: amazon.com
While the design of the Flash here doesn’t look too streamlined, this guy is one of the hottest The Flash action figures out there. And it’s Barry! Not the bad guy! …that should not be as rare as it is, but I’m drinking from my Darth Vader mug at the minute (one of several Star Wars must haves if you love coffee) and bad is what I love. And Square Enix’s Variant figures.

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