Supernatural Merchandise You Can Use to Fend Off Demons

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Don’t quote me on this in case you get sucked into the mirror the next time you say Bloody Mary three times, but I’m almost 100%* certain that any piece of this Supernatural merchandise will, in fact, save you.

Almost still isn’t 100, which covers my ass for if the witch does crash into your bedroom window.

You’re welcome!

Now go ahead, you crazy geeks, and enjoy some cool Supernatural merch!

1. This Anthology Will Save You Time and Time Again

Supernatural Winchester Family BestiarySource: Amazon

Men of Letters are kinda like the Masons, in a way. They remind me of super elite high XP hunters who look down on everyone else and sit in a lodge, a little bit like those dudes in the Stephen King novella. The one with the head. (It's in a book with Apt Pupil and Shawshank Redemption, so it's hella-recommended). The Men of Letters think they're better than you or I. That said, the brothers got pretty lucky thanks to their lineage and this book is full of every single thing they've learned from Henry through 'til now.

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2. You Only Live Once Unless You’re a Winchester (or James Bond… or Buffy…)

YOLO Winchester Supernatural MugSource: Amazon

But since this is a Supernatural merchandise article as opposed to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer merchandise article (for that, you can find some Willow Rosenberg must-haves and some hardcore feels from the saddest Buffy the Vampire Slayer moments right here on Discover Geek!). This mug works in a bunch of different ways. For the Supernatural fan, it's got callbacks to the show. For everyone else, it's a better take on the far-too-overused YOLO phrase that should have stopped existing around the time it started.

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3. This Supernatural Poster is Made Up of Quotes?? Mind Actually Blown

Supernatural Quotes Framed PosterSource: Amazon

I'd put my entire collection of Star Wars posters on half or more of these being from Dean's lips to God's ears. Admittedly, I haven't seen Supernatural in a while, but the last time I did, Sam rarely came out with one-liners and, if he did, they were always provoked by something his older brother did. Sam had the market cornered on emo before Kylo Ren was even a glint in Han Solo's eye and if you consider how strangely time works in space, it might have been really damn close together. They could have started a Fall Out Boy cover band!

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4. Supernatural Merchandise Lists Are Gonna Include Castiel, That’s Just How It Is

Castiel Plush toySource: Entertainment Earth

The Winchester brothers also come in plush form, but if you guys know me the way I know me (I suspect, if you're a reader, you know me better than that), you know that cuteness is my number one priority. Often joint first with bad-assery like half of these Jurassic Park toys, but definitely somewhere up at the top. Castiel is a fan favorite, so I think I made the right choice on this one. Castiel actually came into the show after I stopped watching it, but after enduring the actor in that terrible movie about the Ken and Barbie killers, I'm craving for his redemption.

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5. Keeping Actual Watches is Handy When Ghosts Mess With Electrical Equipment

Protection Symbol Supernatural Pocket WatchSource: Entertainment Earth

Everyone knows that! Whether you're a fan of Ghostbusters (which, we have some spooky Ghostbusters mugs for you, if so) or ghost hunters, spirits mess with electrics because they need to steal the energy to manifest or... throw knives around. Or if you're one for horror movie cliches, they need it to stack chairs on top of tables the way we were made to do in school. They just do. The brothers are super smart to carry around pocket watches with the protection symbol on. Huh, Supernatural merch that really will save your life when iOS 11 ruins your phone battery. I was right!

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6. Bobby’s Legacy Will Never Be Forgotten Uh, Except By Him

obby Singer's Guide to HuntingSource: Amazon

When a friend tried to get me back into the show a few times, she used Bobby as the bait. The guy who played him was in Deadwood, so that was one thing that hooked me, and then on top of that, his actual character in Supernatural made for the best addition to any cast since... the elf king who rides a fricken' moose in the Hobbit films. (Tolkien fans, check out this collection of funny and awesome Lord of the Rings shirts). Or I don't know. Terminator 2! Whatever, Bobby Singer is awesome, and let his handbook help you now he no longer can.

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7. Ready For Some Lapel Action, Winchester Style?

Exclusive Supernatural Pin SetSource: Entertainment Earth

You've already dressed up your jackets with Pokemon pins, now it's time to go hella-classy by incorporating these exclusive pewter Supernatural pins straight from San Diego (aka, the geek's Jerusalem) into your wardrobe. With the Mark of Cain, protection symbol, and a whole host of other designs, this set of pins is some Supernatural merchandise that you will never get sick of. And you know what? If you do, there'll be another set of geeky pins out there for you.

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8. Cruise Around in Style and in Wit With This Cool Plate Frame

Supernatural License PlateSource: Amazon

I don't drive myself, so I'm actually sitting here wondering how this plate frame would fit onto my bicycle and in turn wondering when I became such a hipster. It's fine. Driving lessons are expensive and Dean has great music taste so I'd be more than happy to shut my cakehole if we got to stop off for pancakes on the way to the next exorcism. You can always put Supernatural merch in your room though, and this would look excellent on your office wall too. PS, if you drive, cruise on over to these Batman car accessories.

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9. Color Me Like One Of Your Spirit Girls

The Official Supernatural Coloring BookSource: Amazon

Also, while you're at it, please make sure Sam and Dean are wearing neon colors. Just for my pleasure. Photographs sent to our Facebook will win you every kind of affection from all of us at DGHQ. If you don't do neon, you're gonna need a whole lot of black and grey. #JUSSAYIN. This Supernatural coloring book is the second in the series, almost wholly focussing on the different demons and entities seen throughout the series. Including my Very Favorite Ever: THE SCARECROW.

Get the official Supernatural Coloring Book on

10. I Figure if You Have to Hunt Demons, You Might as Well Do it in Style

Supernatural Chevy Replica ToySource: Entertainment Earth

Model cars take me back to being obsessed with the way some of them had doors that opened and made Those Little Click Sounds(tm). This one comes with figures of Sam and Dean and looks... too much like their actual car for me to believe that this is a scaled down model version of it. I don't believe it. Quick, somebody get it and take a scale picture of it next to a can of beer. I feel like my boyfriend Dean Winchester would appreciate that or a first press AC/DC record.

Get a scale model of the Winchester's Chevy on

11. There’s a Whole Host of Protection on This Supernatural Charm Bracelet

Supernatural Charm BraceletSource: Amazon

Like some of the Pokemon action figure packs we found, this Supernatural charm bracelet may not come with the exact charms pictured. But, like I also said in that article, that kinda makes the getting it even more exciting. Which charms will you get? Will you get the one that saves you from being bitten by a vampire or gutted with a fish hook? Or will you get the culling song from Palahniuk's Lullaby. Fun! It's like Russian Roulette with badass jewelry.

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12. The Winchester Brothers Should be Models, Not Demon Hunting Runaways

Supernatural Season 13 PosterSource: Zavvi

Just look at the poses on those mugs. There's a reason they have a hell of a fandom (pun intended) and it sure isn't their ouija board skills. (Okay, I lie. That's why I proposed to Dean). This Supernatural poster will look pretty much amazing on any wall it goes on. Be it office, bedroom, living room or even the bathroom door to look at awkwardly while you shower, it's a piece of Supernatural merch you won't regret buying.

Get the Supernatural Season 13 Maxi Poster on

13. Keep Your Home Spirit Free (the Non-Alcoholic Kind)

Protection Symbol Supernatural DoormatSource: Entertainment Earth

Everybody needs a good doormat to welcome their friends and family into their house and chase away the sales and church people, and I'm pretty certain that, as far as the latter (day, heh) goes, having this symbol in front of your door will do the trick. It's also much less of a waste of salt than having to draw circles with it, and less effort than having to cleanse a place with sage. And this geek? This geek is all about doing nothing. Snorlax style.

Get the anti-possession symbol doormat on

14. Every Time a Bell Rings, Castiel Loses His Wings

Castiel's Wings Protection Pendant NecklaceSource: Amazon

A little give and a little take only counts if you're both mortals. As an angel, he's required to do good things, which means serving you first and foremost, and if that means giving you the wings off his back, he's contractually obligated to do it. Would an angel without wings be less of an angel, do you think? Dogma aside, this pendant is freakin' cool. You could wear it with anything and Lucifer's honest truth, I will. (But if you'd feel too guilty, here are some Game of Thrones necklaces very Time a Bell Rings, Castiel Loses His Wings instead).

Get Castiel's protection symbol pendant on

15. All the Basic Demon Knowledge You Need Can Be Found in This Nifty Paperback

The Supernatural Book of MonstersSource: Target

This book right here is the original gangster of Supernatural books and Supernatural merchandise in general. Inside, you'll find everything there is you need to know about the kinds of evil that are out there in the world beyond ours. (Sadly, there's also a world where Trump is president and the Winchesters can't help us there). Everything else though, this is the book that'll help you beat it. This will take down all of the big bads and demons won't have anything on you. (Plus, the scarecrow is on the cover soooo...)

Get the Supernatural Book of Monsters on

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